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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 291: Giant Ape

Shang Guan Xuan looked very feeble.


“I am okay, but we can’t return to that place you two were staying at.”


Shang Guan Xuan tried to continue despite lacking the energy to do so. Although she suffered massive trauma from the emperor’s attack, she’s still somewhat okay because the violet heavenly gown negated the poison.


A strand of nether energy appeared out of nowhere and Lin Hong appeared beside Ye XingHe.


“Follow me.”


Lin Hong continued.


“Let’s go to the headquarters we, the Divine Sea Hall have established in the capital.”


“What about Elder Wu Xiang?”


Ye XingHe asked.


Lin Hong turned grave and he replied.


“Even if we want to rescue him, it’s impossible for us to do so. Worse yet, we would probably end up dying with him. But, be at ease, I already ordered my subordinates to spread out over the city and keep watch should Elder Wu Xiang try to run away. They will help him escape if they come across him.”


Ye XingHe thought about the situation for a little bit and it is as he said, this is for the best.




The emperor is too strong. Even if Lin Hong, Shang Guan Xuan, and Elder Wu Xiang ganged up on the emperor, they would still die in the end.


They escaped the region of the imperial palace and they started making their way towards the headquarters of the Divine Sea Hall.


Lightning and flames continued to ravage the imperial grounds.


The emperor’s scary might reduced everything around him to cinders. He pressed his hands down in the air and a torrent of lightning sprouted forth, threatening to smite Elder Wu Xiang.


“If you were still at your peak, you might have been able to last longer. You are merely a shadow of your original self. Even if Grand Emperor Tian Ling is still around, he would not be able to resist me, forget someone like you!”


The emperor’s sound resonated with the thunder around him.


The legions of guards and soldiers on the ground got shocked into kingdom come as they all kneeled in anguish.


Elder Wu Xiang looked at the emperor with cold eyes. A red gleam flashed in his eyes and Wu Xiang’s muscles started expanding in an impossible manner. Black fur and sharp claws manifested on Wu Xiang. He had transformed himself into a giant ape.




The giant ape slapped at the emperor with its oversized claws.


The emperor is slightly surprised. He didn’t understand know what technique Sword Ancestor Wu Xiang used to transform himself from a human into a giant ape.


The giant ape’s malicious red eyes and the rampaging behavior suggested that this creature has already lost all rationality.


Seeing as the giant ape pounced at him, the emperor met its attack with his own slap.




A loud deafening explosion happened along with the collision between the two.


That brutish strength exceeded the emperor’s expectation.  He got sent a few steps back by the resulting force of the attack.


The giant ape suffered a greater backlash as it flew dozens of meters backward.  Noticing the outrageous power the emperor held, the beast fled and it didn’t take more than a few seconds for the creature to disappear from everyone’s sight. Its speed seemed rather disproportionate for a creature of that size.


The emperor frowned at this sight. His eyes shone with cold killing intent.


Now that the fight is over, a few figures streaked across the sky as they landed below the emperor.


“My Lord, may we pursue the target?”


They weren’t able to help during the duel between the emperor and Elder Wu Xiang.


“No need, you may be able to catch up but you won’t be able to take him down!”


The emperor said in a poised manner. He’s not sure what technique the old man cultivated but he couldn’t care less because he believed in his own superior strength.


“After a few more months, no matter what technique or cultivation method, you will all die!”


“Emperor, should we pursue the intruders? Those intruders looked like they came from the Divine Sea Hall and the Northern Lord’s rebel faction!”


A guard reported.


“They are only ants, let them run back to their holes. Focus your attention on the Battle of the Tower of Gods!’


The emperor gave his decree.




The guards replied.


There was a dark flash of light in the emperor’s eyes. He felt a bit frustrated that Ye XingHe managed to escape since he needs something from Ye XingHe. Unless he personally chased them, he wouldn’t be able to locate Shang Guan Xuan and her retinue. His own subordinates are woefully incapable when it comes to taking down Shang Guan Xuan. He decided to let things be for now.


The emperor knows that Ye XingHe will attend the Battle of the Tower of Gods for sure. According to gathered information, he shared a very intimate relationship with Xia Yu Ning. With her father in his custody, Ye XingHe & co won’t leave the capital for quite some time, at least not without saving the Northern Lord Xia Lie.


The emperor left the scene, it was a scene of destruction with ruins everywhere.


After this big fight, the imperial palace was mostly destroyed, not that the emperor cared. The bodyguards and soldiers are tasked with cleaning up the whole place. They also gathered a bunch of masons to fix up the destroyed infrastructures.


Soon, news of this spread among the populace, probably propagated by the noble families.


To think there would be someone bold enough to fight on imperial grounds. This just seemed odd, why would anyone do that?


It has been many years since a hostile practitioner infiltrated the imperial palace. Of course, who would be dumb enough to attack a gathering place of close to 90% of the empire’s experts?


Not only did they try to slaughter their way into the place, they even wrecked the imperial palace. Considering the damage inflicted on the palaces on the imperial ground, many speculated that this was the work of the demon king of legends. Did that demon try to fight his way into the imperial palace?


The rumors caused the populace to enter a state of worry and alarm. But, the imperial palace never issued a proper explanation. They let the people talk all they want as the Battle of the Tower of Gods is still on schedule.


Even the top noble families of the capital failed to understand why the imperial palace would let this kind of stuff happen. Clearly, a strong foe had appeared and they are baring their fangs at the imperial family. Why would the imperial family still be so adamant on hosting the Battle of the Tower of Gods? Is it really that important?


Something smelled fishy here. They started making preparations just in case but they still let their genius disciples sign up for the Battle of the Tower of Gods and prepare accordingly.


If the imperial family paid so much attention to it, how can they not do the same?


“That’s odd. Even after we escaped, the imperial family never issued a warrant for us, they are still hellbent on organizing the Battle of the Tower of Gods?”


Ye XingHe asked in confusion.


“This Battle of the Tower of Gods is a plot by the emperor, I am sure about this.”


Lin Hong said with a low voice.


“Shang Guan Xuan, might you be privy as to the reason for this?”


Ye XingHe asked Shang Guan Xuan. After resting for a while, she recovered from her injuries, one should thank the Violet Heavenly Gown for this as well.


“I don’t know too.”


Shang Guan Xuan shook her head. She tried to go through her memories and she came up with nothing. What can the others do if even Shang Guan Xuan couldn’t figure out the emperor’s intention.


“What about Elder Wu Xiang? Are there any news about him?”


Ye XingHe asked.


“I have no news regarding Elder Wu Xiang. Nobody other than us escaped the imperial palace that day. But, I did receive an interesting piece of information. On that day, a 3 meters tall giant ape escaped the imperial palace. Its speed outpaced our runners so we weren’t able to pursue it.”


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