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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 277: The truth

Zhuo Tian He sent some clansmen to escort Ye XingHe. Ye XingHe made himself disappear after exiting the True Flame Family.


Xing Yan and Dao Yi wanted to talk with Ye XingHe after coming out of the True Flame compound. Where did Ye XingHe disappear to?


As for Peng Zheng, he’s still shaking after the other clansmen sent him out of the True Flame compound. He shook from the cold aura which is still plaguing him even now, his troubled strut looked very sad to the others.


The other doctors all received their payment and they took their leaves.


Inside True Flame Family.


Zhuo Ding Feng woke up soon after Ye XingHe finished his treatment. He saw the fight between Ye XingHe and Peng Zheng. Due to his weakness, he couldn’t say anything, not that he understood how the fight broke out in the first place since he was unconscious for the most part. A bit of strength returned to Zhuo Ding Feng and he opened his mouth.


“Tian He, send me into the secret clan chamber.”


Zhuo Ding Feng is still spotting a very pale complexion.


“Okay, father!”


Zhuo Tian He immediately lifted his father up carefully with other clansmen and they entered the secret clan chamber.


This secret chamber is a few dozen meters below the ground, the location of this chamber is only known to a select few core clansmen. This chamber’s role is to serve as a sanctuary when a crisis strikes the True Flame Family.


Zhuo Ding Feng was placed on a wide bed. Zhuo Tian He, Xiao Zhuo Yan, and Zhuo Bai stood by his bed.


“Father, what happened? Why did you fall ill all of a sudden?”


Zhuo Tian He is filled with confusion. He didn’t understand how someone as powerful as Zhuo Ding Feng can suddenly fall sick out of the blue.


Zhuo Tian He’s question invoked a cold shine from Zhuo Ding Feng’s eyes.


“It’s the emperor!”


“The emperor?!”


Zhuo Tian He was struck by lightning.


Xiao Zhuo Yan and the others are also equally shocked.


“I got done in by the emperor’s ploy. I almost ended up in the yellow springs because of that man!”


Zhuo Ding Feng growled.


“What happened?”


Zhuo Tian He is very bewildered. He didn’t understand why the emperor would move against his own father.


The True Flame Family is one of the eight Great Noble Houses but they aren’t the strongest of them all. The only thing that stood out about Old Man Zhuo is that he is the only one who has the highest chance to ascend to a higher realm after the ninth Heavenly Realm. Did the emperor take a jab at him because he was afraid Old man Zhuo will weaken his authority after ascension?


But the True Flame Family has never considered a coup. Why would they enter his sights?


“I had always assumed the emperor is a ninth Heavenly Realm practitioner. I only found out that his cultivation had entered the Deva realm of the legends after that. Remember when the emperor summoned me into the palace?”


Zhuo Ding Feng huffed.


“I noticed the emperor’s power when I met with the emperor. The emperor shared a cup of tea with me, I didn’t think much of it since the tea is not poisoned so I drank it.”


“Did he poison you?”


Zhuo Tian He’s heart shook.


“His mean was even more insidious. He inserted a part of his qi into the tea and for some time after drinking the tea, I didn’t feel anything off. It’s only 3 days later that I noticed something terribly wrong, I was too late by then as the wisp of qi had entered my bone marrows.”


Zhuo Ding Feng continued.


“His cultivation is the real thing!”


“Why did you suspect this was instigated by the emperor?”


Zhuo Tian He asked, this matter transpired about three months ago.


“After returning from the palace, I felt a bad omen so I isolated myself and I found out about this. To inject this strong qi into my body without me being any wiser. Among the people I know, only the emperor had this ability and opportunity to do something like this!”


Zhuo Ding Feng said with a mysterious glint in his eyes.


Chills went down Zhuo Tian He & co’s spines. Since the emperor failed the first time, it’s not hard to imagine that the emperor can definitely send a second wave given his authority and power.


“I thought I was a goner. I didn’t want you guys to take revenge for me so I never thought about revealing this. Color me surprised, I didn’t think I would be able to climb all the way back from the depths of the underworld. Who was that young man? He actually managed to dissolve the emperor’s cold aura!”


Zhuo Ding Feng creased his forehead. Without Ye XingHe, he would have died for sure.


“Zhuo Yan, are you acquainted with that young gentleman? Who is he?”


Zhuo Ding Feng questioned Xiao Zhuo Yan. He noticed the tell-tale gestures of familiarity from Xiao Zhuo Yan’s tiny actions.


“He hails from the Azure Feather Family. He’s Ye XingHe and he once saved Zhuo Yan’s life.”


Xiao Zhuo Yan replied.


“It’s all thanks to him.”


Zhuo Tian He gratefully said, his heart still shaking with surprise.


“Father, what should we do now?”


Zhuo Ding Feng thought about it and he said.


“He is a traitor of the capital so there’s little we can do. I task you guys with spreading the news about my death. The official story will go like this: ‘Ye XingHe treated me but he furtively poisoned me and thus I died.’ You guys will host my funeral in a few days from now. In addition to that, order a few of the clansmen to send out informal news that the True Flame Family is on the hunt for Ye XingHe. Zhuo Yan, do you know where the young master is currently staying at?”


“I do!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan nodded.


“When I recover slightly, I will visit that young master with you!”


Zhuo Ding Feng said.


“I understand, grandfather.”


She replied.


The hearts of the people here are heavy. The truth shook them to the core, they are all very tense at the thought of facing an opponent like the Zhou emperor. If the emperor wanted to exterminate them, they would easily be obliterated.


What is the emperor plotting? Why target the grand sect master? They are all equally confused.


The True Flame Family quieted down after sending away their guests.


After coming out of that place, Ye XingHe can feel someone following him, it’s a faint aura but whenever he stopped to scan his environment, the aura would disappear.


Ye XingHe flinched slightly. This meant that this follower is stronger than him, it’s not as simple as he thought.


He had no idea why he’s being followed but he sped up and he laid low with hidden aura. He sneaked into a brothel nearby.


Soon, a figure appeared in front of the brothel. He is clad in a black robe, nobody could see his face since he’s covered from head to toe. However he tried to hide his looks, he couldn’t hide his killing intention.


“I have underestimated you, I didn’t think you would be able to perceive my presence!”


He looked at the brothel’s sign and he entered the brothel in a blur.

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