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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 294: Fell for a trick

The one who grabbed Yan Kong was an average-looking youth with skin that has not seen hard days under the sun.


“Who are you? You sure have a lot of balls to meddle in our affairs!”


Yan Kong roared at the youth who stopped him.


“I am from the Hu Yan clan, Hu Yan Hou. Brat, this isn’t a place where you can throw your weight around. Furthermore, uttering blasphemy against Lady Yun Ling is most unforgivable!”


Hu Yan Hou had fires burning in his eyes. He is really pissed by the youth’s words.


“Ah, I know this Hu Yan Hou. He’s Hu Yan Zhuo’s clansmen. He’s a rather famous pervert here in the capital. He spied on a bathing young married woman and that spread his fame far and wide!”


Xia Yu Ning pshawed at him.


Ye XingHe also started judging Xia Yu Ning. This fellow is rather unique isn’t he?


“But, I know he is on very good terms with Hu Yan Zhuo!”


Xia Yu Ning added that one last line.


Yan Kong laughed out loud.


“Oh, please, I thought it was some bigger character. The Zhou empire is just the vassal state of our Tian Hong Empire. I have seen the tributes you people offered to our great Tian HOng empire. You’re just someone from a noble family of this vassal state. What? You think you’re hot shit?”


Yan Kong continued sniggering.


“You clansmen of the noble families in Zhou empire are like frogs sitting at the bottom of the well, ignorant of what lies beyond the sky in their fields of vision. You are gutsy to lecture me here. So what if I call her a whore, in fact, I am going to strip her of her clothes, she’s just a slut, I couldn’t care less what happens to her!”


Yan Kong shook off Hu Yan Hou’s hand and he gave him a mighty kick. Blown away by the kick, Hu Yan Hou landed on a table some distance away, his fall destroyed the poor table.


Yan Kong was so fast that Hu Yan Hou didn’t get any chance to defend himself.


The others were astounded by this shocking scene.


Hu Yan Hou got up with difficulty, blood trickled down from his mouth. He’s someone who had talent in the way of cultivation as he is already at the peak of the sixth Heavenly Realm. With his power, he is still no match for Yan Kong.


“Did young master Hu Yan just got defeated in one bout?”


This was astonishing because he’s a rather well-known talent in the capital.


“He’s already at peak sixth Heavenly Realm though?!”


They looked at Yan Kong, he’s about the same age as Hu Yan Hou. If he’s in the seventh Heavenly Realm, that would make him a nigh peerless genius compared to the ones in the capital.


Yan Kong strutted over to Hu Yan Hou. He maliciously grinned as Yan Kong pinned his head against the floor with his foot.


Yan Kong glanced over everyone inside this hall and he gave a cold laugh.


“What happened to the men in the Zhou Empire? Anyone cares to step out here and face me?”


He got silence in response.


“Haha, I was expecting too much from the Zhou empire, turns out you’re all just a bunch of trash. Is this your definition of a genius? I am already in the sixth Heavenly Realm by the time I was ten!”


Yan Kong bragged as he stared down on everyone.


“Let me tell you something, I came here to stomp on your geniuses, run away right now if you don’t want any trouble, you’re all an eyesore. Oh, tell Lady Yun Ling to present herself before this great and amazing master. After I am done, and if I am pleased, I will let this go. If not, I am going to demolish the Word Grasping Floor today!”


Yan Kong, pressed down harder on Hu Yan Hou.


The bystanders aren’t sure what to do, they looked at each other, hoping someone would come out and take action.


Yan Kong is probably already in the eighth Heavenly Realm.


“Since my arrival here, I have fought at least 800 people if not 1000 people. I never enjoyed a proper fight, maybe today’s my luck day. Look, if you’re not going to stand up, go make yourselves useful and find Lady Yun Ling for me!”


Yan Kong yelled at them.


“If no one comes up here, I am going to splatter his brain all over the floor.”


The brothel-keeper begged him.


“Young master, please have mercy!”


If Hu Yan Hou died here then the Word Grasping Floor can’t operate anymore.


Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning couldn’t sit idly by anymore. They wanted to hide their identities but if they don’t act now they won’t be able to help anymore.


Xia Yu Ning told Ye XingHe to sit down while she stood up.


“Young master Yan, one shouldn’t spare any expenses when showing mercy.”


Yan Kong looked at Xia Yu Ning and he guffawed.


“Finally, someone with guts. Your skin is so smooth I almost mistook you for a girl. Is the Zhou empire wasting resources on breeding you pasty-looking pansies?”


Xia Yu Ning felt insulted, she uttered a short laugh.


“Is everyone in Tian Hong Empire as foul-mouthed as you? Gosh, brush your teeth much, fudge?”


“Brat, you should watch your words as they may be the last things that ever come out of your mouth! With your flimsy build, can you even put up a good fight?”


Yan Kong waved his hand and the two Tian Hong sidekicks he brought along pounced towards Xia Yu Ning.


Their bodies started transforming into a draconic form, they cultivated the draconic technique. Their auras were very violent if the tables around them were lighter, their auras would be enough to flip them around.


The others gasped.


“What a strong power!”


They were worried about Xia Yu Ning, if she didn’t play her cards right, she’s going to end up in worse shape than the poor fellow before her.


A blue light slowly coiled around Xia Yu Ning as she fought back.


Bam bam bam


Like a graceful butterfly in flight, her nimble palm strikes and kicks easily routed the aggressors, letting them see their own blood and teeth flying in the air. After she’s done with them, they could barely muster up the strength to twitch much less stand up.


Her palm strikes ignored their bulgy muscles and she scored hits on their organs.


Xia Yu Ning dusted her hands.


“Your subordinates are nothing to marvel at, glad we got them out of the way!”


Everybody cheered for a job well done. Yan Kong’s cocky attitude triggered them but they were too weak to protest. With someone here to fight for their honor, they felt like somebody opened a window for their frustrated heart as they can finally let go of some of their ill-feelings.


Yan Kong didn’t think they would be anyone who is strong enough to defeat his brothers.


“Brat, don’t be too confident!”


Yan kong gathered flames in his palm with a snort.


“Why don’t you take your own advice, huh?! Acting so tough in the capital of the Zhou empire, you think we are just going to roll over and let you walk over us all?”


Xia Yu Ning snorted back at him with a gallant frown.


“You are dancing with death!”


Yan Kong unleashed a flame wave at her.


She dodged the flame wave and she retaliated with a palm wave of her own.


Yan Kong revealed a grin that is characteristic of someone who got their way. Xia Yu Ning is too naive to think she can defeat him like this!



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