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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 278: Mystic note of detachment

This brothel had a lot of people coming and going. They are also making a lot of noise. With a lot of influential people and nobles currently at this business premise, it isn’t a place where someone can start a rumble.


Ye XingHe hid his aura and swiftly melded into the crowd, he made his way upstairs.


Soon, he got up to the third floor, there are not a lot of people here so he chose a corner to take cover.


The guy in black cloak surveyed the grand hall at the ground floor. He looked around with a frown, with so many people here, he can’t pinpoint Ye XingHe’s location or his aura from the crowd although he’s sure Ye XingHe is in this building.


Squinting his eyes, a cold stream of killing intention leaked out from his eyes. He walked deeper into the crowd.


Ye XingHe experienced a chill in his heart. He’s not sure who the cloaked figure is but the guy is very strong and he was oozing killing intention. With a potential killer on his ass, he can’t let his guard down.


The third floor is very serene, the faint sound of guqin being played floated towards him.


The melody is very soothing, like a warm and clear stream, it entered his heart and caused ripples within himself. Ye XingHe felt his star power being drawn to this music.


He’s not sure where the music came from and he’s really intrigued by it. He wanted to know who is playing the instrument so he headed towards the source of this sound.


The corridors of the third floor ran at length, Ye XingHe can’t help but express a silent surprise for how huge this floor seemed.


He heard footsteps and he immediately hid inside one of the empty rooms here.


It’s a group of males and females, he felt awkward when he heard the dirty words they are exchanging with each other, ignorant to the fact that he’s snooping in. When the group got further and further away, Ye XingHe exited his room.


Following the music, he continued his search.


The closer he got, the more he realized that this artist isn’t a simple individual. The individual’s insanely high cultivation is the root cause for this soul-stirring music, there’s no other explanation for how the artist can use simple sound to pull on Ye XingHe’s star power.


“Lady Yun Ling’s mystic note of detachment has reached an unheard level of proficiency, color me surprised, truly an admirable feat.”


A male voice said.


“This mystic note of detachment is something only those who had returned to their true self can appreciate. Sonorous and resounding, it is still ringing in my mind even now!”


Another male voice rang.


“It’s merely something this lowly one played only to embarrass herself in front of everyone.”


The girl known as Yun Ling replied. Her voice is graceful and subdued, her voice gave her beauty away.


A low voice came.


“Since you’re already here, why don’t you come in here and take a seat?”


The voice shook Ye XingHe’s heart. His cover has been blown, without shrinking away, he opened the door and he entered the room.


It’s a very exquisitely designed room with chess, books, and instruments orderly strewn about. An air of elegance wafted over.


Draped in muslin, the lady sat on a chair with a guqin in front of her. Her flowing hair reminded one of a beautiful waterfall, the light muslin failed to hide her charming eyes and eyebrows. One look is enough to convince anyone that whoever is beneath that muslin mask is surely an astounding beauty.


5 males sat some distance away facing her. They leisurely sat in their chairs as they shot a glance at Ye XingHe.


“Might I inquire as to who this sire is?”


Yun Ling’s gaze fell upon Ye XingHe.


“I am just a passerby.”


Ye XingHe replied after thinking about it.


Lady Yun Ling chuckled.


“You have been led here by the music, that means your fate has been intricately linked to lead you here, take a seat, young master.”


“Thank you.”


Ye XingHe closed the doors and he sat down on one of the empty chairs. The one following him is probably still sneaking about, it will be a long time before he gives up so Ye XingHe might as well see what this show is about.


Ye XingHe can feel that the 5 males had unusually high cultivation.


According to them, only those who had shed their exterior can hear this melody. Still, that doesn’t say much about their cultivation level.


“Does this young master know about music?”


Yun Ling beamed at Ye XingHe.


“I don’t.”


Ye XingHe shook his head.




Yun Ling looked a bit regretful.


“Where did this uncouth fellow crawled out from? He ruined the mood with his arrival.”


A graceful looking noble youngster who looked around 26 or 27 of age jeered.


“Don’t mind him, let’s continue listening to music.”


Another youth in purple robes waved his hands.


“If that is the case then let me play another piece from the mystic note of detachment, the plume of the sky void moon.”


Yun Ling chuckled with extreme grace, she’s emitting an ineffable aura of being born from a high breed with each and every move.


“To think Lady Yun Ling’s cultivation has touched such a high level that you can even play the plume of the sky void feather piece.”


“This is a piece composed by the great emperor Tian Ling, much of the original script has been lost for a long time. My rudimentary understanding of this only allows me to play about 70% or 80% of the original, please don’t be too harsh in your criticisms.”


Yun Ling laughed before pursing her lips.


“Lady Yun Ling is being too modest. This piece is practically extinct, to the best of my knowledge, no one has been able to reproduce it, much less a fraction of it!”


Another youth praised.


Ye XingHe is surprised that Great emperor Tian Ling’s name got dropped all of a sudden. Recalling his loot from Tian Long’s booty hunt, he obtained a bunch of musical scores as well as a mix of esoteric books and pieces of art. He didn’t understand what they stood for or what they meant so he just kept them stored away in the Azure Feather Family’s treasury. He recalled that one of the musical scores was the aforementioned plume of the sky void moon.


He hadn’t a clue what the mystic note of detachment is as his knowledge of the way of the guqin is severely lacking.


This piece is weirdly chaotic, it tossed and turned before becoming very subtle in tone, occasionally it would turn majestic. His star power churned within him, every fiber of his body is responding energetically to this piece. His two dragon imprints are also jolting with excitement. Under the lull of this music, everyone fell in a drunken stupor, Ye XingHe also enjoyed this music as he let himself become a part of this music.


What magnificent skills!


Ye XingHe exclaimed in his heart.

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