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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 275: One who supports both heaven and earth

He continued refining the cold aura in Old man Zhuo late into the night.


The chilling cold aura churned around his two dragon imprints. He can clearly feel the increase in power, he can’t wait to try out the new and improved Frost Dragon weapon and armor.


“Look, Old man Zhuo’s finger just twitched!”


“Old man Zhuo is awake!”


Old man Zhuo slowly opened his eyes.


They didn’t think Ye XingHe can treat old man Zhuo, lo and behold, his skill is clearly out of this world.


Zhou empire’s number one star cultivator had always been Peng Zheng’s throne. Xing Yan and Dao Yi can’t hold a candle to him. Today, like it or not, he has to relinquish his title as the number one star cultivator.


Everyone could tell just who is more powerful between Ye XingHe and Peng Zheng.


Dyed red with anger and shame, Peng Zheng is sure this news would spread quickly in the capital, his reputation would come crashing down on him. He metaphorically slapped this old man so hard he almost arrived at the ethereal plane. With so many witnesses, he can’t possibly salvage his reputation.


“I extend my deepest gratitude to this young sir on behalf of the True Flame Family. If there is anything you want, voice it out and we will surely try our best to succeed or fail miserably trying to achieve it. In addition, we have also prepared your payment, 120 pieces of stellar stones, 30,000 gold pieces, if that’s even enough, that is.”


Zhuo Tian He saluted him.


The others all sucked in a cold breath, this is too generous even for True Flame sect’s immense wealth.


Ye XingHe laughed it off.


“Sect master Zhuo is too generous, I came here hoping to try my hand at healing with my star power. My success and joy is payment enough so I won’t take your payment, because I don’t need it!”


Ye XingHe omitted that Xiao Zhuo Yan invited him here.


The others are all utterly stunned. Ye XingHe actually refused such a gigantic pile of gold and reward! Thinking about it, it made sense since Ye XingHe is a ninth Heavenly Realm expert with an ineffably powerful master. The amount of cultivation resources at his disposal probably outshines this wealth by a lot.”


“Such nobility and grace! I admit it’s not much but young sir must take it! This is a symbol of our deep thankfulness!”


Zhuo Tian He begged him.


Peng Zheng is so indignant he wanted to leave. He has already lost so much face today. Lifting a leg, he turned towards the door.


When he’s about to leave, another doctor suddenly cried out in shock.


“Oh, I see now, he’s Ye XingHe of the Azure feather family!”


Ye XingHe?


Like a bomb, this news exploded in everyone’s mind. They hurriedly cast their glances Ye XingHe’s way.


They immediately connected him with the infamous family of treacherous rebels.


The news of Azure Feather Family decimating a whooping 200,000 strong army preceded Azure Feather Family’s innate reputation.


They never expected for Ye XingHe to actually show himself so far away in the capital.


Peng Zheng’s eyes brightened when he heard this. He pointed at Ye XingHe while shouting out loud.


“Here I was thinking who this person is, to think it’s the traitor from Azure Feather Family. A despicable scoundrel of a rebel, the balls you have to appear in this place must be huge indeed!”


Zhuo Tian He and the others frowned.


Xiao Zhuo Yan is also so panicked she could cry. Xiao Zhuo Yan risked a lot to come out here and save her grandfather. If he’s captured or something untoward happened, she would never forgive herself even if she died.


The hall immediately fell into silence.


Knitting his brows, he thought about how to get himself out of this situation.


Peng Zheng is the epitome of smug right now. He told everyone.


“Everyone, let’s work together to bring this traitor of the state down.”


Nobody responded to his call to arms. Aside from the True Flame clansmen, there are only a bunch of doctors, including Xing Yan and Dao Yi. They are doctors who aren’t even that strong in cultivation. As for Dao Yi and Xing Yan, they are still sitting in their chairs with no intention in getting involved.


The other clansmen also stayed their hands. Ye XingHe saved their Grand Sect master, if they attacked Ye XingHe, that is tantamount to returning kindness with malice, an act so lowly they won’t be able to forgive themselves.


Peng Zheng didn’t expect the others to bail out on him. He pointed at Zhuo Tian He and the others. He wrinkled his brows in displeasure.


“Zhuo Tian He, is this a ruse set up by you people? So you have been colluding with the treacherous rebel. Wait till I tell the imperial family about this!”


Zhuo Tian He hesitated and he shot back with a resolute tone.


“This young sir was invited by our disciples and we had no prior associations with him. We have always been loyal to the Zhou empire, our loyalty is not to be questioned and we have no intention to rebel against the god emperor!’


Peng Zheng revealed an elated look when he heard this.


Xiao Zhuo Yan anxiously looked at her father. Is he going to harm Big bro Xinghe? If so, she won’t forgive her father nor will she forgive herself!


The other clansmen lowered their heads.


Ye XingHe creased his forehead.


Zhuo Tian He continued.


“Regardless of the circumstances, the young sir was invited to the True Flame Family, and he even went so far as to save my dear father, his debt of kindness transcends his wrong against the state in our eyes. We will not do anything to him and we will fulfill our obligation of seeing young sir off safely!”


Peng Zheng turned very dark and he used a cold tone with him.


“Zhuo Tian He, do you understand the ramifications of your words? This is equivalent to conspiring with a traitor, it’s a crime that will be punished with the extermination of your nine generations!”


“If the Zhou empire will destroy our True Flame Family over this, I, Zhuo Tian He will voice no complaint. But this young master saved my father’s life, if I repay his kindness with evil, that would truly drag my name and the honor of our clan through the mud. I, Zhuo Tian He will never do that and by extension, the True Flame Family will not do it as well! Even if you rain the threat of extermination down on me and my clan, we shall see to it that this young sir leaves here in one piece!”


Zhuo Tian He words made Xiao Zhuo Yan’s eyes sparkle. Her respect for her father increased, right now, her daddy looked like someone who can support the heaven and earth, an indomitable hero who she has always worshipped.


The other clansmen stood proudly with their sect master on this. Their spines will break before their integrity will be compromised.


Peng Zheng trembled with anger. Pointing at Zhuo Tian He and the others, he sniggered in a creepy manner.


“Good, just good. let’s see what the emperor has to say about this when I submit my report!”


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