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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 276: Cold aura

“By all means, go ahead, this will not weigh our conscience down at all!”


Zhuo Tian He replied.


“Xing Yan, Dao Yi, what say you two? Team up with me and we can capture this traitor together!”


Peng Zheng pointed at Ye XingHe while growling in a low tone.


Xing Yan and Dao Yi exchanged a look.


“I am not fettered by the imperial family, I abstain from any and all conflicts.”


Xing Yan calmly said.


“I share the same sentiment. This has nothing to do with me. However, if I ever get the chance, I would like to meet the master of this young master!”


Dao Yi laughed lightly. He is not hiding his bias which is leaning towards Ye XingHe’s side. Peng Zheng, a man of a small mind, obviously can’t take this sitting down, it would lower his standing if Dao Yi stood with such a petty man.


“You’re all in for it now!”


Peng Zheng snorted loudly.


“I will make sure to tell the emperor everything that transpired here!”


Peng Zheng knew he can’t possibly bring Ye XingHe with him, much less going against the entire True Flame Family. For now, he must retreat.


When Peng Zheng is preparing to take his leave, Ye XingHe chuckled.


“Did I say you can go?”


Peng Zheng stopped and he looked back with a chilling gaze.


“What? You’re gonna stop me? This is the capital, I remind you that you’re a traitor so check that attitude of yours!”


Ye XingHe promptly blocked Peng Zheng and he laid his eyes on the old man.


“You know I am the infamous traitor and you still waste your words?! The capital’s rule cannot bind me, you’ve probably not heard the news about me beating the crap out of the Sixth Prince, your grapevine needs more cultivation, it would seem. If I trounced the sixth prince I can damn well do the same unto you!”


“You dare!”


Peng Zheng trembled with anger. After breaking through to the ninth Heavenly Realm, countless experts sang praises about him. Nobody would dare address him without appending the title of grandmaster in front of his name. Never in his life had he met anyone with such galls like Ye XingHe.


It has been a long time since he exchanged fists with another person. One word from him and many experts would rain down upon his enemies. He came here to treat Zhuo Ding Feng’s disease so he only brought two eighth Heavenly Realm practitioners with him.




Ye XingHe laughed out loud, his eyes brimming with a frosty light.


“I don’t think your standing is as majestic as a crown prince, right? Why wouldn’t I dare? I am a rebel, I did more than just flogging people, murder comes with the job, that much shouldn’t surprise you, right?!”


“Let me see if you’re worthy of that!”


Peng Zheng got into a stance and he released his star power.


“Oh, you’re going to see alright!”


Ye XingHe released a battle cry and his star power swiftly flowed out.




The two bashed their star power together. Ye XingHe gave no ground while Peng Zheng got knocked back by a full two steps.


Ye XingHe is flabbergasted. Peng Zheng really didn’t measure up to his age, he should have stepped into the ninth Heavenly Realm for quite some time now, Ye XingHe assumed that he was at least a middle or late-stage ninth Heavenly Realm practitioner. He was expecting a hard fight but he actually lost ground when Ye XingHe is just getting started.


Ye XingHe also felt his cultivation increasing after refining the cold aura in Old man Zhuo.


This should be one of the reasons why he suppressed Peng Zheng.


Peng Zheng had been slacking off on his cultivation, living a decadent lifestyle, he has not been a fight since at least 10 years ago. Moreover, he’s already way past his prime and it is now a downhill decline for him. The moment he started, he had already lost.


The others started whispering and gossiping.


“Grandmaster Peng Zheng actually lost the first exchange so easily, what a surprise!”


“You’re right, it looks like time has not been kind to grandmaster Peng.”


Boiling in his wrath, he started fuming while shocked with Ye XingHe’s stronger-than-expected power.


Xing Yan and Dao Yi exchanged a glance. They can’t help but leak the looks of astonishment in their eyes.


“This young masters’ star power is so pure and dense, it’s my first time seeing anything like this!”


Xing Yan gasped.


“How did he cultivate to such a level. His talent makes us look like plebeians. I wonder what kind of realm will he arrive in the future!”


Dao Yi also can’t help but exclaim his shock. When Dao Yi is just sixteen, he was only at the fifth Heavenly Realm. How is he supposed to face Ye XingHe when he’s already at the ninth Heavenly Realm at this age.


Peng Zheng is still not satisfied with the results.


“Ignorant fledgling, let me show you the effect of being too cocky!”


Peng Zheng jumped up and he churned his star power into a concentrated point in his palm, like a hurricane he struck at Ye XingHe with his fist


That power had a very frightening shredding power.


His fist carried a strong and stable power. He has not been in a fight since at least 10 years ago but he can still use some of his battle techniques.


Raising an eyebrow, he let out a low shout and he gathered a stream of cold power in his right fist. He whipped his fist out.




The two smashed their fists together.


Ye XingHe shook from the shockwave but Peng Zheng is the one who vomited blood. He collapsed to his knees while a thin sheet of ice coated his hair. Shivering and beaten, he looked very haggard.


Ye XingHe’s cold energy-infused fist pierced his opponent and struck at his heart.


This cold power is very shockingly powerful. It is something not even Ye XingHe can easily thwart. His opponent would need Frost dragon halberd or Frost Dragonscale armor. Even a wisp of this energy would make Peng Zheng wince in pain.


Peng Zheng’s sorry look made everyone flinch in surprise.


One punch from Ye XingHe was it all he needed to reduce Peng Zheng to such a state. His strength caused a lot of jaws to drop.


Ye XingHe snubbed his nose at Peng Zheng’s pathetic state.


“You’re so old yet you’re so unwise. A grandmaster in title but not in stature. The wisp of cold aura I extracted from Old Man Zhuo will not kill this man but it will definitely teach him a lesson!”


“How will young master deal with grandmaster Peng?”


Zhuo Tian He asked Ye XingHe.


“Even if he can recover, his cultivation will not. I can’t be bothered to pursue this matter anymore, please, Sect master Zhuo, send this man on his way!”


Ye XingHe said.


Zhuo Tian He saluted Ye XingHe.


“I thank the young master. Let me gather up some men to dismiss grandmaster Peng.”


Zhuo Tian Hee felt like Ye XingHe intentionally stayed his hands to preserve his face. If grandmaster Peng died in True Flame Family’s ground, it will be troubling, to say the least.


“Old Man Zhuo should rest for a few days, I reckon he will be fine after that. Since my job is done, I will be taking my leave.”


“Young sir, please wait!”


Zhuo Tian He called out to Ye XingHe.


Xiao Zhuo Yan pulled Zhuo Tian He’s sleeves. He seemed to have understood something from this, he frowned and he let this go after thinking about it for a short while.


“Please have a save trip, young master!”


Zhuo Tian He bade him farewell with a fist-in-palm salute.



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