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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 289: Demon king Ling Tian

It’s only a matter of seconds before the guards would be able to capture Xia Yu Ning and Ye XingHe. At this critical juncture, Underworld power congealed and a figure appeared out of thin air.


The one who just arrived unleashed a palm strike that sent all six bodyguards back while they vomited blood.


Although he is currently hiding behind a cloak and mask, the familiar power of the underworld immediately alerted Ye XingHe to his identity.


It’s Lin Hong!


Lin Hong extended a helping hand at his hour of dire need again!


Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning struggled to sit up as they looked up at the emperor standing in the air. This person draped in dragon-emblazoned violet golden robes is too strong.


Even Shang Guan Xuan didn’t look like she can fight toe to toe with that person.


The emperor raised an eyebrow at Lin Hong.


“A user of the nether power. You should be the newly installed master of the Divine Sea hall, Lin Hong, am I correct?!”


He easily got his identity.


Lin Hong raised his head at the emperor. His cold eyes could freeze water.


“You’re the doggy emperor of the empire, right? I am here to take your life to appease the soul of my father who is looking down from the heavens!”




The emperor laughed out loud.


“It has been a while since we’ve heard someone said they wanted to slay the emperor. I know now who your father is for I have killed too many people to even begin counting. We can’t possibly be expected to remember the names of each and every ant. Divine Sea Hall, The Northern Lord Faction, The Azure Feather Family, your petty actions have not escaped our eyes. We are just too lazy and deem it below us to take your lowly lives. Since you have stepped into imperial grounds, you can forget about leaving with your lives. Puny nether cultivator, how dare you challenge us!”


“You sorry excuse for an emperor, let me relieve you of your life!”


Lin Hong conjured a dragon with his nether powers. He slowly levitated into the air with the support of his nether powers.


He stomped and nether power poured forth from him, forming a giant palm in the air that looked like it can topple mountains and overturn the seas as he sent it towards the emperor.


Ye XingHe saw the powerful energy wave and he can’t help but marvel at Lin Hong’s growth. Compared to Lin Hong, his progress seemed slow.


Ye XingHe didn’t know about the process Lin Hong went through to obtain his powers. He only successfully controlled his nether powers after trials and tribulations. He also forfeited a large portion of his lifespan to forcefully raise his powers. At his current stage, it would be impossible for him to live past the age of 30.


His desire to avenge his father’s death kept him going until now, without it, he would have lost the will to live a long time ago.


He will not share the same sky as the killer of his father!


Lin Hong’s angry attack transformed the weather around the imperial palace, the skies turned cloudy.


Shang Guan Xuan also took this chance to muster up sword qi, working together with Lin Hong to attack the emperor.


Two top tier experts faced off against the emperor.


Confronted with the terrifying combination of nether power and sword qi, the emperor calmly stood in the air without a slight flux of emotions. He flexed his arm and he took control of the natural energy around him to dispel the combo attack.


“You’re just a kid who can fart louder than anyone else, so what if you’re the nether power adept? And you, Shang Guan Xuan, 700 years ago, you lost to me. You sealed yourself away for 700 years to hide from me. Now, your cultivation is piss-poor compared to mine!”


3 great powers met in the air. Even with Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong working together, they still couldn’t do anything against the emperor.


The emperor’s words entered the confused ears of both Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning.


“He is supposed to be the Zhou emperor, no human can live more than 700 years!”


Xia Yu Ning frowned.


“That can only mean that he is an impostor!”


Ye XingHe said with frosty eyes.


“Ling Tian, you massacred your way into the capital back then. That was an act that went against the heavens. The lives of those people are on your hands, you will pay for that debt of blood yourself!”


She flung her sleeves and jade in the shape of a scallion appeared between her fingers. White flowers bloomed, she materialized it from her powers. One of the petals landed on a manor below her. With a loud boom, the manor got destroyed.


She sent the petals towards the emperor.


Nether energies fell from the sky and landed in the palace’s garden. The soil got corrupted and all flora died immediately.


“Hahaha, yes, it was I who killed 67 ninth Heavenly Realm humans, more than 800 eighth Heavenly Realm humans, none could withstand me when I rampaged around in the capital. The puny humans should have perished a long time ago. I fell for Yan Xu’s plot and I almost got my soul wiped from existence. It took me two long centuries to recover. After that, the past emperor willingly subjected himself to my control. After a long time, I have finally managed to install malicious individuals everywhere in the Zhou empire, it’s amusing how they willingly became tools for me. They didn’t care that I am a demon. Haha, foolish humans, it’s only fitting for them to face extinction!”


The emperor continued laughing out loud.


“Shang Guan Xuan, you’re a demon but you willingly became the lapdog for the Grand Emperor Tian Ling a millennium ago. Even now, you fight for the humans, what a joke! Did you forget your identity as a demon? Did you really think you can become a human like this?”


From their exchange of words, Ye XingHe gleaned some truth. When Ling Tian rampaged around in the capital, he didn’t die after being mortally wounded. Instead, he thought up of ways to infiltrate the capital, he controlled an emperor of the past and he even subjugated a bunch of humans, making them do his bidding.


This generation, Ling Tian demon king stopped manipulating from behind the scenes and he took up the mantle as emperor of the Zhou empire. Now, the whole empire is in a crisis.


Ling Tian demon king controlled the imperial for a nefarious reason. Ye XingHe needed more details to figure it out.


Lin Hong’s eyes shone brightly with animosity. His father must have been done in by this creature known as Ling Tian demon king.


“Demon King Ling Tian, my father, Lin Kuan died in grievance inside a rotting jail. I am going to make you pay that debt of blood in full!”


Lin Hong called forth more nether energies.


“Lin Kuan, huh? I am going to let you in on something. He didn’t die inside the jail, I sucked out all his essence and he perished. Your father Lin Kuan should be proud that he could become food to raise my cultivation with his death. That’s a fate you will share in just a short while.”


A death via essence depletion. Lin Hong clenched his fists in anger. His bones kept popping as he tensed up his muscles. He’s utterly infuriated by the emperor.


“You vile monster, I am going to kill you!”


Lin Hong roared.


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