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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 286: Prison

Ye XingHe didn’t know why Shang Guan Xuan wanted to go into the imperial palace. Is it because she wants to help Xia Yu Ning’s father? She’s not that familiar with Xia Yu Ning though, so why would she help her out?


Is there another reason or this?


Ye XingHe tried to solve this mystery.


If she wants to go to the imperial palace then he might as well tag along.


With her power, it should be easy to infiltrate and escape the imperial palace.


Regardless of her objectives, he can use this chance to search the place for any trace of Xia Lie.


The three of them suited up and they departed.


The Zhou empire’s imperial palace, this is the official residence of the imperial family. They have a long history behind them, going all the way back to the founder emperor. They sat upon this land as the lord of the land, sheltering the people. They built this place for themselves.


There are a lot of pavilions and kiosks and just as many servant maids and eunuchs.


In a desolate courtyard, hidden by a long underground passage is a large prison some 10 meters below the ground.


Caged within hard steel quarters, there are dozens of inmates here.


In one of these cells, the northern lord Xia Lie wore a prisoner’s outfit with thick chains restricting his shoulder and limbs. Even when he’s chained down, he still maintained his dignity by sitting upright with crossed legs and spine that’s as straight as a pencil.


An old eunuch sneered at his pitiful state.


“Northern Lord, this is the Serial Heaven Prison and there are 26 inmates here including you. However, you’re the only one who is not part of the imperial family. You should count your luck for being imprisoned in such a majestic place!”


Xia Lie opened his eyes and he shot a cold glare his way.


“Li Yuan, do you really think you can block the heavens with your palm? To go against the proper order and do such despicable things to the imperial family!”


“The prisoners here are all stellar individuals who belonged to the imperial family. Included among the prisoners are the younger brothers of the emperor himself. They did their jobs and were very close to the reigning emperor, now lo and behold, they are chained like animals and locked behind hard steel bars. The eighth prince, Zhou Xuan is confined here as well. The newest addition, Zhou Huan got locked up in here rather recently. A lot of prominent royal members can be found here.


“Surely the lord jests, Li Yuan can’t possibly go against the imperial family!”


Li Yuan sniggered like a very broken saw grinding against wood.


“I am just a lackey dog for the great and powerful emperor. I am just executing my orders, if the emperor orders me to bite someone, I am going to damn well bite somebody. I didn’t confine them here, I only carried out his majesty’s order!”


“The emperor you serve is a foolish one. Imprisoning his own brother, grandchildren, killing his own son. Even a vicious tiger would not prey on its own young, have your emperor no humanity?!”


Xia Lie yelled out loud, venting his anger upon this eunuch.


Li Yuan laughed out loud.


“The emperor’s foresight is not something you bunch of commoners can possibly understand. When the Battle of the Tower of Gods is over, you will all know. To become sacrificial pawns for his great ambition, you should all be proud of yourselves!”


“Grand ambition my ass, it’s just something he told people to fool himself and others!”


Xia Lie snorted.


Li Yuan laughed like a maniac.


“Xia Lie, do you remember what happened to your Lin Kuan when he told on me? What happened to him after that? He sure as hell didn’t rest in one piece, I mean his head got separated from his body and all. Oh, what about when your wife served the emperor in bed? I can still remember the moans and whimper that echoed from his bed-chamber, tell me, did it hurt you?”


Xia Lie balled his palms into fists, his veins bulged on his arms.


The death of Xia Yu Ning’s mum had always stuck with him all this time.


“Li Yuan, I swear that even if I have to damn myself and walk the earth as a ghoul forever I am still going to bring you down with me!”


Xia Lie cursed with red eyes.


“Hahaha, wishing for death so soon? Take your time, relax, there is still time and the emperor has another use for you all!”


Li Yuan gloated in front of him.


“I came here to talk about old times with the esteemed Northern Lord, seeing as you’re doing okay and is as healthy as a bull, I can rest assured. Well then, I shall excuse myself from your presence now.”


Li Yuan turned around, his nasty laughter still reverberating in the passage like a nightmare that won’t end.


Xia Lie had deep and cold glints in his eyes. He knows that Li Yuan came here just to annoy the hell out of him for his own twisted form of entertainment. He found it hard to suppress the rage in his heart. If the chance ever arises, he’s going to personally rip the guy’s life out of that impotent man.


“Uncle Xia.”


Zhou Huan asked through his cell.


“You’re the Northern Lord Xia Lie, Xia Yu Ning’s father?”


“Yes. why did you end up here, royal grandson?”


Xia Lie asked Zhou Huan since Li Yuan was the one who brought him here.


Xia Lie knows about Zhou Huan but Zhou Huan didn’t recognize him at first sight. When Xia Lie abandoned the capital, Zhou Huan was still an infant.


“Uncle Xia, I don’t know why, they kept searching me up and down as if they are looking for something. I just have no clue what it is they are after!”


Zhou Huan said with a sad tone.


“A thing, you say? Did they find it?”


Xia Lie asked.


“No, they didn’t find whatever they were looking for. They gave up helplessly after they failed.”


Zhou Huan shook his head. He has been running away to preserve his life, did he carry anything important?


“Why would the emperor go after his own grandson?”


Xia Lie is confused.


“I can’t cultivate for some reason and my parents searched far and wide for a doctor that can cure me. The emperor came to our Yong An Palace claiming that he found the cure. During the treatment process, he took out a knife and he wanted to open up my heart. My parents stopped him and then series of events happened in the palace that led to the death of many servant maids. He placed the blame on my parents and told the world that my parents were utterly heinous. My parents used the chance to arrange my escape from the capital.


Zhou Huan had a very pained look on his face when he talked about his parents.


“Did they do anything to you after capturing you?”


Xia Lie can’t hold back his concern. He wanted to open up his heart so the emperor must be searching for something in him?


“He injected his qi into my body, apparently he didn’t find what he was looking for and he left at it at that. However, before he left, he told me that he’s going to put me to death after the Battle of the Tower of Gods!”


Zhou Huan recalled.


Xia Lie is even more puzzled. What the hell is the emperor up to? What is the secret behind the Battle of the Tower of Gods?


“Uncle Xia, during my stay in the Azure Feather clan, Big Sis Xia Yu Ning was very kind to me. I am going to think of an idea to get Uncle Xia out of here for sure!”


Zhou Huan said earnestly.


This child is locked behind bars but he wants to help Xia Lie escape? Xia Lie can do nothing but bitterly laugh considering that this prison is guarded by a lot of personnel. It’s also deep underground so it’s nigh impossible to escape on their own.

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