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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 279: Plume of the sky void moon

He didn’t understand this piece of music but he still experienced the effect brought about by this melody.


Lady Yun Ling and her mystic note of detachment hinted at her identity, she’s probably someone who outstanding.


She stopped playing suddenly, she didn’t finish this piece.


“Plume of the sky void moon sounded absolutely stunning when played by Lady Yun Ling’s mystic note of detachment.”


Another young noble said as he gasped in wonder.


“It’s truly a tragedy that this piece is all we have. The complete plume of the sky void moon has been lost throughout the ages.”


Yun Ling sighed with a bitter smile.


“Not even Yulan Palace can locate the lost parts of this piece?”


Another youthful-looking noble can’t help but ask.


Yun Ling regretfully laughed.


“This piece is the only known one in existence, the Yulan Palace I’m affiliated with can’t find the rest of it.”


Ye XingHe flinched in surprise. So Yun Ling is someone from Yulan Palace. An Xue Yun has been restricted by Yulan palace for the last few years, how can he not pay attention to something like this? This Yun Ling has already stated her origin. He didn’t know where the other 5 males came from.


“Regardless, Lady Yun Ling’s skillful play has opened our eyes.”


“With Lady Yun Ling and the Mystic note of detachment, this piece known as the plume of sky void moon might have been reduced to an extinct relic.”


The others can’t stop metaphorically kissing her derriere with their sycophantic praise.


Sure, she’s great, Ye XingHe can tell just from hearing her play on an incomplete piece that his cultivation had experienced a significant increase. If she played the complete piece, this effect would have been greater than this.


“My dantian has been roused by this plume of the sky void moon, I can feel it so! If only I can hear the complete piece, I am sure it would help tremendously with my cultivation.”


The noble in purple robes said.


The others nodded as they had the same idea as well.


Ye XingHe is shocked. They are only slightly roused by this music? His star power rumbled like a sea during a storm, it’s practically tumbling around!


Ye XingHe knitted his brows. Could it be that he’s different from the others?


Yun Ling scanned the others and her gaze fixated on Ye XingHe. She smiled radiantly at him.


“Young master, what is your thought on this?”


“I am philistine and even so I can still tell that Sister Yun Ling’s rendition of this plume of sky void moon is incredible. My dantian is practically boiling over from this!”


Ye XingHe said in a formal tone.


“Oh? Is that so?”


Ye XingHe snubbed the others the wrong way when he said this. Their aura only stirred a little bit when they heard her musical play. By saying that his dantian is flaring up in response despite his lowly understanding of the musical dao, wouldn’t that be tantamount to say that these people who dabbled in music can’t even achieve something he can with his uneducated background?


“Lying in front of Lady Yun Ling who is like a celestial maiden is something that will be met with divine retribution.”


The haughty youth snorted coldly.


“My words are truthful, not that I needed to lie anyway!”


Ye XingHe responded.


“Maybe this young master has a better destiny with the plume of sky void moon, not that I would be able to tell anyway!”


Yun Ling chuckled.


The others swallowed their dissatisfaction, Yun Ling already said so much.


“Sister Yun Ling presentation of the plume of sky void moon was amazing. I happen to have the complete plume of sky void moon but I don’t have it on me at the moment. If I have the chance, I will surely give it to this sister the next time we meet. Only your mystic note of detachment will do justice for the plume of sky void moon.”


Without any knowledge in the field of music, the musical score will only rot in his hands. Of course, he’s not planning on giving it away for free. He wanted to exchange it for information about Xue Yun.




The other youngsters laughed out loud.


The cocky youth can’t help but break his elegant air to mock him.


“What do you think this plume of sky void moon is? Do you think it’s something anyone can get his hands on? To claim you have the complete version of the plume of sky void moon, are you mistaking us for gullible kids?”


“The plume of sky void moon was buried under the sands of time. It’s something Yulan Palace can’t get despite searching far and wide, it’s simply laughable that this brat thinks he has the complete version.”


The youth in purple robes can’t hold himself back.


“Little brother, are you sure the thing in your hand is truly the plume of sky void moon? Are you sure it’s not a fake?”


Yun Ling also cast a doubtful look at Ye XingHe. It’s widely known that this plume of sky void moon has been long lost.


“I am not sure if the piece is fake or real. I only know that the one I have has 6 parts, blazing sun, cold dawn, mist dew, wind bone, water moon, and dark day.”


He used his shocking memory to recall the names of the parts after briefly scanning through them when he found the musical scores even if the scores are lost on him.


The other youths are equally stumped for words. They looked at Yun Ling for guidance since they aren’t sure if it truly had 6 parts.


Yun Ling accidentally flipped the teacup near her tumbling hands over. The teacup fell and liquid spilled all over the floor.


If Lady Yun Ling is behaving like this, does that mean Ye XingHe’s words were true? Does this mean Ye XingHe really had a complete version of the plume of sky void moon in his hands?


Yun Ling regained her senses and she continued in a poised manner.


“That was unsightly of me, sorry for the humorous display. This news startled me so I lost control of my hands. For your information, I only know that the plume of sky void moon only had 5 parts.”


“You hear that? There are only 5 parts, there aren’t 6 parts, you are clearly making a fool out of us!”


The cocky youth didn’t like Ye XingHe stealing the show like that.


“This lowly girl wasn’t finished. The 5 parts are: blazing sun, cold dawn, misty dew, wind bone, and water moon. I’ve never heard of Dark day all my life.”


Yun Ling is still gasping in shock.


Her words stunned everyone present. This lost piece of music only existed in the minds of a few lucky individuals. The 5 of them with all their knowledge can’t even name one part. Ye XingHe named the 5 parts correctly, this probably meant that the sixth part is the real deal.


Wait, does this mean he has the complete version of the plume of sky void moon?


“I am very uneducated in the ways of the music but in my collections of musical scores, I have all six parts. I can’t even play an instrument, they have no intrinsic value to me. Sister’s mystic note of detachment delighted me with your magnificent performance, I will give the last part to you the next time we meet!”


Ye XingHe nonchalantly said.


Ye XingHe can’t help blushing ever so slightly. This plume of sky void moon was a piece he obtained from the Tian Long’s hidden treasure trove. He was bluffing when he said it’s part of his personal collection!


Ye XingHe’s words sounded like sandpaper scrapping the ears of the other 5 youths here, annoying to no ends.

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