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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 296: A big fight

“Who dares?!”


The commander in silver armor has a strong cultivation level, he snorted and he swung the blade in his hands.


The two power met in a grand explosion. The commander was sent retreating back by the force of the collision. He looked very roughed up by this exchange of attack.


The commander looked at Lady Yun Ling and her fingers that were still on her stringed instrument.


“Lady Yun Ling, we are here to capture criminals! Obstruction of justice is tantamount to colluding with the rebels here, please rethink your actions!”


The commander is obviously afraid of Lady Yun Ling.


She chuckled as she nonchalantly replied.


“General Li Xian, that’s quite a tall hat you’re wearing. You brought your soldiers into my domain, the Word Grasping Floor and you blatantly disregarded my presence as you declared your intention to grab my clients. Looks like I am going to have to talk with the uncles in the army.”


Lady Yun Ling’s words brought a discernible frown to his face. From his memories, he recalled that Lady Yun Ling isn’t as simple as she looked. In a short 3 years of working in the capital, she was adopted by a lot of top dogs as their adopted daughter. Hence, she has a lot of influence here in the capital.


“Lady Yun Ling, I beg your mercy for I am just trying to do my job.”


General Li Xian cupped his hands.


“I humbly implore Lady Yun Ling to not intervene.”


“What if I insist?”


Lady Yun Ling shot back at him with a mean look.


Ye XingHe saw that she’s giving him a subtle look. He got her intention, she’s covering for him and he should leave now.


Ye XingHe thought for a short while and he grabbed Xia Yu Ning as they prepared their escape.


Li Xian exhaled loudly when he heard her defiant words.


“Then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”


“I would like to see just who has the guts to cause trouble in my Word Grasping Floor.


Yun Ling maintained her defiant look.


Li Xian waved his hand.


“Capture them, capture all of them, nobody is allowed to escape!”


Soldiers filed into the room and they stared taking people into custody.


Yun Ling wagged her fingers and a tune that riled the blood within one’s body started reverberating.


Her musical notes are like invisible swords that struck out at her targets.


Swish splurt splash


The soldiers fell to the ground in agony.


“She’s a treasonous criminal, kill her!”


Everybody saw her attacking the soldiers who are here to capture rebels. At this point, Li Xian’s actions are more than justified.


A bunch of individuals broke the windows as they infiltrated the place. Five of them had especially strong auras, all ninth Heavenly Realm practitioners.


Yun Ling kept using her Mystic Note Of Detachment, invisible waves of power blasted the people who just came inside.


Her power was all over the place, normal people tried their best to dodge them because it wouldn’t be fun to get hit by even a tiny bit of this power.


Explosions scattered in the air as the normal citizens ran for their lives.


Yun Ling furrowed her brows. She obviously didn’t sense the 5 ninth Heavenly Realm experts who hid among the soldiers waiting outside. With her power, she can deal with a ninth Heavenly Realm expert at most. Against 5, well, she’s pretty much done.


“XingHe, what should we do? Do we run?”


Xia Yu Ning looked at Ye XingHe.


“Yun Ling did this so we can escape, she threw herself into danger for our sakes, how can we just run out on her like this?”


Ye XingHe continued.


“We will help her!”


Ye XingHe sat up and he took out his Frost Dragon Halberd. He lashed out at one of the unsuspecting ninth Heavenly Realm individuals.


Xia Yu Ning is a bit puzzled, how did Ye XingHe get acquainted with Yun Ling?


Since he already charged into the fray, she followed suit as well.


There are battles breaking out all over the Word Grasping Floor. The balconies, stairs, furniture were demolished and everything was a mess.


With so many high leveled battles in place, Yan Kong and his lackeys hid far away from the action. They started sweating as astonishment shook their cores. They couldn’t believe their eyes, Xia Yu Ning and Ye XingHe are actually already in the ninth Heavenly Realm.


On their way to the capital of the Zhou empire, they were pretty proud of the fact that they stood undefeated among the challengers of their generation. They thought that the Zhou Empire had no more geniuses that can withstand them. Now, comparing themselves to Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning only made them look woefully inadequate. Beaten physically and mentally and given the escalating combat situation, they decided to make the most rational choice available to them. They booked it and ran as fast as they could, away from this place.


Yun Ling smiled when she saw Ye XingHe helping her out. She didn’t misjudge him after all.


Ye XingHe could have escaped with Xia Yu Ning and none would be the wiser. He chose to stay and fight.


The 5 ninth Heavenly Realm experts stared coldly in Ye XingHe’s direction. They are all long-time servants of the Zhou empire, they are very angry that a bunch of immature brats dared to raise their hands at them.


“Kill them!”


One of them said.


Ye XingHe roared and he met the attacker with his Frost Dragon Halberd.


A chilling dance of snow and wind shrouded Ye XingHe. It didn’t take long for him to flash-freeze the area around him. While using his Frost Dragon Halberd and Frost Dragon Scaled Armor, he made sure to use his Heavenly spirit dispersal to attack the assailant’s mind.


His attack had a boundless power behind it.


The assailant is a Draconic arts practitioner in the ninth Heavenly Realm. He used his Heaven’s veins Dragon Punch on Ye XingHe. The punch could probably slap ten thousand trotting horses away.


He recognized that his punch would land on Ye XingHe without fail. But, suddenly, his vision blurred and the next instant, he saw Ye XingHe’s Frost Dragon Halberd coming for him.


It was so fast that he didn’t have any time to dodge.


His eyes widened as terror filled his eyes.


Frost Dragon Halberd opened a mortal wound on his body as the assailant fell about a dozen meters away all while spraying blood.


With a single attack, he slew a ninth Heavenly Realm individual.


The other 4 ninth Heavenly Realm experts revealed looks of shock and awe. The soldiers, General Li Xian included started taking a fearful stance. Who the hell is that youngster? That power!


He critically wounded a late-stage ninth Heavenly Realm servant like nothing!


Yun Ling examined Ye XingHe with a pair of gleaming eyes. His power exceeded her predictions. A youngster with this kind of talent, it’s unimaginable no matter how she scrutinized him. It’s hard to fathom what heights he could achieve in the future.


Maybe, she should tell Martial Goddess Tian Yin!

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