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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 297: I want to see you

Ye XingHe knew that his mental attack in the form of the Heavenly spirit dispersal, it’s basically a surprise mental attack that gained him this easy victory. If the opponent prepared himself with mental defenses, he wouldn’t have won so easily.


To the others, it was the result that mattered, he cut down another with one attack, that was all they needed to know.


The remaining 4 ninth Heavenly Realm individuals exchanged looks as they hesitated. They are all re-evaluating Ye XingHe’s power, none of them was brave enough to challenge the unknown.


Ye XingHe gave Xia Yu Ning and Yun Ling a look and he said.


“You two, leave now, I can take it from here!”


If the two of them ran away, he reckons he can run away safely by relying on his Frost Dragon Scaled Armor and Frost Dragon Halberd.


Yun Ling chuckled when she heard him.


“The Word Grasping Floor is only a structure, it can be demolished as easily as any other building. But if the Zhou empire thinks they can walk all over the Yulan Palace then it has another thing coming!”


Yun Ling played another tune and the sound quickly spread far and wide.


Like thunder, it traveled miles in mere seconds.


Ye XingHe felt dozens of strong individuals flying over in response to this SOS sound.


Ye XingHe only realized that Yun Ling had this in the bag since the beginning. She never took the soldiers or direct servants here as trouble. Did she do this on purpose? In order to test him?


The 4 ninth Heavenly Realm experts trembled in horror, the auras locking onto them are from people that they can never win against.


To think there is such a large force embedded by Yulan Palace in the capital.


Commander Li Xian knew the tables had turned so he decided to fold it while he still can.


“Lady Yun Ling, let’s leave this matter as is for now. I believe the Yulan Palace wouldn’t want to cause trouble for Zhou Empire for a matter like this, right?”


Yun Ling grinned.


“I think your remorse came a little bit too late, wouldn’t you say so? Oh, by the way, the thing about causing trouble for the Zhou Empire? This is probably a good time to tell you that we have been preparing for this for a long time now.”


Commander Li Xian obviously didn’t expect this reply from her.


Yulan Palace is a powerful faction that stood outside the brawls of the empires. Each empire feared the might of Yulan Palace. They also appreciated the fact that Yulan Palace never clashed with any empire. Should the hostility of the Yulan Palace be taken as a declaration of war?


“Lady Yun Ling, as a member of the Yulan Palace, I urge you to reconsider your words!”


Commander Li Xian said with his fist in his palm.


Yun Ling waved her hand and she continued with a low voice.


“Seize them!”


The forces sent by the Yulan Palace grabbed them.


“Yu Ning, the situation is under control here, we should go.”


Ye XingHe told Xia Yu Ning. Commander Li Xian and his retinue are not a match for the forces from Yulan Palace.




Xia Yu Ning nodded. Frankly, she didn’t like Yun Ling because she feels threatened by her. She’s too beautiful.


Yun Ling giggled.


“Junior brother XingHe, where are you going in such a hurry? Since you already came here, why don’t you spend a little more time with me?”


Ye XingHe had a feeling that this isn’t the true extent of the Yulan Palace’s power. He admired their power and he mentally added a note to watch his steps around this faction. He couldn’t hold back his curiosity and he asked her.


“Lady Yun Ling, is the Yulan Palace really going to war with the Zhou empire?”


Yun Ling nodded slightly.


“Yulan Palace already inserted most of the fighting force within the Yulan Palace in this endeavor, they are all here in the capital!’


The Yulan Palace concentrated their forces in the capital? Ye XingHe silently gasped.




Ye XingHe asked. The Yulan Palace is a very large powerhouse, there has to be a reason why it chose to go to war with an empire.


“I am not too sure myself. It’s what the Palace Master decided, my duty as a disciple under the Yulan Palace is to follow the Palace Master’s order.”


Yun Ling smiled at him.


“I know about your stories, including you.”


Yun Ling glanced at Xia Yu Ning.


“I know what you two have been up to. I also know about what happened after you sneaked into the palace. Now that you are both enemies of the emperor, there is no harm in telling you that the Palace Master ordered us to investigate the royal family and the emperor a decade ago.”


They have been on the emperor’s case since 10 years ago? She’s implying that the Yulan Palace is also an enemy of the emperor.


“I get it now!”


Ye XingHe pieced together the clues in his mind.


Yun Ling beamed at him. She dropped the explanation since Ye XingHe already got her hint.


The emperor is too powerful. With just Ye XingHe and his company, they won’t be able to stand a chance at all. With Yulan Palace aiding them, maybe they can defeat the emperor? Who is stronger between Martial Goddess Tian Yin and the emperor?


“You two were in our radar, we know what you two did, The venue, commander Li Xian’s involvement, they are all within our plans!”


Yun Ling smiled at him.


“If the Imperial army is the mantis catching the cicada then that would make us the sparrow behind the mantis. I should thank you for helping us capture 5 ninth Heavenly Realm individuals belonging to the Zhou empire, this went towards diminishing their overall strength.”


Xia Yu Ning felt her heart going cold. She actually stepped into two traps instead of one. Not only did the imperial army pull one over her, Yun Ling also plotted with them as the bait. Luckily for her, Yun Ling meant them no harm, if she did then they would have been in serious trouble back there.


She blamed herself for being so naive and reckless. She thought she could trust the person who worked for her father. She didn’t think the imperial army already bought his loyalty.


“Well, that’s enough small talk, we should talk about more serious matters.”


Yun Ling gave them an ambiguous smile.


Ye XingHe’s heart jumped for a second there. He expected her to drop a bombshell given all the information she revealed to him.


She obviously put a lot of thought into doing this, she must be doing it all for a good reason!


Yun Ling pursed her lips as she beamed at him.


“Our palace master would like to see you!”


Ye XingHe flinched in shock.


“Your palace master? She wants to see me?”


“Yes, Martial Goddess Tian Yin wants to meet you!”


Yun Ling smiled again.


“Our palace master noticed you for quite some time now. She specifically told us to bring you and your comrades over to her in addition to dealing with Li Xian and his entourage.”


Ye XingHe thought about it and he believed that Martial Goddess Tian Yin probably wouldn’t harm them. With her power, if she wanted them dead then they would have been dead for a long while now.


“Shall we?”


Yun Ling looked at Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning.

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