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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 287: Nine Dragons Monolith of Demons and Gods

Xia Lie watched as Li Yuan took his leave. He’s very bewildered by his appearance.


Li Yuan is an old eunuch who served the palace for more than 30 years now. They have been enemies for decades now.


Since they are enemies, Xia Lie had to study up on his enemy. When he met Li Yuan a few years back, he was only at the seventh Heavenly Realm. Skip a few years and now Li Yuan’s cultivation had already reached an unfathomable height. Xia Lie had a vague feeling that if he fought Li Yuan right now, chances are that he’s going to lose.


He also had a hunch that his rise in power had something to do with the emperor.


The ones sent to capture him were all above the ninth Heavenly Realm. To think the emperor had so many experts at his disposal!


Why would he need so many experts? He already has an entire empire at his disposal, what more could he want?


Deep into the night, the activities inside the imperial palace died down unlike when the sun’s still out. There are patrols doing their rounds. They had lanterns as they strolled around the imperial palace, their lights lighting up the dark spaces between the lighting in this place.


A few figures easily scaled the imperial palace wall. They are as light and ethereal as ghosts, they made no sound when they sneaked into this place.


The walls are filled with mechanisms to detect intruders. However, for the intruders, these mechanisms might as well be toys since they easily evaded the mechanisms.


“Stay vigilant, the one who wounded me is probably still inside this imperial palace. If you encounter him, run as fast as you can. Let’s hope we don’t encounter him this time.”


Shang Guan Xuan said. Her footing as light as feather, she easily traversed hundreds of meter while they whispered to each other.


Ye XingHe almost gasped in shock when he heard her.


He knows about Shang Guan Xuan’s power. She should have been peerless in fights yet she got hurt in the last fight. This meant that they are people out there who are stronger than Shang Guan Xuan. He just never thought the assailant would be in this palace.


Just what kind of person would possess such tremendous power?


The three proceeded with caution. Suddenly, Shang Guan Xuan stopped as she sensed something. She stared at the sky some distance away from them.


“What? Is somebody following us?”


Ye XingHe asked as he looked around, failing to detect anything with his senses.


Xia Yu Ning also looked around but aside from the clueless guards roaming the place, she didn’t see anything.


“I don’t think anyone’s here though?”


Shang Guan Xuanx shook her head.


“Maybe it’s just my imagination. Let’s continue.”


They scaled multiple walls as they sneaked deeper into the palace.


Soon enough, they could see a glorious and majestic palace unfolding and enlarging in their fields of vision. Heavily armed guards in golden armor guarded the entranceway. Shang Guan Xuan scanned the entrance to case the whole place.


“This, is this the palace’s treasury warehouse?”


Ye XingHe exclaimed in a small volume. Did Shang Guan Xuan want something from the imperial palace’s treasury?


Ye XingHe detected powerful aura surrounding the place. It came from 3 ninth Heavenly Realm experts nearby.


“Lady Shang Guan Xuan, there is a trap in front of us. We should watch out!”


Ye XingHe reminded her just as the three powerful aurae disappeared.


When he saw Shang Guan Xuan’s palm, she had multiple golden needles between her fingers.


“I took care of the 5 ninth Heavenly Realm guards.”


Ye XingHe only detected 3 ninth Heavenly Realm individuals near him whereas she discovered 5. He can’t help but admire her superior cultivation in this regard.


Why did she bring Xia Yu Ning and him along, they would only serve to weigh her down on this trip.


“I will take you both to the roof of the imperial palace, we will navigate our way down from there!”


Shang Guan Xuan said as she stood between Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning.


Although Shang Guan Xuan is a woman, Xia Yu Ning isn’t comfortable with being this close to a stranger like this.


Shang Guan Xuan lifted both of them up by their waists. Leaping up, they became blurry figures in the sky. Landing on the roof in no time at all, they marveled at Shang Guan Xuan’s speed.


After landing there, Ye XingHe looked around only to find dozens of corpses numbering close to seventy. Each of them was killed with one efficient and clean hit.


She did this the moment they landed. Just like that, the sentries on top of the roof all died.


So strong!


Xia Yu Ning silently exclaimed. Due to dual cultivation with Ye XingHe, her cultivation has reached the early stages of the ninth Heavenly Realm. She’s feeling pretty confident with her own achievement. If her father found out then his eyes would probably pop out in shock. But, when compared to Shang Guan Xuan, her cultivation is laughably lacking. Her confidence got shaken the moment she recognized Shang Guan Xuan’s power.


“Lady Shang Guan, this is the imperial treasury. What kind of object are you looking for?”


Ye XingHe asked. Obviously, she wouldn’t be interested in normal treasure. To take such a great risk meant that the object she wants is probably worth the trouble.


“A supreme treasure between the heavens and earth, an ancient relic, the Nine Dragons Monolith of Demons and Gods…”


“Nine Dragons Monolith of Demons and Gods?”


Ye XingHe didn’t know what it is but her interest means that this object is probably not as simple as it sounds. They didn’t have a lot of time to waste chatting here too so he kept his questions to himself.


“What is the function of that Nine Dragons Monolith of Demons and Gods?”


Xia Yu Ning asked without hesitation. She’s not interested in this monolith, she’s here for her dad.


“Nine Dragons Monolith of Demons and Gods’ use…”


Shang Guan Xuan thought about it and she replied.


“If it falls into evil hands, it will bring forth calamity. If it is in the hands of people who are upright, it is a tool that can save lot of people.”


Ye XingHe pondered for a short while. Shang Guan Xuan’s brief description gave him an idea of how important it is.


“Use your senses to find the Nine Dragons Monolith of Demons and Gods.”


Shang Guan Xuan told Ye XingHe.


“Me? How do I do that?”


Ye XingHe is confused. How is he going to begin finding it with just his senses?


“Close your eyes, use your heart, and try to probe for its existence.”


Shang Guan Xuan replied.


He’s still a bit doubtful but he did as she said and he closed his eyes to feel the spiritual power of the heaven and earth around him. Soon, he entered a mysterious state and he felt an ethereal white glow coming from deep within the imperial palace.


Did he really just sense the enigmatic Nine Dragons Monolith of Demons and Gods? What does this object have to do with him?



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