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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 293: 50,000 gold

Half a month later, there is still no news regarding Elder Wu Xiang. Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning spent the time shutting themselves in a room inside the headquarters of the Divine Sea Hall, diligently cultivating whenever they can.


Lin Hong also busted his butt cultivating to a stronger level, no one saw his shadow this entire time. The killer of his parents is still on the loose, enjoying his life in front of him. Meanwhile, he’s too weak to take revenge, the frustration and guilt is only something he knows. He didn’t want to waste what little time he had left doing nothing.


The emperor’s overbearing power weighed their thoughts down. If they fought the emperor once more with their current power, it would be game over for them.


It looks impossible to defeat the emperor.


But, they must go down this path. For Lin Hong, it’s about avenging his parents. For Shang Guan Xuan, it’s about taking down her arch-nemesis, he is the reason why she sealed herself. For Ye XingHe, it’s necessary for him to fight the emperor in order to free Xia Yu Ning’s father.


Inside the room.


“XingHe, the Battle of the Tower of Gods is going to begin soon. Do you want to come with me, I am meeting someone who used to be my father’s subordinate. Although he’s a commander of the Imperial Army, his loyalty is still towards my father. We can try asking about the Battle of the Tower of Gods from him!”


Xia Yu Ning said.


“Nn, I will come with you.”


Ye XingHe nodded.


Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning started preparing for this meeting. They aren’t on any wanted posters but just in case, they still disguised themselves. Xia Yu Ning cross-dressed as a handsome man.


The two of them reported their movements to trusted Divine Sea Hall officers and they set out for the meeting.


“Because we are currently wanted traitors, I set-up the meeting in the Word Grasping Floor. Act like we are complete strangers and talk only with sound transmissions!”


Xia Yu Ning reminded Ye XingHe. This venue is perfect because there are a lot of reasons why someone like the commander of the imperial army would appear here. It also made sense for Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning to appear there.


Word Grasping Floor?


He recalled the encounter he had with Lady Yun Ling. Maybe she would know more about the emperor’s story.


With the Yulan Palace’s appearance here, it’s easy to figure out that this had something to do with the emperor.


He wondered if he would get the chance to meet Lady Yun Ling again.


Word Grasping Floor.


With so many geniuses and experts roaming around in the capital, business has been booming for this establishment. Youngsters are rowdy by nature and what better place to spend their excess energy than paying a visit to a firm like this.


Inside this place of adult entertainment, a lot of patrons and service providers wandered about the place.


Scantily clad women could be seen soliciting business from potential clients. They are trying really hard too as they would send alluring gazes at anyone’s direction.


“No, stop glancing all over the place!”


Xia Yu Ning leered at Ye XingHe, she pursed her lips at this guy.


Ye XingHe chuckled. Of course, he’s not someone who would be so easily charmed by the unchaste women of this fine establishment. Xia Yu Ning’s cute reaction tickled his funny bone, she’s just too cute.


“If you’re so worried then maybe you shouldn’t have brought me here, right?”


Ye XingHe beamed at her.


“Treat this as a lucky break for you. Buster, you better not come to this kind of place without my company!”


Xia Yu Ning warned him with a snort.


Ye XingHe has already been here before. But, it’s best that Xia Yu Ning not know about his last trip here.


Xia Yu Ning looked around furtively, it seems the commander isn’t here yet. She sat Ye XingHe down by a seat near the window.


“My, young masters, what kind of lady would you like to keep you company?”


A brothel keeper in green cap came with a business smile plastered on her face.


“We do not require the company of girls. I only want to order a few cups of tea.”


Xia Yu Ning slapped a stack of gold coins onto the table.


The keeper flinched back from her reaction. However, she instantly grinned the moment she saw the money on the table.


“Oh, you two must be fine gentlemen looking to bask yourselves in the graceful musical play presided over by Lady Yun Ling, I presume? Relax, in about an hour, the Lady will appear and play some music for you guys.”


“Fine, you may leave us!”


Xia Yu Ning waved her hand.


Some distance away from Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning sat three youngsters in luxurious robes. Judging by the fabric of their robes, they are most likely not residents of the Zhou Empire. They were busy fondling two women each, one in each hand, they are too flashy for their own good.


“Why isn’t Lady Yun Ling here yet? Tell her to come out here and play us a song, money isn’t an issue for us!”


One of the youngsters yelled out loud, attracting the attention of everyone around them.


The brothel-keeper tried to calm him down.


“Young master, Lady Yun Ling will here in an hour, the show can only start with her arrival!”


“An hour?! You’re going to keep us here for that long? What? You think I don’t have the money? Here’s 10,000 gold, get that Yun Ling to play a damn song for me and if I like what I see, I am even willing to pay 50,000 gold to sleep with her!”


The youth’s boastful words of 50,000 gold started a gossiping session in that place.


“Who are those youths? How can they be so loose with their money?”


“You don’t know them? They are from the Yan Clan, one of the three great noble houses of the Tian Hong Empire. The braggart just now is someone named Yan Kong, he’s a direct disciple of the Yan Clan, it’s rumored that he’s the one who will be inheriting the clan in the future. They have enormous clout within the Tian Hong empire, they also have a lot of businesses. It’s not surprising for their notable disciples to be totally loaded with money.”


“Tsk tsk, Word Grasping Floor sure has it easy for a high-roller to serve themselves up so easily.”


“Lady Yun Ling probably won’t agree to his offer. I heard that she’s someone who is here to display her art and mastery in music, not to whore herself out. She’s also someone who hid her appearance, the only time she would reveal her face is when she’s playing her music.”


“Well, even if she’s pure, I doubt anyone can resist such a tempting offer!”


They continued exchanging whispers.


Ye XingHe frowned. These people sure have a lot of guts to speak such ill words of Lady Yun Ling. He wanted to scold them for their poor choice of words. Lady Yun Ling is not someone who would lower herself in front of 50,000 gold.


“What a detestable bunch of people!”


Xia Yu Ning revealed a look of disgust. She can’t believe she has to share the same oxygen as this annoying group.


Ye XingHe thought about it and it’s not time for them to take action. It would be better for them to show some discretion, at least for now.


The brothel-keeper tried to defuse the situation.


“Young masters, please be aware that Lady Yun Ling is an artist and not an employee of this firm. Again, she will here in an hour, I hope the three young masters will be kind enough to wait here for now!”


“Keeper, what do you mean by that?”


Yan Kong slammed the table by his side and he yelled at the woman.


“Young master, please don’t get angry.”


The brothel-keeper lowered her waist and she adopted the humblest tone she could muster up.


“It’s not that we think you’re without sufficient funds, this is just the rule of the Word Grasping Floor.”


“The impudence!”


Yan Kong unleashed a slap towards the brothel-keeper.


“This is just lowly brothel, don’t give me that noble air!”


When his palm neared the woman’s face, someone stopped his slap with a firm grip.

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