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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 285: The imperial palace

Although Sword God Feng Yi can’t take action as he pleased he still sent multiple experts to keep an eye on Imperial Institute. If Ye XingHe dares to so much as walk out from the Imperial Institute one more time then he won’t get away as easily this time.


Ye XingHe’s ability sparked a sense of fear in Sword God Feng Yi even if only subconsciously. He’s so young yet he’s already in the ninth Heavenly Realm, if his growth kept up, he’s going to be a gigantic threat to the whole Divine Sword Clan. If there’s any chance to nip this little fellow in the bud then he’s going to take that chance and wipe him out for good.


The Battle of the Tower of Gods is about to begin, he wondered if the emperor is done with his preparations over on his side.


At the main gate of the capital, a group of about one hundred people appeared in dark cloaks. They hid their faces from view so no one can see what they looked like. One thing is for sure, the aura coming from them would chill the bones of anyone who felt them.


The commoners saw them and stayed very far away, not daring to approach them unless absolutely necessary.


“Pavilion master, the preparations in the capital has been completed as per your order. As of the latest report, we have obtained total control over 37 hotels, 56 apothecaries, miscellaneous shops numbering over 200, our base is very stable and we installed over 10,000 of our comrades in the capital, they are ready to respond to a call to arms at any moment!’


A follower reported to the leader.


The leader is in black cloaks as well, it’s none other than Lin Hong.




Lin Hong acknowledged him with a nod.


“Your sworn brother was also located by us. He’s currently in the Imperial Institute and we are ready to contact him if you give us permission. He’s been up to a lot of stuff, he beat up the Sixth Prince, killed a highly-ranked officer from the Divine Sword Clan, what’s strange is that he’s still lively and well even now.”


The follower said.


Lin Hong nodded.


“It’s alright, I want you to report any trouble that props up the moment you get the news, there can be no delay. Also, what’s your finding in regards to the Northern Lord Xia Lie’s whereabouts?”


“Reporting to our master, he’s being detained in the imperial palace, we aren’t sure about the exact location of the prison. Over 60 of our brothers have already fallen after being sent into that place.”


“Nobody came back, you say?”


Lin Hong raised an eyebrow, his eyes gleaming in a cold manner.


Lin Hong had always assumed Xia Lie was the mastermind behind his father’s death. After digging out the truth, he found out that the Northern Lord had a falling out with the emperor after finding out about the injustice that fell upon his subordinate, Lin Hong’s father. He even took up the role of a traitorous scum after preparing all this time, his actions redeemed him in Lin Hong’s eyes, he wouldn’t forgive himself if he stood idly by as Xia Lie fell into deep trouble.


“I will personally investigate around the imperial palace, you people are in charge of holding down the fort while I am gone.”


Lin Hong said.




His retinues responded.


Meanwhile, over at Elder Wu Xiang’s domicile.


Ye XingHe sat quietly with crossed legs as he channeled his qi to recover his cultivation. He spent all his star power in the latest battle but it was energy well-spent. Not only did his understanding into the martial dao advance, he also stepped into the middle stages of the ninth Heavenly Realm in addition to learning a new battle technique, the 8 desolate star pillars.


This technique is only a bit weaker than the Fading Star explosion, in terms of casting speed, this technique outshined the Fading Star explosion.


It’s like he gained an extra life with this new battle technique.


He recovered his cultivation while training at the same time.


Xia Yu Ning calmed her heart down after seeing that Ye XingHe is doing okay. She’s been worried sick about Ye XingHe after he went out. With so many people focusing on Ye XingHe, it’s not strange for him to get into trouble. Her situation is worse as she’s the daughter of the Northern Lord Xia Lie. Since she spent quite a lot of time in the capital, people can easily recognize her. If she’s discovered, it will bring about a stickier scenario so she had to stay behind as Ye XingHe ventured out on his own.


Luckily for her, Ye XingHe won his fight and they made it in time. If they didn’t, Xia Yu Ning doesn’t even want to think about what would have happened.


Ye XingHe came all the way to the capital, braving all the risk it entailed to save her father. If anything happened to him because of this then Xia Yu Ning would never be at peace with herself.


Ye XingHe cultivated with closed eyes while Xia Yu Ning stood by, watching over him in close proximity.


After about 4 hours, Ye XingHe finally opened his eyes after stabilizing his cultivation.


“You’re finally awake.”


Xia Yu Ning grinned.


“How do you feel?”




Ye XingHe nodded and he returned a smile.


“I am alright.”


His radiant smile actually caused her to start bawling out loud like a baby, she glomped him while sobbing incessantly.


“XingHe, I am so sorry I dragged you into this, you almost lost your life because of me!”


“What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with you!”


Ye XingHe chuckled as he patted her back reassuringly.


“Who tried to assassinate you?”


Xia Yu Ning asked.


“Someone from the Divine Sword Clan, I think he might have been closely affiliated with the Sixth Prince.”


Ye XingHe conjectured. After all, he did beat the crap out of the Sixth Prince, he’s not going to sit tight and nurse his own wounds without doing anything.


“Someone from the Divine Sword Clan, you say? Is he someone sent by Ling Yu?”


Xia Yu Ning gasped.


“It’s pointless to guess who sent who, I just need to be more careful from now on.”


Ye XingHe laughed.


A figure in white appeared while they talked. It’s a figure one of them missed, Shang Guan Xuan.


“Lady Shang Guan Xuan, even you came to the capital?”


Ye XingHe can’t help but express his shock.


Xia Yu Ning hurriedly got into a more formal posture as she looked at Shang Guan Xuan who appeared out of nowhere.




Shang Guan Xuan nodded.


“I am glad you’re okay.”


Ye XingHe honestly said. He was worried about Shang Guan Xuan during their stay in the capital. She’s very strong but she’s still a lone wolf. If she fell into a devious scheme, it would still be troubling. Fortunately, she came to him in one piece.


“Prepare yourselves, get into your nightly robes (TN: imagine ninja suits), and follow me!”


Shang Guan Xuan.


“Our stealth suits? Where are we going?”


Ye XingHe is very confused.


“The imperial palace!”


Shang Guan Xuan calmly replied.


Xia Yu Ning frowned.


“Why are you taking us to the imperial palace?”


“You mean you don’t want to go? Isn’t your father being held up inside the imperial palace? Don’t tell me you lost the will to go save him?”


Shang Guan Xuan nonchalantly addressed Xia Yu Ning with equally composed eyes.


“Of course, I want to save him.”


Xia Yu Ning replied instantly. It’s just weird for Shang Guan Xuan to appear out of nowhere and tell them to suit up for a trip to the imperial palace. What’s the deal here? She’s starting to doubt if this might be a plot by Shang Guan Xuan.


Shang Guan Xuan’s credibility was doubted by Shang Guan Xuan but Ye XingHe had complete faith in her. If she wanted him dead, he would have been a skeleton since long ago! He also owed her a lot of favors.


“Yu Ning, you stay here. I am going to go with Lady Shang Guan!”


Ye XingHe told Xia Yu Ning.


“No, we are going together!”


Xia Yu Ning said, like hell, she’s going to let him go like this!

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