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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 270: Truth?

Hong Meng Demonic seed?


The power to stand above everything?


Ling Yu revealed a look of ecstatic, this is what he’s been chasing after all his life, it’s his dream!


“I can do it, I thank esteemed master for bestowing me this opportunity!”


Ling Yu cupped his fist and he received the demonic seed from Sword God Feng Yi.


The seed is a black seed with flowing black lines that looked like throbbing blood vessels. Clenching his teeth, he gulped down the demonic seed known as the Hong Meng Demonic Seed.


When that seed entered his body, he started suffering intense pain as he wailed in utter anguish. He felt like something is growing within him, spreading into his meridians and taking a hold of them.




He yelled in pain while rolling on the ground.


“Master, I am dying. It’s like my body is about to explode, this is too much for me, put me out of my misery!”


Ling Yu clawed his own face because it felt like his face is about to fall apart.


“Ling Yu, you must endure the pain and merge yourself with the power of the demonic seed, only then will you become a true and strong apex cultivator!”


Sword God Feng Yi watched as his disciple fell into madness after eating the demonic seed. There’s a high chance that he might really blow up and turn into blobs of muscle and viscera but he omitted that detail from Ling Yu.


The surge threatened to destroy Ling Yu’s body from the inside out. He struggled with the pain, unable to even stand up on his own. His consciousness started fading and he has now lost the will to even commit suicide.


Sword God Feng Yi looked down at Ling Yu from above, his eyes had a hidden edge in them. He used a very concerned tone, fake as it may sound.


“Ling Yu, you have to hold on, I know you can do it. Are you just going to let Ye XingHe step on you like this? Are you going to let him get away with stealing your woman? Are you going to let him live such a glorious life? You must merge with the Hong Meng Demonic Seed!”


Sword God Feng Yi gathered his fiery martial power and he infused them into Ling Yu so that he can better integrate with the demonic seed.


Time ebbed on. Ye XingHe spent his days cultivating inside the courtyard of Elder Wu Xiang while waiting for news from Sword Eminence Ming Yu and Hu Yan Zhuo.


They already know that Xia Yu Ning’s father is being imprisoned inside the imperial palace, now they need to know the exact location.


It’s not an easy task to gather intel on the imperial palace, they needed to plan properly if they are thinking of investigating the place.


Ye XingHe sat with crossed legs. He shifted his consciousness into the weird and mystical inner world. Inside his psyche, he saw nine star pillars that stood proudly. Above him, he can see a boundless sea of stars. Like an antenna, the pillars channeled the boundless and mysterious power of the star into Ye XingHe’s Dantian.


These star pillars are very weird objects. If he arranged them in another manner, they can transform into very powerful spell formations. He’s heard of an ancient practitioner who built a magnificent star pillar formation which he used as the medium to transfer his entire cultivation. By sacrificing his powers, he called forth a tide of star power so strong and relentless that one wave wiped out an entire empire.


He didn’t understand how and why these star pillars appeared in his psyche.


When he is congealing the power of the stars, a large blue carp streaked across the sky, it swam in the sky like the vast sky is just a big pool of water for it to swim in.


A white globe of light appeared. This white light carried a malicious red sheen that rammed the blue carp.


The blue carp isn’t taking this lying down. It started fighting back and their collisions spawned waves of terrifying power that almost wrecked Ye XingHe’s body. He let out a pained wail.


Seeing as Ye XingHe suddenly struggled, Xia Yu Ning didn’t care if she’s in her birthday suit, she immediately grabbed Ye XingHe and she laid him on the bed. She’s panicking because she has no idea why Ye XingHe is going through this.


Ye XingHe is still deep in his own psyche, unable to return to his own body.


The fight between the white light and the blue carp continued without any side losing an inch.


A vast sound came forth and it echoed in his mind.


“You’re just a demonic carp, how dare you defy me!”


This voice belonged to Elder Wu Xiang.


“Wu Xiang Long Yin, so you’re Elder Wu Xiang!”


A feminine voice came from the fish.


“Oh, I see, to recognize me, it seems this demonic carp has lived a long life indeed!”


Elder Wu Xiang roared like a thunderclap, his power is not to be trifled with, he almost destroyed Ye XingHe’s mind with the sheer volume of his roar.


“I am originally a blue carp reared by Great Emperor Tian Ling, I cultivated with Great Emperor Tian Ling and I have received my divine inheritance from him, this is why I have lived through thousands of years.”


The feminine voice is clear and melodious when it replied.


“Oh, you’re the disciple of Great Emperor Tian Ling?”


Elder Wu Xiang calmed down. Great Emperor Tian Ling was one of the greatest cultivators to have ever lived amongst the humans. He defeated a lot of demon kings and he has a lot of demonic spirits who swore to follow as his loyal retinues. These demonic spirits swore an oath to never harm humans when they received Great Emperor Tian Ling’s inheritance.


“I injected my intent into his body with no ill intent in mind. I am doing this all to help him cultivate further upon his path.”


The feminine voice still continued with a crispy tone.


“If that is the case I shall pursue this matter no further.”


Elder Wu Xiang is appeased by her statements.


“Much obliged.”


The feminine voice spiraled back into nothingness.


Ye XingHe finally regained some of his senses. He is practically sweating waterfalls from the anxiety he is feeling right now. He spent almost all his power to endure through the brawl between the two intents. If they continued, he might have been finished.


Opening his eyes, he can see a very worried Xia Yu Ning standing guard by the side of the bed. From the dried up tearstain on her cheeks, he surmised that she’s been crying for some time now.


Xia Yu Ning only put on a simple robe to hide her swimsuit areas. The robe did a very poor job at hiding her fragrance and exquisite collarbone, she looked out of this world.


Once he woke up, Xia Yu Ning sobbed while glomping Ye XingHe, she sniveled like a little girl.


“You’re finally awake! You almost scared me to death!”


“I am okay.”


Ye XingHe shook his head with a bitter smile. He felt his strength leaving him upon seeing the sight of Xia Yu Ning in a very crestfallen state. He patted her shoulders.


He is can still sense chills coming down his spine. He understood a lot of stuff from the exchange between the two great forces. The feminine voice sounded very much like Shang Guan Xuan. When Shang Guan Xuan suffered an injury to her abdomen, the blue carp in his psyche also suffered injuries. So, the blue carp is Shang Guan Xuan’s intent that was infused into his psyche?


But why did Shang Guan Xuan get angry when he asked about the blue divine carp. She seemed awfully reluctant to disclose anything back then.


Shang Guan Xuan is a demonic spirit that came into existence after Great Emperor Tian Ling imbued the blue divine carp with his inheritance?


These thoughts caused shocks to reverberate throughout his mind.


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