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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 280: Assassination

Ye XingHe has to lie, he’s not going to tell them that he found the scores in the hidden treasure trove of Tian Long.


He said he would give Yun Ling a book because he wanted something from her. He might be able to get some information on An Xue Yun from her. A lost score like the plume of sky void moon won’t be enough for someone like Yun Ling.


“To think this young master had 6 parts of the plume of sky void moon. It’s so shocking, can we take a peek at it?”


The haughty youngster said with gleaming eyes.


“I don’t have it on me right now. Perhaps next time I will let you guys see it.”


He faintly laughed. His guard is up right now, at least 2 out of the 5 males here are practically itching to take a look.


Their identities probably restricted their movements, at least, they won’t be so brazen as to attack in front of Yun Ling.


Yun Ling interjected.


“Since young master has not brought along the score, we shall leave it at that. But, if young master ever wants to sell the score, just quote a price and this lowly girl will think hard about it.”


“I am willing to give it up for free to Sister Yun Ling. However, I have got a condition!”


Ye XingHe said.




The cocky youth yelled at him. When Ye XingHe mentioned a condition, he is probably after Yun Ling, otherwise, he wouldn’t be sticking around here for so long.


Ye XingHe was surprised at first but he connected some dots and he continued.


“I see some of you here are not pure of heart. Just because you’re impure does that mean everyone is the same as you? Laughable, I haven’t even said what it is and you already assumed my condition would be shameless?”




The cocky youth laughed out loud.


“Why don’t you say your request out loud?”


“I see no reason why I should tell you though?”


Ye XingHe turned towards Yun Ling.


“Sister Yun Ling, may we have a private chat? I guarantee it’s not something lascivious as those dudes have implied.”


Yun Ling chuckled, her laughing countenance hidden behind her muslin mask. It’s hard to tell if she’s being honest. She nodded.


“When these guys have departed then we shall have our little chat.”


The other youths all exchanged looks. They silently thought about this matter. The five of them are individuals who hailed from significant backgrounds. They are as talented as they are influential and well-versed in the arts and crafts. It’s not far-fetched to call them peerless in their own fields. It didn’t matter how hard they tried to get close to her, it’s even more ill-advised to use brute force since the ones who tried all died very gruesome deaths.


If Ye XingHe even tried to pull some lewd moves with her, he’s probably not going to live to see another dawn.


Not that Yun Ling would ever put Ye XingHe in her eyes. He’s a crass illiterate of the arts, he would never be worthy of her consideration. Yun Ling is someone who is so extraordinary in the fields of the guqin, the chess, classics, and other arts that she didn’t seem like a human.


They used this to calm themselves down.


They are all formidable rivals to each other, who is Ye XingHe in this brawl? Is he even worthy to be considered a rival? So what if he has the plume of sky void moon.


“Okay, much obliged, sister Yun Ling.”


Ye XingHe cupped his hands. He only wanted to get some information on An Xue Yun, if he has to give up all 6 parts then so be it, what’s it to him?


Yun Ling lightly laughed as she said.


“Then let me continue to play some music for everyone!”


The door opened abruptly when Yun Ling finished her sentence. A black figure darted into the room and charged straight for Ye XingHe in a beam of cold light.


So fast!


Ye XingHe summoned his frost dragonscale armor as he flew back.


That cold gleam is like a nasty maggot that wanted to gnaw on bones. It headed straight for Ye XingHe’s throat. About an inch away from his throat, Ye XingHe can feel the killing intent coming off that weapon.


“Impudent! Starting a fight in front of Miss Yun Ling!”


The youth in purple robes struck a palm out. The palm wave was dodged at the last minute, the assailant’s sword beam missed and struck the stage near the wall, splitting it in twain.


Ye XingHe never expected someone to help him. He heaved a huge breath as he materialized the Frost Dragon Halberd to prepare for the incoming battle.


The figure in black cloak almost struck a lethal blow on him.


The assassin is only a ninth Heavenly Realm expert but his methods are ruthless and well-executed, there are very few who can block this attack.




A wave of musical sound struck the cloaked man in the chest, he looked like someone struck him with an invisible sword beam.


The assassin never saw this attack coming, how would he know that music can actually hurt him so badly? He got sent flying into the wall behind him while spewing blood.


Lady Yun Ling’s white jade-esque finger is still on the stringed instrument.


“What an incredible mystic note of detachment!”


The cloaked man took one last look at Yun Ling and he hurriedly retreated as fast as he came in.


His decisiveness added to the difficulty in fighting an opponent who knew when to fold them.


Ye XingHe made a mental note to be careful whenever he came outside. This assassin is far from giving up.


“If not because Lady Yun Ling chose to spare him, that person would have been buried here.”


A youth in a gray gown laughed faintly.


“Lady Yun Ling’s mystic note of detachment is more powerful than rumored, it completely blew away our expectations!”


Yun Ling replied after glancing at the speaker.


“You’re overestimating me, he got careless after thwarting Feng Yu’s attack. That’s why my mystic note was effective in harming him.”


“I thank everyone for helping.”


Ye XingHe saluted them after storing away his Frost Dragon Halberd, having confirmed the attacker’s departure.


The others finally took Ye XingHe seriously. They are people who have shed their exterior and returned to their original state. However, in cultivation they lacked, even the strongest one here is only at the ninth Heavenly Realm. Yun Ling herself is at the eighth Heavenly Realm. Assisted by her mystic notes and a stringed instrument, she can fight an average ninth Heavenly Realm individual just fine.


These youths might look young but they are all at least 30 years old if not 40 years old. Due to returning to their true self, the rejuvenation effect made them look young. Yun Ling who looks the youngest is already 21 years of age.


But, everyone noticed Ye XingHe’s power output, it was clearly at the ninth Heavenly Realm!


They didn’t think someone of Ye XingHe’s age can actually have such an astonishing level of cultivation.


“Even without our assistance, I am sure that the young master’s power is enough to give the assailant a fight he would remember.”


Yun Ling’s eyes fell on Ye XingHe’s body as she chuckled.


Ye XingHe is sure he wouldn’t die so easily to the assassin in cloaks. But, he reckons he would at least need more than 100 bouts to achieve victory.

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