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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 284: Reinforcements

“What was up with those star pillar images?”


“What’s going on here? Why would there be people fighting in the Imperial Institute?”


These figures are mostly instructors and bigshots in the Imperial Institute. The commotion attracted their attention so they hurried over to check on what transpired here.


When they made it here, they found a totally wrecked battlefield. The devastation is very severe, there’s a 100-meter radius deep crater in the center of this place. Ye XingHe is sitting down with crossed legs. In front of him, there’s a cloaked man who collapsed on the ground without twitching.


The two of them probably caused all of this. This youngster is the one who won in a no-holds-barred fight?


They stood at a distance without coming any closer to Ye XingHe. They are still trying to figure out if Ye XingHe really caused such a large commotion.


“This person is the same person who thrashed the Sixth Prince!”


One of them pointed out with an astonished look.


Looks of shock appeared on everyone’s faces. They started scrutinizing Ye XingHe with their eyes, this is the infamous youth, the one they have been hearing about all this time? That Ye XingHe?


A chill assaulted their hearts, this young man is too scary.


“He had a hard fight, he must be really hurt right now, let’s cooperate and subdue him!”


One of them suggested.


Some of them are actually seriously considering doing this, judging by their eyes.


“Taking advantage of someone’s plight, this old one will never stoop so low!”


A white-haired elderly person said without holding back his disdain for anyone who might be interested in doing so.


“Yan Lie, if you don’t want to meddle in this then scram. He’s a rebel scum, anyone should be able to put him to death! We are doing the jobs of the enforcers, how can this be construed as taking advantage of someone?”


Another person snorted.


5 experts started drawing closer to Ye XingHe.


Ye XingHe frowned. He’s completely tapped out, even standing is very taxing to him. How can he possibly take on a bunch of seventh and eighth Heavenly Realm individuals in this state? Is he going to be subdued just like this?


A few figures streaked across the air as they arrived.


“Who dares to touch our young master?!”


Wei Tuo glared at them as he yelled out loud.


The Wei Tuo brothers gathered in a triangle formation, covering Ye XingHe in the center. With three ninth Heavenly Realm practitioners exuding their powerful aura.


Xia Yu Ning arrived by Ye XingHe’s side as she anxiously asked him.


“Ye XingHe, are you okay?”


“I’m fine.”


Ye XingHe shook his head with a powerless smile.


“I just exhausted all of my star power.”


Since they fought not far away from Elder Wu Xiang’s courtyard, they heard the noise generated and they hurried over, it’s fortunate that they made it in time.


“Who the fuck called our young master a rebel scum? Let me hear you say that you’re going to capture him one more time.”


Wei Tuo used his sharp eyes on the people around him, he looked as brutal as a man-eating savage beast.


Feeling the terrifying and malicious intent coming from the Wei Tuo brothers, the 5 lowly individuals who tried to make a small profit on Ye XingHe can’t help but cry foul to their lucky stars. They didn’t think Ye XingHe would have 3 ninth Heavenly Realm experts at his command. If they knew they would have never climbed out of their holes.


“It was just a misunderstanding, misunderstanding, man!”


That white-haired man flailed his hands around. Even if he had another pair of balls, he still wouldn’t try to fight the Wei Tuo brothers unless he’s ready to meet his maker.


The five rats tried to scamper off while the viewers gasped in shock again. Ye XingHe is already very formidable by himself and he also had so many strong individuals supporting him, what an eye-opener.


“Ignore them, let’s return!”


Ye XingHe waved his hands.


“Yes sir!”


The Wei Tuo brothers did as he said.


Ye XingHe had his arms around Xia Yu Ning who supported him as they walked towards Old Man Wu Xiang’s domicile. Nobody raised the issue of wrecking the property of the Imperial Institute. It was just a bunch of trees and land, it can easily be fixed but that’s not the same as offending Ye XingHe, that would be troubling indeed.


A few experts stood a distance away as they examined them. The one leading them is an old expert in grey robes.


“Dean, that brat dared to disregard the honor of our Imperial Institute by acting so impudently, are you really not going to take action against him?”


A few of them started grumbling, they are all ninth Heavenly Realm people.


“He has Elder Wu Xiang’s protection, if you’re that displeased maybe you should go catch him!”


The old man eyed the people who were moaning in dissatisfaction.


They all started shrinking their heads like turtles, they pretended like they didn’t hear the dean. Going against Elder Wu Xiang and trying to snatch someone under him, that’s basically tantamount to poking death in the butt. Nobody was dumb enough to do that.


The Dean had been watching since the start of the fight, he didn’t interfere as he watched. He couldn’t wrap his head around why Elder Wu Xiang permitted Ye XingHe to stay in his home. Is it because Ye XingHe’s talent is too great and he became Wu Xiang’s disciple?


This isn’t the first time he upset the peace of the Imperial Institute. He already made an art piece out of the Sixth Prince’s face but they can’t do anything against someone who slapped the crap out of the imperial family’s face because Elder Wu Xiang stood in between them.


Is this Elder Wu Xiang’s intention? The dean speculated although he can’t confirm it without further information.


When they looked once more, the cloaked man’s body is now gone. Someone from the Divine Sword Clan must have taken his body.


Beating up the Sixth Prince, killing someone from the Divine Sword Clan, this little fellow really didn’t know where to stop as the dean bitterly laughed.


Over at Divine Sword Clan’s side.


After Sword God Feng Yi received the news, a cold glint flashed in his eyes.


“To think that brat is a ninth Heavenly Realm individual, we wasted an assassin for nothing.”


“Master, please let me go this time. I will definitely slaughter him!”


Ling Yu’s body is radiating evil killing intent. He’s finished integrating with the Hong Meng demonic seed, he longs for another rematch as he wanted to personally shred Ye XingHe’s body with his own hands.


“Your fusion with the demonic seed is still unstable, do not be hasty and prepare yourself for the Battle of the Tower of Gods. He’s under Elder Wu Xiang’s protection, if he stayed quietly in that person’s courtyard then we will not be able to do anything. We only got the chance after he came out. If that brat has a brain, he probably wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon.”


The Sword God Feng Yi said with a frosty tone.


“Yes, master.”


Ling Yu nodded gloomily. If Ye XingHe appeared at the Battle of the Tower of Gods, he’s going to see to it that Ye XingHe won’t come out alive.

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