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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 295: Musical sound

A dagger made of flames appeared in the air shortly before it flew straight for Xia Yu Ning’s chest.


When the flame dagger is about to pierce Xia Yu Ning’s chest, a mysterious force blew dispelled the attack leaving no traces behind.


What happened?


Yan Kong’s pupils shrank in shock. His flame dagger shouldn’t have been dispelled so easily, he charged it up with his own power after all.


Xia Yu Ning landed a palm strike on Yan Kong while he is stunned.


Yan Kong spat blood out as his eyes filled up with frustration and wrath.


He didn’t understand how he lost in this fight.


A short distance away, Ye XingHe’s brilliant golden eyes dimmed down. He appeared to be sitting calmly from an outsider’s perspective.


Xia Yu Ning eyed Yan Kong, she turned around and she approached Ye XingHe’s table with a smile. That dagger wouldn’t have been able to take her life but she would still be wounded. Without Ye XingHe’s help, she wouldn’t have won so easily.


“Come out here, what kind of cowardly move was that? How dare you interfere in a duel like that, I gave you Zhou citizens too much credit!”


For Yan Kong, Xia Yu Ning won because somebody helped her out, that is the only explanation for his defeat.


The people started whispering.


“In the end, a noble from the Tian Hong empire is just full of it. They can’t accept a loss and they have to make up sappy excuses to look tough!”


“I wonder where his confidence disappeared to, maybe that palm strike slapped more than some sense into him, he even lost the rationality to admit defeat!’


Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning exchanged a smile as they continued drinking their ale.


Hu Yan Hou adjusted his attire and he greeted with a fist in the palm.


“I thank you both for lending a helping hand. This humble Hu Yan Hou wishes to extend his gratitude. Should there ever be a need for my help, feel free to come to the Hu Yan clan to call on me, I will make sure to pay my debt of gratitude back! Now, if you will excuse me, I have somewhere else to be!”


After being humiliated by a foreigner, he didn’t have the face to stay here any longer. He made his escape soon after.


“Yu Ning, where is the one you’re supposed to meet?”


Ye XingHe asked her.


She shook her head.


“I don’t know.”


She looked around but the informant is still nowhere to be seen.


Ye XingHe felt odd, this situation is turning out to be rather weird.


“We will wait a few more minutes, but if that guy doesn’t show up, we run!”




Xia Yu Ning nodded.


Yan Kong stood up. He glared at Xia Yu Ning with a venomous look. He didn’t like losing, especially when he’s sure he could have won in that duel. There must be a hidden helper here. After they leave, he wanted payback.


A rising tune interrupted them.


It’s a very feminine melody that embedded itself in everyone’s heart. It sounded so surreal that it sounded like a fairy is playing the music.


“It’s Lady Yun Ling!”


“Lady Yun Ling is here!”


They were ecstatic over this. They didn’t leave because they wanted to see Lady Yun Ling.


On the stage was a lady who shrouded her face from view with a veil. Though veiled, it’s not hard to imagine that the beauty hidden beneath the mask was a beauty of the highest tier.


Her seductive curves made everyone’s imagination go wild. Sitting on the bench, she strummed her stringed instrument with her jade-white slender fingers.


“Young master Yan, you look like you’re not happy with the results!”


Yun Ling smiled at him. She struck a finger out and a formless wave of energy materialized. It flew straight at him.


With a crisp sound, the wave struck the jade ornament, splitting it into halves. It was a perfect cut, the ornament was cut like tofu.


Yan Kong’s heart jumped at this sight. He shivered at the thought of what would have happened if she targeted his neck instead of the ornament. He would have died!


It would seem Yun Ling was the hidden expert who helped Xia Yu Ning. He thought twice about acting tough. He didn’t have the guts to say what he said before this, all that crap about Yun Ling, he was a fool to even think about making Yun Ling Sleep with him.


Yun Ling cast a glance at Ye XingHe’s direction. She smiled slightly but she didn’t make it overly apparent as she got ready for her performance.


Xia Yu Ning looked at Ye XingHe with a suspicious look. She could have sworn she saw Yun Ling beaming at Ye XingHe. Seeing as Ye XingHe isn’t behaving any oddly than he was before, maybe it was just her imagination? Maybe she’s too worried about Ye XingHe?


Ye XingHe bitterly laughed inside. He already disgusted himself but it took Yun Ling only a look to see through him.


“I spotted a friend of mine within the audience. Let me play the plume of sky void moon for everyone!”


Yun Ling chuckled and she placed her hands on the instrument.


Suddenly, a bunch of soldiers busted down the doors of the Word Grasping floor. A commander in silver armor told everyone in a cold voice.


“There’s a traitor hiding in here, check everyone! Capture everyone who is even a bit suspicious!”


Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning exchanged a look.


“Damn, that bastard, to think I trusted him!”


Xia Yu Ning cursed. She treated the person like her uncle, she didn’t think he would set a trap like this for them!”


“We are surrounded, there are also a few ninth Heavenly Realm individuals hidden among them. If we are careful enough, we can get away without being noticed!”


Ye XingHe tried to pacify Xia Yu Ning.


“XingHe, I am sorry I got you into this mess!”


Xia Yu Ning started tearing up, she didn’t think a person she trusted so much would stab her in the back like this.


“You’re not at fault here!”


Ye XingHe shook his head.


With soldiers putting the whole place on lockdown, everybody started freaking out and it was pure chaos inside here.


Yun Ling sat by her instrument. She had a mischievous grin and she started moving her lithe fingers. The rhythm was serene at the start, then it would turn chaotic at a drop of the beast.


They never expected to hear such a moving display of musical mastery. Even the soldiers tasked with searching can’t help but slow down to better listen to her beautiful music.


Ye XingHe frowned. These foot soldiers are just cheap fillings, he’s more worried about the 5 ninth Heavenly Realm individuals hiding amongst them. It would be hard to take down all of them in a short span of time.


“Everyone inside here, listen up. We are here to catch criminals, if anyone resists or obstructs then they will be treated as guilty criminals as well!”


The commander in silver armor yelled out loud.




A wave of energy filled with killing intent shot out towards the commander in silver armor. This invisible attack came at the same time as the ping of a stringed instrument.

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