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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 274: Treatment

“Young sir, how is it?”


Zhuo Tian He anxiously asked.


Xiao Zhuo Yan also looked nervously at Ye XingHe.


He laughed to ease their anxiety.


“I have arrived at the bottom of Old Man Zhuo’s case, I should be able to treat it.”


Zhuo Tian He almost broke out in tears, his voice started trembling.


“Thank you, thank you! Young sir, if you can save my dear father, the whole family will be forever in your debt!”


Thud thud thud


The other clansmen all fell to their knees in deference.


“Please, young sir, help our lord elder!”


Zhuo Ding Feng is practically a deity in the youngsters’ eyes.


Xiao Zhuo Yan also let out tears of passion in Ye XingHe’s direction.


The sincerity of the Zhuo Clansmen touched Ye XingHe. They reminded him of his own family.


“Be at ease, I will do everything in my power to cure him!”


Ye XingHe saluted them.


The other 3 grandmasters couldn’t stop looking at Ye XingHe with wide eyes. They are clearer than anyone on Old Man Zhuo’s condition. Unless he can really do it the three grandmasters simply refused to believe his words.


“So young and yet your mouth is so big, spouting nonsense in front of us the three grandmaster healers of the star way. We can’t heal Old man Zhuo, what makes you, a lowly youngster, qualified to say something you can’t possibly back up?!”


Peng Zheng snorted coldly.


“If I can treat him, what will Peng Zheng do?”


Ye XingHe shot back at him with equal coldness. Ye XingHe couldn’t be bothered with this boastful man but he managed to pierce through his immense patience.


Peng Zheng flinched, Ye XingHe’s confident tone made him tremble slightly.


“Young sir, make haste with my father’s treatment, I beseech you to ignore the ramblings of outsiders.”


Zhuo Tian He said with a clearly ticked off tone. He’s already being a pain in the behind by receiving a great sum of money without doing anything, now the man is here trying to pick a bone with Ye XingHe.


Zhuo Tian He’s words caused Peng Zheng’s mustache to stand on its end, to be called an outsider is an insult to his big pride.


“Grandmaster Peng, if you don’t have any more business here, please leave post-haste!”


Zhuo Tian He told Peng Zheng off.


“This is just terrific, you’re all just too nice!”


Peng Zheng slammed the table nearest to him, his rage is clear to everyone.


“I want to see just how good this young one really is. As for you, Zhuo Family, I am not going to let today’s affair go easily!”


Xing Yan and Dao Yi exchanged a bitter smile. Peng Zheng’s narrow-mindedness is embarrassing them to no ends.




A fountain of star martial power surged forth from Ye XingHe’s body. It’s so powerful that it sucked the air out of the audience.


Against this suffocating pressure, everyone started turning pale with shock.


“Ninth Heavenly Realm!”


“He’s actually a star practitioner at the ninth Heavenly Realm, my god!”


They are not just astonished with his power, they are astounded by his young age. The three grandmasters are all at least 80-years-old or above. The oldest one among them is already 120 while the youngest one is at 87. It’s not easy to cultivate to the ninth Heavenly Realm.


This teenager is not a day over seventeen and he’s already someone with such terrifying cultivation!


“A mere ninth Heavenly Realm and he’s already so pompous. Bullying people with your old age, you bring shame to the title of grandmaster!”


Ye XingHe swept a glance over Peng Zheng and he snorted before he infused his star power into Zhuo Ding Feng.


Peng Zheng is red all over from Ye XingHe’s words. He metaphorically slapped the crap out of his dignity and pride. Yet, he can’t possibly retort when this young one had such a strong future ahead of him, he is surely someone who will reach a height nobody can possibly imagine, any and all rebuttal would look pathetic right now.


Zhuo Tian He was excited when he saw the amount of star power coming out of Ye XingHe.


They had lost all hope when they let Ye XingHe try. They never expected for Ye XingHe to be successful in treating old man Zhuo. But, now, Ye XingHe showed his strength as a ninth Heavenly Realm expert, a young ninth Heavenly Realm practitioner at that.


Ye XingHe might just pull this off.


He wrapped his star power around the cold aura, refining it bit by bit.


Closing his eyes, he locked his eyebrows in a frown. The others around him made as little noise as possible lest they disturb Ye XingHe.


Xing Yan and Dao Yi exchanged a look and they glanced at Zhuo Tian He.


“Sect master Zhuo, where did this young gentleman came from, if we might ask?”


Xing Yan can’t help expressing his puzzlement.


“Such mighty cultivation at such an age, this is a sight that has widened our worldview, we simply must pay a visit to his venerable master for being so capable at raising such a disciple.”


Dao Yi is gasping in his own heart. They shuddered at the thought of the power Ye XingHe’s master wielded. His master is probably someone who touched an impossibly high realm.


Zhuo Tian He looked at the other clansmen, he didn’t invite Ye XingHe so he is as clueless as them.


“Replying to sect master, we discovered this young man wandering the streets by chance. At the point of discovery, we watched this young man treat an old man. Everybody was stumped and helpless in helping Grand Sect Master, we decided to give it a shot by inviting him over.”


A young disciple replied.


Xiao Zhuo Yan got the disciple to say this.


“Good, simply well done, looks like even the heavens pitied the plight of the True Flame Family.”


Zhuo Tian He said with a trembling and moved voice. He did fist in palm salute towards Dao Yi and Xing Yan.


“Please leave the question of who is this young sir’s master to when he’s finished with curing Old Man Zhuo, I would deeply appreciate if the two grandmasters would do that.”


“Very well.”


Xing Yan nodded.


Time ticked on as he refined that cold aura. He used both Frost Dragon Halberd and Frost Dragonscale Armor to assimilate the refined cold aura. Two hours later, he is still at it, channeling his star power at full force, this slow and steady progress increased the tension in everyone’s heart.


“Look, Old man Zhuo is regaining some of his vitality, just look at his cheeks!”


A sharp-eyed doctor pointed out.


They focused on Old Man Zhuo. It is as the doctor said, vitality returned to old man Zhuo going by the vibrant color returning to the old man’s cheeks.


Xiao Zhuo Yan couldn’t hold back her tears. Words cannot describe her current gratefulness. Ye XingHe already threw his life to the wind when he risked a fiery end saving her back in Tian Ling Palace. She can’t possibly repay his grace.


“Heed my order, retrieve all the stellar stones we have, they will be used to restore this young gentleman’s power when he is done!”


Zhuo Tian He roared zealously.


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