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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 271: Infiltration

Maybe he’s overthinking it, he started adjusting his breathing and he started recovering his cultivation.


The damage to his meridians was very serious so he has to rely on his star power to slowly heal them.


To his surprise, his recovery process was very fast. In addition to that, there are two powerful auras in his body, it’s so powerful he has to continue refining the auras with his star power.


As he refined these foreign power, he can feel his cultivation level swiftly rising, the feeling in his hands also returned.


One of the two foreign power contained a very sinister intent in them, when he refined it, the evil within broke out.




His eyes turning into a glaring red color. Like a beast, his roar pierced the air around him.


Xia Yu Ning who was taking care of him felt something weird about Ye XingHe but before she can react to it, Ye XingHe turned into a savage beast who broke free from the confines of his bed. He immediately pushed her down against the bed.


“XingHe, what’s wrong? Wake up, please!”


Xia Yu Ning yelled in fear. His eyes are red and she cannot spot any rationality in them.


Losing control, he bit down on her neck like a feral animal. It’s like he is responding to his basal animal instinct.




Out of nowhere, a sigh could be heard.


Ye XingHe’s head started trembling, a stream of energy came from his Dantian, it woke him up from his current entranced state. Discovering that he’s about an inch away from Xia Yu Ning’s neck, he was horrified at what would have happened if he really bit down on her neck.


That overwhelming urge that took over his thoughts was too scary for him. That terrible impulse almost took charge of him and caused him to kill Xia Yu Ning.


Ye XingHe has a feeling that this insidious intent had something to do with Elder Wu Xiang




He had an appalling thought.


Could Elder Wu Xiang be…


Thinking about it, the old man didn’t seem like a bad person. At his level, if he really wanted to kill them it would have not taken much to do so. He didn’t need to take such an elaborate approach. Moreover, his doting behavior towards Xiao Zhuo Yan is genuine.


He gleaned a bit of information from what transpired but he hid his suspicion because he didn’t have the time nor power to test it out for now.




Xia Yu Ning’s cheeks had a rosy tint as she mewled in a low volume.


It is only now that he noticed he’s still pressing down on Xia Yu Ning with his body. Stricken with immense awkwardness, he responded appropriately, but not before he had a good look at her exquisite curves. Her skin glistened in an impossible fashion, like a white jade that was meticulously polished with succulent lamb oil.


“I don’t know what came over me.”


Ye XingHe hurriedly tried to get up.


At this moment, Xia Yu Ning suddenly linked her arms around Ye XingHe’s neck, she stared into the windows of his soul.


“Aren’t you terrified? I almost killed you.”


Ye XingHe looked back at her, her eyelashes are batting in a meek but amorous manner, her eyes shined with an indelible luster. The pink flush on her cheeks only served to accentuate her beauty.


“What was that?”


Xia Yu Ning asked her in puzzlement, she’s thoroughly confused.


“I honestly don’t know, it’s like a profound evil had taken control of me.”


Ye XingHe explained, he can clearly see her gorgeous valley from his vantage point. The smell of a blooming young woman seeped into his nostrils, flaring up a demonic fire within him. He bitterly laughed.


“Can you let me get up first?”


Xia Yu Ning let go of her arms while blushing furiously. He forced her to keep her modesty, she’s going to hold this bitterly against him.


She’s already throwing herself at him and he’s still so indifferent, Ye XingHe is an idiot!


The door creaked open and a small figure came crashing in.


“Big bro XingHe, Big sis Yu-…”


Xiao Zhuo Yan basically barged her way into their home after entering their courtyard. She didn’t think too much about opening the closed door so she found herself in front of the two who are still in a rather intimate posture. Stunned for a while, she blushed like mad while she lowered her head.


“I will excuse myself.”


Although she is someone who was born to a noble family, she still had a rudimentary understanding of the natural process a male and female would do when they are infatuated with each other.


“What is Big bro XingHe and Big sis Yu Ning doing in broad daylight?!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan yelled inwardly.


A short while later, Xia Yu Ning and Ye XingHe came out properly dressed.


“Xiao Zhuo Yan, the thing you saw just now, yo-…”


Ye XingHe tried to explain himself although his averted gaze weakened his case.


Xiao Zhuo Yan raised her head at him and she pursed her lips upwards.


“I know, I know, don’t worry, I won’t spill a single detail to anyone else.”




Ye XingHe knew she misunderstood the situation just now but he didn’t know how to explain it in a coherent manner.


“Xiao Zhuo Yan, you see, the thing is, between your big bro XingHe and I…”


She spouted whatever came to her mind in front of Xiao Zhuo Yan. Before she can finish her explanation, Xiao Zhuo Yan nodded her head.


“I know Big sis Yu Ning and Big Bro XingHe mutually in love with each other, I believe uncle would definitely give his blessings.”


Her serious expression amused Xia Yu Ning and Ye XingHe as they exchanged a look. Then, the scene just now came into their minds once more and they started feeling awkward around each other.


“Xiao Zhuo Yan, what news have you brought?”


Ye XingHe asked.


Xiao Zhuo Yan finally remembered why she came running. She started blubbering and sobbing.


“Big bro XingHe, please, you have to save my grandfather!”


“What’s wrong with your grandfather?”


Ye XingHe asked in bewilderment.


“He’s in seriously bad condition, our family recruited a lot of cultivators who are proficient in the way of the star but nobody can do anything for him.”


She cried, she turned to Ye XingHe because in her eyes, she is the mighty hero who can do anything.


“Xiao Zhuo Yan, you need to calm down first, maybe we can think of different ways to do this. I am currently a wanted criminal for high treason, if I came to your family, I might bring more trouble than benefit, ignoring the possibility that your grandfather might be beyond my means to save.”


The last thing Ye XingHe wants is for Xiao Zhuo Yan’s family to get dragged into a fiery end due to him. That’s not going to help anyone in this case.


“But then, what should we do? My grandfather, uuu… My father told me my grandfather probably can’t hang on more than three days at this rate.”


Xiao Zhuo Yan bawled out loud.


“Less than 3 days, you say?”


He knitted his eyebrows. Since the situation is so critical, he can’t possibly sit idly by and let this happen. He thought about it and he voiced his plan.


“I will disguise myself, you girls are going to ‘accidentally discover’ me, I don’t know you, you don’t know me. Then, you girls will lead me to where your grandfather is currently situated at.”


“That’s a great idea!”


Xia Yu Ning beamed up. Even if the imperial family came poking around, Xiao Zhuo Yan’s family can justify themselves by saying that they had no ties to the individual.

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