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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 273: The root cause

Zhuo Tian He’s temperament is dazzling when compared to Peng Zheng who is supposedly a master healer.


“Sect master Zhuo, I can’t take your money without doing my job first. If everyone is equally stumped, you wouldn’t lose a dime if I tried.”


Ye XingHe still replied in a very humble tone.


“Yeah, daddy, let him try. It’s better than taking someone’s money without holding their end of the bargain!”


A youngster who looked a little over 20 spoke out. He’s one of Xiao Zhuo Yan’s seven brothers, Zhuo Bai.


His words contained a sarcasm that wasn’t lost on Peng Zheng’s red face. He’s fuming with anger.


Feeling a spike in the mood, the others backed off and pretended like they had nothing to do with this. Whether it is the Zhuo family or grandmaster Peng Zheng, they aren’t people they can offend.


Xing Yan and Dao Yi exchanged a look. They are holding the same title as Peng Zheng, even if they don’t condone his actions they can’t easily point it out as well since it would reflect poorly on them.


Xing Yan voiced his thoughts.


“Sect master Zhuo, please allow the young man to try. Even if he failed I see no losses on anyone’s side.”


Zhuo Tian He turned towards Ye XingHe.


“Please, young sir, go ahead.”


Peng Zheng looked very smug right now. They are all ninth Heavenly Realm star experts who can’t cure Zhuo Ding Feng’s disease, this young fellow definitely can’t be of use too.


Ye XingHe walked to Zhuo Ding Feng’s bedside and he raised his right hand that was wrapped in star martial power. Placing it on Zhuo Ding Feng’s chest, he started scanning him.


The other doctors are preparing to sneer at his actions while the majority of them held no hope for him. Only Xiao Zhuo Yan intently gazed at Ye XingHe’s direction.


Peng Zheng indifferently pointed out.


“We have already probed his heart with star power. His heart’s vein is already on its last legs, at most three days, after that, he will perish.”


Dao Yi lightly chuckled.


“Brother Peng, the star way is a mysterious and deep way, to each their own path, I see no harm in letting this youngster try his best!”


Peng Zheng is acting like a petty crook, not even Dao Yi and Xing Yan can bear to let his antics continue.


Ye XingHe was concentrating hard on gauging Old Man Zhuo’s disease. He sent streams of his star power into Old man Zhuo’s body.


Unlike Peng Zheng and the other doctors, his star power actually stayed in Old man Zhuo’s body. He swiftly channeled his energy throughout Old man Zhuo’s body. He didn’t spare a single spot and he continued probing around Old man Zhuo’s body.


What is it? What could be including this coma and gradual loss of vitality?


A quarter of an hour later, his wrinkled brows suggested that his search is still ongoing.


Zhuo Tian He exchanged looks with the others. Given the amount of time, normally, this is where one arrives at a conclusion of either the disease being curable or incurable. Why he Ye XingHe still using his star power on the old man’s body?


“Hmph, what lousy theatrics, what a waste of our time!”


Peng Zheng would have left a long time ago if not because he wanted to get more money out of this affair.


Puzzled gazes fell on Ye XingHe.


“Have you guys noticed, this young sir’s star power is unusually dense!”


Xing Yan gasped in shock. He’s the first person who voiced this out loud after sensing the vibrations coming from Ye XingHe’s palm.


“You’re right, this young man has a shocking amount of star power!”


Dao Yi is startled silly too.


The others started paying more attention to Ye XingHe after the two grandmasters voiced their opinions. They didn’t expect Ye XingHe to earn high praise from the two grandmasters.


Zhuo Tian He can’t help looking at Ye XingHe too. His heart started throbbing, he’s starting to treat him like he’s the only hope he has.


Xiao Zhuo Yan kept praying her anxiety away.


“Old Man Zhuo’s condition isn’t one that can be easily treated.”


Peng Zheng snorted in disdain, pouring cold water on everyone’s head.


Peng Zheng thought very highly of himself, if it’s a disease he can’t treat, no one else can, much less someone like Ye XingHe. He’s just a teenager who looks like he’s at most sixteen, how high can his cultivation be.


After suffusing Old man Zhuo’s body with star power, he noticed a very peculiar aura in his dantian. Much to his horror, he gathered his power in old man Zhuo’s dantian, fortifying his senses.


He injected his intent into his body and he finally discovered a cold malicious power lingering in old man Zhuo’s dantian. Just touching it he could feel his body freezing up. So cold was this aura that he started shivering as he stepped away in a panic.


Rime ice started appearing on his body and hair. this shocking scene caused everyone’s jaw to drop hard.


“What happened?”


They asked in unison.


Ye XingHe looked at Zhuo Tian He.


“Sect master Zhuo, I have discovered the root cause of Old Man Zhuo’s condition, I am currently still figuring out how to resolve this condition.”


He sat down with crossed legs as he started refining the cold aura he extracted.


This icy aura is too frightening.


Ye XingHe understood that Old man Zhuo got hit with this cold aura so he suppressed it with his own formidable power. If he didn’t, he would have been a goner by now. Suppressing this cold aura took almost all of Old man Zhuo’s power.


Just touching this cold aura made him feel like he’s encased in permafrost, he shuddered at the strength of this cold aura.


The others started throwing a fuss, no matter what, this youngster actually diagnosed old man Zhuo’s condition whereas the three grandmasters failed to do the same. This in itself is already a great accomplishment.


“Who is he fooling?!”


Peng Zheng refused to believe Ye XingHe’s words. He guessed that this rime ice on hair thing is probably one of Ye XingHe’s tricks, a ploy used to deceive the true flame family.


Nobody paid any attention to Peng Zheng. They quietly waited for Ye XingHe to finish his discovery, they are pretty sure that he’s about to pull off a miraculous stunt.


Ye XingHe continued refining with a sitting posture. Activating his Frost Dragon Halberd and Frost Dragonscale Armor, these two treasures are powered by cold aura. As an incredibly cold and unprecedented aura, he couldn’t have hoped for a better powerup.


The cold aura started being absorbed by the Frost Dragon Halberd and Frost Dragonscale armor.


As he expected, the two treasures gradually strengthened under the influence of the cold aura.

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