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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 283: The power of the star pillar

Ye XingHe unleashed a battle cry.


A strong intent suddenly assaulted the cloaked man’s mind.


He dodged to the sides and he swung the halberd down on the cloaked man.




The ground got sundered by the immense force of this attack, cracks started appearing on the ground.


Ye XingHe and the cloaked man fought while flashing around the field. Trees were uprooted and blown all over the place as they fought.


Ye XingHe is silently shocked by his foe. He’s using Heavenly spiritual blast and heavenly eye wave, he also had the Frost Dragon Halberd helping him but he’s only even with the enemy. This cloaked man is astonishingly adept.


Not to mention, this enemy had a lot of tricks up his sleeves, Ye XingHe had to keep blocking his attacks while remaining passive.


He observed the enemy’s attack and he recognized the swift and brutal attacks as techniques from the Divine Sword Clan, he’s someone sent from that clan!


The assassin is even more surprised by what he’s seeing. He’s someone who is over the age of 50, his mastery of the way of the sword might not be on par with Sword God Feng Yi but there’s almost nobody in the capital that can rival him in this area. His cultivation also belonged to the middle stages of the ninth Heavenly Realm. Why couldn’t he take down Ye XingHe?


Whenever he crossed blades with Feng Yu Chen, his calmness would always be disrupted by a formless attack and lose some of its edges. Ye XingHe also had the uncanny ability to predict his strikes, blocking them every time without fail.


“Looks like I underestimated you.”


The cloaked man snorted and he yelled out loud. A burst of sword qi came from his sword.


“Since that’s the case, don’t think I will let you live!”


Rakshasa sword qi!


The man took to the air, manifesting 8 sword qi in the air that was pointed at Feng Yu Chen.




He felt like somebody took Tai mountain and smashed it upon him. That’s the oppressive power coming from the 8 sword qi attacks.


“To witness my Rakshasa sword qi before death, that’s something you can proudly take to the grave with you! Know that you are way too young and inexperienced to take me on in battle!”


The cloaked man commanded the sword qi to crash down on Feng Yu Chen one by one.


If these attacks landed, Feng Yu Chen reckoned that he would be smashed into chunks of meat.


Ye XingHe roared and the star power inside him churned as his eyes turned golden.


Dying here? Today?! Never!


An Xue Yun, Xia Yu Ning, his parents, his clansmen, everyone, they are all waiting for him! Death isn’t an option here!


His body felt like it’s going to break into pieces.


At death’s door, his senses sharpened all of a sudden.


That cloaked man’s Rakshasa sword qi channeled power through the user’s body, Ye XingHe captured it when he unleashed the skill.


In his mind, flashes of revelations came, he never knew power could be channeled through the meridians like that!


He took his lessons and he converted them into his own, using his star power, he manifested 8 immense intents.


8 star pillars rose from the ground around Ye XingHe. Standing proud and tall, these pillars riled the star power within a 50-kilometer radius. The rampaging star power gathered and froze everything in this area.


The cloaked man was engrossed in his attacks. To him, death is inevitable for Ye XingHe, once the attacks landed then Ye XingHe would be smashed into smithereens.


But, something unexpected happened. His Rakshasa sword fell but they got stopped, he couldn’t get them to move either.


The culprits were the 8 star pillars that came out of nowhere. These 10-meters tall pillars caused a sudden change in the local weather, thunderclouds formed when it was clearly moonlit just now.


Then, heavy pressure came from all directions.


He started groaning and wailing in agony. The sheer power threatened to flatten him into a meat pie.


He didn’t understand what these 8 pillars were nor where did this sudden wave of power manifest from.


His eyes were shining radiantly in a golden hue. He used his lit eyes to stare at the man floating in the sky. He sent him a slap by pushing his palm outwards.


The 8 star pillars responded and waves of power surged towards the cloaked man.


This palm attack didn’t come from his own power. It’s the gathered star power within a 50-kilometer radius.


If one could see this energy, they would see a tsunami-like wave crashing down on the cloaked man.


His 8 gigantic sword qi attacks were easily shattered and returned to the void.


“Argh! No!!! Spare me, please! I am someone from the Divine Sword Clan, you can’t kill me like this!”


The cloaked man yelled as he squirmed. He knew he couldn’t block the attack but he just couldn’t wrap his head around the idea that this puny ant could suddenly muster such a strong attack in front of his eyes.


He’s already in a state where it would shock anyone who saw it, Ye XingHe had no time to listen to this cloaked man.




The attack connected and the assassin flew about a few dozen meters into the distance while spewing a copious amount of blood. He smashed against a thick tree and fell unconscious.


Even if he didn’t die from his wounds, after this attack, he would be crippled at the very least.


The 8 star pillars dissipated and Ye XingHe’s star power immediately emptied, he staggered and his consciousness started getting muddled. He looked in front of him while completely drenched in sweat.


Even Ye XingHe found it hard to imagine that it was him who pulled out that attack.


After using this skill, his understanding of the martial way advanced to a whole new level. Even at the cost of his entire energy reserve, he still felt like shouting out loud in joy.


“So what if you’re the Divine Sword Clan, one day I will turn your nasty nest on its own head!”


He snorted at the cloaked man on the ground. He started channeling star power to recover his cultivation.


Suddenly, the sound of something zipping through the air came and a few dozen figures appeared from all over the place.


They were swift and soon, they surrounded Ye XingHe, standing only a short distance away from Ye XingHe.

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