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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 272: Old Man Zhuo

“Thank you, big bro XingHe.”


Xiao Zhuo Yan said with a very touched look.


“Don’t thank me yet, I am not sure if I can help your grandfather.”


Ye XingHe is a star cultivator but he’s always kept his end of the bargain with Lin Hong, he rarely went out of his way to heal another person. If it’s not Xiao Zhuo Yan’s grandfather who is on his deathbed, he might have watched from the sidelines.




Xiao Zhuo Yan nodded with a desolate look. She knows just how incurable her grandfather’s condition is but she is still going to cling on to any hope she can find, right now, that’s Ye XingHe.


They did as he had instructed and her clansmen invited Ye XingHe into her home.


True Flame family.


It’s one of the eight great noble houses, the True Flame Family is thus a giant pillar supporting the Zhou empire. It’s not a family to be trifled with. They have 31 ninth Heavenly Realm experts and among them, three peak ninth Heavenly Realm experts.


True Flame Family also has clansmen that held high positions in the armies of this nation, it’s fair to say they have a bit of influence over the armies as well.


Xiao Zhuo Yan’s father, Zhuo Tian He is the current sect master and her grandfather Zhuo Ding Feng is the previous sect master of True Flame Family.


Zhuo Ding Feng is someone who led the True Flame Family into prominence from its continuous decline. Needless to say, he is someone who commanded a lot of prestige in the family and no one dare questions his judgment.


Zhuo Ding Feng is currently a little over 70-years-old, for a peak ninth Heavenly Realm practitioner, this counts as young for a person of this stature. It’s highly unusual for him to fall sick and even more peculiar when one considers that he is someone who is about to step into the Deva Realm. Once he succeeded, his cultivation would rise tremendously and his lifespan would increase proportionately as well.


He is someone deemed to be the most likely peak ninth Heavenly Realm practitioner to break past the limits and hit Deva Realm of his generation.


However, Zhuo Ding Feng suddenly fell ill to some unknown disease. This disease is very acute and no doctor could diagnose it no matter how hard they tried, even famous star practitioners are helpless when confronted with his symptoms.


Zhuo Ding Feng is the core structural pillar of the True Flame Family, his health would affect the future of this sect without a doubt.


In a luxurious room, Zhuo Ding Feng laid on a giant bed with dozens of expert doctors by his side. They are all debating and squabbling over how to proceed with his treatment. There are 3 elders in gaudy robes sitting on chairs near his bed, their eyebrows are locked in an anxious frown.


They are the premier star healers of the capital, experts of the star cultivation way and healing: Peng Zheng, Xing Yan, and Dao Yi. They are accomplished masters of their fields, having healed dozens of experts, they have tremendous fame and prestige in the capital.


“Even the 3 great star healers are confounded, how can we possibly treat the esteemed old man!”


One doctor grumbled in a low tone.


“This is very odd, with his cultivation and power, his body should have been strong as an ox, impervious to disease, unless…”


A doctor dared not continue his hypothesis.


“We have already run the tests, he’s not poisoned. Seriously, what is the root cause here?!”


The doctors all complained and argued with each other.


Peng Zheng looked towards Xing Yan and Dao Yi.


“What are your thoughts on the matter?”


“I have tried infusing my star power into Old Man Zhuo but my power won’t stay in his meridians, this is a first for me and I regret to say that I ran out of options.”


Xing Yan shook his head with a sigh.


Zhuo Tian He cupped his hands with teary eyes.


“Please, only the three grandmasters can help, I will be endlessly grateful if you can cure him even just a bit.”


Dao Yi continued with a bitter laugh.


“Sect master Zhou, it is not that we don’t want to help, Old man Zhuo is a hero I admire, we would spare no effort if only we know how to help, I am afraid that is the obstacle we are facing here.”


Peng Zheng sat on the chair and he dismissed Zhuo Tian He with a light glance.


“Zhuo Tian He, it seems Old Man Zhuo’s time has come. If even the three of us have no idea how to cure Old man Zhuo then no one else under heaven can possibly do it, I advise you to start preparing the funeral details.”


“You are spouting nonsense!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan brought Ye XingHe inside whens he heard Peng Zheng, with red eyes, she yelled.


“My grandfather will come out of this alive!”


Peng Zheng isn’t amused, he got mad and he retorted.


“Zhuo Tian He, you have quite the rude little brat here!”


Zhuo Tian He pulled Xiao Zhuo Yan along.


“Zhuo Yan, apologize to the great master Peng Zheng!”


“I won’t! He’s just rambling about stuff he has no idea about, my grandfather will definitely be fine!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan bawled.


“Hmph! To think the youngsters of the Zhuo family are so uncouth!”


Peng Zheng huffed.


Of the three grandmasters, only Dao Yi and Xing Yan went through hoops trying to help Zhuo Ding Feng, Peng Zheng didn’t even try to diagnose the old man. Zhuo Tian He is mad but he chose to stay quiet due to Peng Zheng’s influence in the capital. He’s not someone they can easily offend.


“Xiao Zhuo Yan is in a bad mood because her dear grandfather is sick. Please overlook her slip of the words considering the situation.”


Zhuo Tian He tried to laugh it off.


“I came here, spared no trouble in finding a cure for Old Man Zhuo, this is how you people treat me?!”


Peng Zheng really knows how to treat their guests!”


The disciples who surrounded the bed are all ticked off. They paid good money for the guy to come here yet he only did a cursory look and here he is trying to sound like the big fucking hero, only his BS skill is heroic here!


But, they could do nothing since Peng Zheng is a very powerful man. With their Old man Zhuo in dire conditions, they really don’t have a lot of negotiating power with Peng Zheng.


“Sect master Zhuo, may I please try my hand?”


Ye XingHe walked out from behind Xiao Zhuo Yan. He respectfully greeted Zhuo Tian He.


Everyone’s eyes fell upon Ye XingHe. he’s so young everyone overlooked his existence.


“And, who might you be?”


Zhuo Tian He asked in confusion.


“I am a star cultivator and I have my way of healing people. Your clansmen brought me here but nobody consulted me even though I stood here for quite some time now.”


Ye XingHe responded with a fist in palm salute.


Zhuo Tian He felt a bit disappointed. His young age meant that there’s no way he can possibly beat the three grandmasters in the field of healing. With their hands bound, what can Ye XingHe possibly do?


“Zhuo family must be out of its mind trying to cure this disease, they even invited a brat who probably can’t put a curly one on the soap!”


Peng Zheng guffawed.


Zhuo Tian He felt a bit insulted by him but he ignored Peng Zheng. He greeted Ye XingHe back.


“This respected young one, I am afraid our elder is someone beyond the salvation of even the three mighty star healers, please return, we will pay you for your trouble anyway!”

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