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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 282: Assassin

Yun Ling’s gaze fell on Ye XingHe’s body. She had no idea why Ye XingHe wanted to know more about the saintess of their Yulan Palace.


An Xue Yun just entered the Yulan Palace but due to her relationship as the niece of Yulan’s Palace Master, she got conferred the title of saintess when she entered the Palace. The Palace Master also told An Xue Yun to cut ties with everyone.


Yun Ling mused for a bit. Ye XingHe came from Tian Zong City, the same city as An Xue Yun.


A light bulb lit up.


Maybe Ye XingHe’s relationship with An Xue Yun led him here? It’s certainly not a simple relationship.


Yun Ling reckoned that Ye XingHe isn’t going to enlighten her so she continued after thinking for a bit.


“I don’t know who this person you want to find is. However, there are a lot of people in this world, if you can’t find someone in this crowd then it’s better to know when to give up. If you force this issue, sometimes it will force you into a desperate situation.”


Is this Yun Ling’s method of warning him?


Ye XingHe had a very firm glimmer in his eyes as he replied.


“Certainly, there are some matters that shouldn’t be forcefully asked. But, there are people in life so important that even if it meant flying into flames like a moth, it’s still something that must be done!”


Yun Ling raised an eyebrow. She never expected Ye XingHe to be so adamant about this.


“There is no point to continue this discussion. Are you really not going to sell the Plume of sky void moon in your hands?”


Yun Ling asked in a very regretful tone. She’s a musician and a practitioner cultivating the technique of the mystic note of detachment. That plume of sky void moon reeled her in like no other.


“Money is meaningless to me. Since Lady Yun Ling wants it that badly, allow me to gift it to you. It’s useless to me anyway.”


Ye XingHe said.


Ye XingHe can’t appreciate the scores, it will only collect dust in his storeroom so he might as well present it as a gift to score some debt of gratitude.


Her rendition of the incomplete Plume of Sky void moon improved his cultivation level, she also helped him shake off the cloaked man.


“Young master is truly willing to give it to me?”


Yun Ling couldn’t believe her ears.


“Nn. Like I said, it’s useless to me.”


Ye XingHe nodded.


“I will arrange for my people to send the stuff over.”


“I thank the Young Master for his grace.”


Yun Ling earnestly thanked him.


“No problem.”


Ye XingHe felt a bit regretful that he didn’t get any information about An Xue Yun.


“Young master is a wanted criminal, I doubt you will have many safe harbors in this area. If you’re in a pinch, I can make arrangements for a safe house, I guarantee nobody can disturb the young master there.”


Yun Ling boasted.


Even the imperial family can’t afford to mess with the Yulan Palace.


“Is this brothel… operated by the Yulan Palace?”


If the Yulan Palace is behind this establishment, he would have to revise his attitude towards the palace to a more negative one.


“Surely you jest, the Yulan Palace never dabbled in such a business. It’s an establishment opened by the Sword god and his faction. We of the Yulan Palace are only here to sell our arts, not our bodies. I also come here to hone my skills in playing the instruments, I am free to come and go in this place.”


Yun Ling chuckled.


Yun Ling’s words elicited a nod from Ye XingHe. Turned out the Divine Sword Clan operated this business.


“Is Young Master here to participate in the Battle of the Tower of Gods?”


Yun Ling asked.




Ye XingHe nodded.


“There are people from the Yulan Palace participating in this event too, maybe young master will be able to find your desired individual at the event!”


Yun Ling had a faint smile on her face.


Ye XingHe’s heart shook, did Yun Ling implied that An Xue Yun would be joining Battle of the Tower of Gods as well?


“I thank Lady Yun Ling for the notice.”


Ye XingHe saluted her.


“My comrades and I are camping out in the courtyard of a certain old person in the Royal institute. With his protection, the imperial family won’t be able to touch as for awhile.”


“An old person, you say?”


Yun Ling stopped and she asked.


“Are you talking about Old Master Wu Xiang?”


Ye XingHe flinched in shock again.


“Is he an acquaintance of Lady Yun Ling?”


“Yulan Palace is an independent entity outside the authority of the empire. However, we have extensive knowledge of almost every empire in this world. We know about almost all the experts in the Zhou empire. Existence at the zenith like Old Master Wu Xiang wouldn’t escape our net of knowledge.”


Yun Ling replied.


The Yulan Palace had more clout than he had imagined.


Ye XingHe felt like this wasn’t the true extent of the Yulan palace.


With the Battle of the Tower of Gods so close at hand, the whole capital is buzzing with activity. The imperial family’s fixation on organizing this Battle of the Tower of Gods smelled suspiciously of an insidious plot. Yulan’s experts are probably not here to watch the festivities, that would be too much of a coincidence.


“Since you’re staying at Old Master Wu Xiang’s place, I can visit you anytime I want.”


Yun Ling giggled.


Ye XingHe stayed until night fell in the Word Grasping Floor. He parted after giving Yun Ling his goodbye.


Departing the place, he raised his guard immediately. That killer could be lurking nearby. He needs to tread carefully.


Going through winding streets, he returned to the Imperial Institute, he started returning to Wu Xiang’s courtyard.


It’s a dense and dark forest. When he was just 200-300 meters away from home. A terrifying wave of killing intent came and a figure streaked out with cold glint in his hands, the target, his throat.


It’s the same killer from before.


Frost Dragon Halberd appeared in his hands and he chopped it down at the figure.


The powerful burst blew away the surrounding air.


Ye XingHe steadied his stance as they clashed in that bout. This is going to be a hard fight.


He didn’t think the cloaked man would come after him so quickly after getting injured by Lady Yun Ling with her mystic note of detachment.


The cloaked man’s attack was blocked by Ye XingHe and he was forced back. He looked at Ye XingHe with shock in his eyes, he hid his aura and went straight for the kill. Not only did Ye XingHe stop the attack, he actually responded in such an experienced manner, launching a counter-attack on him.


Ye XingHe looked at the figure in black with a cold glint in his eyes, his star power raging forth like a hurricane.


He had been careful the entire trip here, how can anyone get a jump on him that easily?


A cold aura surrounded the sword in the assassin’s hands. He became a blurry figure as he charged straight for Ye XingHe’s neck.


He’s using a mysterious technique that allowed him to speedily burst towards his target, it’s an eye-opener for Ye XingHe.


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