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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 281: Looking for a person

Ninth Heavenly Realm at such a young age. He even has a frighteningly well-curated musical scores collection, this signaled that he’s someone who had a high status.


The other 5 youths started making up their own images about Ye XingHe’s identity.


“The scuffle just now has made a mess of this area. Yun Ling is sure that everyone’s not in the mood for music after that interruption. This is where I say goodbye to the five elder brothers, maybe we can meet up again next time?”


Yun Ling did a fist and pal salute.


“If that’s the case then I bid you farewell, lady Yun Ling.”


The youth in purple robes saluted back, he behaved like a gentleman.


The cocky isn’t pleased with how this ended. If they left now then that would leave Yun Ling all alone with Ye XingHe. But, Yun Ling already bade them farewell, helpless, he said his goodbye.


“Lady Yun Ling, if you ever need anything, don’t hesitate to come and find me. I will be taking my leave now!”


He shot a glare at Ye XingHe before he left.


After the five of them left, Ye XingHe and Yun Ling are finally alone with each other.


“Young master brought up the plume of sky void moon musical score, are you not afraid people might come after you to rob you of your wealth and items?”


Yun Ling’s sight fell upon Ye XingHe.


“I wouldn’t have brought it up if I didn’t have the confidence to defend against probable thieves.”


Ye XingHe said in confidence.


“A bold young master, I see.”


Yun Ling chuckled. A flash of brilliance appeared inside her eyes, she slowly removed her muslin veil to reveal a perfect sculpture of a face. Her beauty is on par with Shang Guan Xuan, An Xue Yun, and Xia Yu Ning.


Her good looks can make a fish sink and goose fly out of shock, even then it would be an understatement.


Yun Ling revealed an alluring glimmer in her eyes, she used this on Ye XingHe.


“Young master, is Yun Ling pretty in your eyes?”


His vision shook, he could faintly see the charms leaking out from her half-exposed shoulders. His body stirred into motion but his dantian sent a cooling sensation. This cool wave returned him to his senses and calmed him down.


Ye XingHe looked at Yun Ling and she’s just standing there properly dressed. Her graceful and subtle air made him chalk up the vision just now as a hallucination on his end.


He didn’t know what technique Yun Ling trained to be able to induce such a vivid hallucination in other people.


“Lady Yun Ling is very beautiful but my heart is already taken.”


Ye XingHe stepped back as he raised his guard against Yun Ling.


A flash of shock ran past Yun Ling’s eyes. She didn’t expect Ye XingHe to resist and break free from her charm spell. Countless youths fell to her technique. Aside from her looks, her technique also played a significant role in charming people.


If the person so much has a wisp of desire in them then they will all fall for her charm spell.


Wait, maybe he’s pure of heart?


“That was very rude of Yun Ling.”


She giggled.


“Is this young master perchance, Ye XingHe?”


“Lady Yun Ling know about me?”


Ye XingHe jolted in shock.


“Young master made a very big splash in the capital, as the hall master of Yu Lan Palace’s Word Grasping Hall, it’s impossible for this to elude me. I am guessing that the cloaked guy is an assassin sent by the imperial family!”


Yun Ling smiled at Ye XingHe.


“Although, he’s probably not under the authority of the emperor. He should have been someone sent by the sixth prince, if that was not the case, I am afraid young master would be just a corpse right about now.”




Ye XingHe wavered a bit. It’s highly likely that her guess is correct.


The emperor’s power should have been way better than this. What’s the point of her telling him all of this?


“Since Lady Yun Ling already knows who I am, do you know why I came here?”


Ye XingHe asked her.


She beamed at him.


“Young master didn’t come here to see me, you were chased by that cloaked man and ended up sneaking into the Word Grasping Floor. As for why you appeared here, you were attracted by my music?”


Ye XingHe is more intelligent than she let on. She figured all of this out before they started talking.


“I didn’t think the young master would actually have the plume of sky void moon musical scores. I am extremely interested in this.”


Yun Ling giggled, her beaming countenance can make people fall into an abyss.


“If the young master can give me all six complete versions of the plume of sky void moon, I don’t mind listening to your request.”


“Lady Yun Ling is very witty, why not try guessing what my request would be?”


Ye XingHe narrowed his eyes at this woman in front of him. She’s not as simple as he had imagined.


“The young master wants me to assist you in finding where the Northern Lord Xia Lie is being confined at.”


Yun Ling is very confident about her answer.


“Does Lady Yun Ling know where the Northern Lord is being imprisoned at?


Ye XingHe raised an eyebrow.


“Naturally, I have no idea. The emperor obviously took a lot of measures to make sure nobody can find out. Even after a lot of factions exhausted themselves trying to dig out any clue on this matter, nobody achieved a breakthrough.”


Yun Ling shook her head.


“All the powerful factions can’t find him, I don’t believe Lady Yun Ling can help me.”


Ye XingHe said.


“Oh? If that’s the case then what is your request?”


Yun Ling is a bit puzzled. What else could she help with in order to get the plume of sky void moon from him?


“I want Yun Ling to gather some information on a person named An Xue Yun. She is in Yulan Palace just like you.”


Ye XingHe observed her expressions as he said this.


Yun Ling’s expression crumbled but she quickly recovered her cool.


“Why do you want to find this person?”


Yun Ling’s change in expression clued him in on An Xue Yun’s position in Yu Lan Palace, now he needs to know how she’s doing.


“If Lady Yun Ling can bring her over to me, I will do more than just sending the complete six parts of the plume of sky void moon. I will even present other heretofore extinct musical scores.”


Ye XingHe said in all seriousness.


Yun Ling shook her head at Ye XingHe’s words.


“I don’t even know who this person is? Since you’re so intent on finding her, I can ask around in Yu Lan Palace for you.”


Ye XingHe slightly frowned. She clearly knew An Xue Yun but she’s feigning ignorance as if she’s hiding something.


“The six parts musical score for a single person, I see no reason for the Yu Lan palace to be unwilling though?”


Ye XingHe said.


“According to Yun Ling, these complete six-parts musical scores are extinct.”


Yun Ling shook her head.


“I truly don’t know the person you’re looking for. If I knew then I would accept this, the plume of sky void moon is too precious, you see.”


Yun Ling is still playing a fool. Thinking about it, Ye XingHe decided to stop pursuing the matter. He’s not afraid of the flames that might descend upon him, the last thing he wanted was to add more worries for An Xue Yun.

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