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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 292: Extreme Ying and Extreme Yang

Giant ape?


Where did that come from?


They are more worried about the safety of Elder Wu Xiang than the origins of a giant ape.


After cultivating, Ye XingHe’s cultivation speed outpaced average cultivators and he continuously broke through until he entered the ninth Heavenly Realm.


Ye XingHe knew this had something to do with the obelisk inside him, that strange obelisk had something to do with his ridiculous cultivation speed.


Thinking back on what transpired in the imperial palace. When Shang Guan Xuan told him to sense the Nine Dragons Monolith of Demons and Gods, he felt the existence of that item. The obelisk inside of him must have reacted in some way and therefore is intricately linked with the Nine Dragons Monolith of Demons and Gods.


The emperor also said something about need both the Extreme Yang and Extreme Ying. With the Extreme Ying in his hands, and he is the final piece, the extreme Yang.


The black obelisk inside Zhou Huan must be the Extreme Ying. In that case, that would make his obelisk the Extreme Yang?


What is the function of both the obelisks?


He reflexively looked at Shang Guan Xuan. She must know about the function of the two obelisks, however, Shang Guan Xuan chose to stay silent on this matter. She probably had her own reason to hide it from him.


Ye XingHe still believes in Shang Guan Xuan. However, this matter showed that Shang Guan Xuan had her own motives when doing things.


“The emperor’s ploy should have moved him into taking action after such a large incident!”


Ye XingHe suddenly recalled something and he hurriedly asked Lin Hong for help.


“Brother, can you please send a few people over to Azure Feather family, tell them to stay on their toes!”


Ye XingHe felt a sense of danger. The emperor might aim for his family members since he already found out that he’s someone from the Azure Feather Family.


Lin Hong felt a chill in his heart and he nodded.


“I will immediately dispatch people over!”


Lin Hong sent a group of 10 ninth Heavenly Realm experts, he ordered them to depart post-haste for Azure Feather Family.


Elder Wu Xiang’s disappearance has been reported to Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan. Due to their own precarious circumstances, Ye XingHe omitted the details of his location. They also placed a few experts from Divine Sea Hall to watch Wu Xiang’s residence for any signs of his return.


Ye XingHe madly pursued his cultivation. He knew he wouldn’t be able to reach the emperor’s realm of power in such a short time but he wouldn’t give up because it’s all-or-nothing right now.


Ye XingHe sat with crossed legs and he entered the mysterious world inside him.


The divine blue carp is now gone from sight. His star pillars are also gone as everything looked dark and bleak.


While he was lost in this world of nothingness, he noticed that this isn’t the place he’s familiar with.


Suddenly, warm light started piercing through the darkness and chaos. Ye XingHe pursued the light and it grew more radiant the closer eh got. He felt his own consciousness being burned from the intense light.


Beads of sweat started falling down from his body as he yelled out loud.


He opened his eyes with difficulty and he stared at the light. His obelisk stood proudly in the center of the light, it appeared to be the source of this light and it reminded him of the glaring sunlight coming from the sun.


A strange surge of power welled up within him.


After coming in touch with the Nine Dragons Monolith of Demons and Gods’ presence, Ye XingHe experienced a slight change that he can’t help but note. That slight change grew until it transformed him.


That obelisk made him feel like he got thrown into an inferno.


He’s burning all over and in immense pain.


Xia Yu Ning sat the front of his bed as she observed Ye XingHe’s cultivation. His expression of pain caused her to be alarmed and anxious. Ye XingHe twitched in pain while his skin turned red like a severe case of inflammation. No, it’s like he’s burning from the inside out, he is radiating a shocking amount of heat to his surroundings.


What a shocking amount of power!


Xia Yu Ning can’t help but panic over what’s happening to Ye XingHe. However, she didn’t dare to wake him up as this might backfire on his cultivation progress.


Ye XingHe continued cultivating even under such gruesome conditions.


Meanwhile, as the Battle of the Tower of Gods drew closer, the geniuses gathered in the capital and this made the capital a very rowdy place. This year, the Battle of the Tower of Gods is a bit different as compared to the past ones. There weren’t a lot of participants from other empires in the past but this year, foreign participants skyrocketed.


They arrived in droves from all the empires around the world. They easily numbered over a million. The capital is having a hard time keeping all these newcomers in line. With geniuses and top practitioners running around the capital starting trouble or fights, the guards and soldiers had their hands full dealing with the disturbances.


As the ruler of this region, the imperial family treated this issue with indifference, they maintained silence on this matter.


The citizens are all afraid and perturbed. They didn’t know what the hell is going on with the Zhou empire, but, they felt like a big storm is coming.


Time ticks on as Battle of the Tower of Gods approaches ever closer.


After cultivating for 5 days, he gauged the growth of his star power inside his body. He seemed to have stepped into the later stages of the ninth Heavenly Realm. However, the amount of star power he has inside of him is easily multiple times larger than the quantity in other late-stage ninth Heavenly Realm individuals.


If he used Fading Star Explosion or Eight Desolate Star Pillars, he felt like he wouldn’t end up in an exhausted state after using those skills.


He appeared to have entered a weird state as his pained look started fading away along with the immense heat he was emitting.


After a few hours, Ye XingHe opened his eyes and his eyes brimmed with divine white light. His cultivation session this time revealed a bit of the obelisk’s power. It’s so amazing, no wonder the emperor wanted to get his hands on it.


This obelisk contained a very huge secret.


No matter what, he cannot allow himself to fall into the emperor’s hands or the consequences will be terrible.


Imperial Palace, hidden prison.


Zhou Huan sat with crossed legs as he meditated. He suddenly opened his eyes and a bone-chilling dark light faded from his eyes. He didn’t know what happened with him, the black obelisk inside him suddenly churned into action and it continuously expanded his powers as he cultivated.


He’s cultivating star power but it’s a very malicious and cold variant of star power. By cultivating it, he lowered the temperature around him. He is unaware of his effect on his surroundings though.


He has been experiencing rapid growth in power and this fueled his desire for more power. He wanted more power so he can avenge the deaths of his parents. To him, their deaths have always been a great motivation to obtain power, the power to personally slay the emperor and offer the murderer’s blood up to his parents.

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