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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 298: A chance encounter

Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning exchanged a look after listening to Yun Ling.


It wouldn’t harm him to meet with Martial Goddess Tian Yin. He might even get the chance to see An Xue Yun.


He started fondly thinking about An Xue Yun, his first woman. No doubt she left a permanent mark in his life, any news about her would get Ye XingHe excited.


“Please, sister Yun Ling, lead the way.”


Ye XingHe said.


“Finally, you called me ‘sister’!”


Yun Ling giggled. This change came from changing his attitude towards her, Yun Ling noticed this and she continued trying to persuade Ye XingHe.


“Relax, the palace master just wants to see you. She could have killed you if she wanted to, since you’re here, well, you figure out the rest. Also, you stood up for me, I must pay you back somehow.”


“Let me thank sister Yun Ling in advance then!”


Ye XingHe cupped his hands in gratitude.


Yun Ling chuckled in glee but Xia Yu Ning is obviously none too happy with their delightful exchange of words. She didn’t like her man Ye XingHe calling another lady his sister like that. From their friendly attitudes with each other, she wondered how they got to meet each other.


Ye XingHe laughed when he saw Xia Yu Ning pouting like a hamster with food in its mouth. Xia Yu Ning is a very straightforward girl, she didn’t try to put on a façade in front of another stranger. But, as someone who can see the bigger picture, she knew better than to pick a fight in this place.


They followed Yun Ling.


The imperial palace, a certain side chamber.


Sitting at the best chair in the place is a figure in a black robe. He’s the strongest divine envoy serving the emperor, Zhen Yun. Hiding his face under the hood, nobody could see his expression but the storm of killing intent spoke volumes about his mood.


Other than Zhen Yun, there are dozens of people standing in two lines to his left and right.


“Master Zhen Yun, our men were all captured.”


A servant said.


“What an incompetent lot, the bunch of you. Why is it so god damn hard to capture two kids? You’re all trash!’


Zhen Yun yelled at them.


“This lowly one wishes to express deep regret but the matter was out of our hands since the Yulan Palace plotted against us. We had enough people to catch the kids but the Yulan Palace sent more forces than we could handle. We had no idea the Yulan Palace already placed so many members in the capital.”


The servant tried to defend himself.


“Yulan Palace?”


Zhen Yun narrowed his eyes as a cold glint flashed in his eyes.


“Yes Master, should we report this to the emperor?”


“No need, the emperor secluded himself to cultivate, we shouldn’t disturb him!”


“I knew the Yulan Palace is up to something when they sent in the saintess. It looks like they are gearing up to fight with us. Martial Goddess Tian Yin is strong but she’s weaker than the emperor!”


“Master, what is our next course of action?”


“I want you detailed investigations on the number of Yulan Palace operatives in the capital. If you screw this up again, you know what will happen to you, right?!”


Zhen Yun glared at everyone here.


“Yes, master!”


The other servants all yelled back.


The outskirts of the capital, in a big park of some sort.


The garden is littered with countless fruit trees. There is also a large variety of flora growing here, the floral scent and myriad of colors assaulted one’s senses in a very pleasant manner.


Walking on a winding path, they traveled deeper into this fantastic forest. Soon, pavilions and canopies greeted their eyes.


The scene looked simply astounding. It’s like they walked into a painting.


They didn’t think the main outpost would be situated in such a dreamy place. Since this is the outskirts of the capital, the Imperial army and the Dragon Chariot army rarely made their rounds here so visibility-wise, they are safe.


On his way here, Ye XingHe also sensed a profound formation hidden with the trees as the medium, without proper guidance, it is very easy to get lost in this forest.


There are powerful auras coming from the buildings and pavilions in front of them. As he had expected, the Yulan Palace’s power could not be underestimated.


As he continued walking, beautiful ladies and girls dressed casually appeared frequently.


Each of them would be a jaw-dropping beauty if they walked on the streets.


He didn’t spot any male at all.


He recalled that the Yulan Palace only accepted female disciples. They also forbade disciples from marriage and giving birth. They only made exceptions once in a blue moon. Even then, these disciples that do marry are tasked with important duties when they enter into matrimony with dukes, princes, and kings of other empires. And, when they are married, they are no longer considered disciples of the Yulan Palace, officially anyway.


Unofficially, they are still doing the bidding of the Yulan Palace.


The Yulan Palace is very strong so the nobilities of various empires are more than willing to take in disciples of the Yulan Palace as wives.


This only makes the Yulan Palace more frightening, considering how they had influential people at top posts in various places.


Although the faction is an independent faction, in a way, they are also greater than the empires because of this.


When Ye XingHe appeared here, the young ladies all stopped playing around and they hurriedly retreated into somewhere where Ye XingHe & co couldn’t see them.


“This place is so weird!”


Xia Yu Ning said.


“What’s so odd about this place? You mean how there are only girls here?”


Ye XingHe chuckled.


“I am not talking about them. I am talking about their attitudes, they took a look at us, and then they ran for their lives like we are beasts!”


Xia Yu Ning pursed her lips in slight dissatisfaction.


Ye XingHe also wondered about this when prompted by Xia Yu Ning. She had a point, they shouldn’t be this afraid unless someone high enough enforced the rules stringently.


Even if they aren’t allowed to come into contact with the other gender, they didn’t need to put so much distance between themselves and him, right?


Ye XingHe gazed at the mansion in front of him. The Martial Goddess Tian Yin, what is she like?


Yun Ling didn’t mind Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning’s reaction. She chortled and she continued.


“Come with me!”


Yun Ling led them up a series of steps.


After passing through a large gate, they found themselves in a square courtyard. Not far away from them, a slim figure passed by. Like the other disciples, she’s dressed in white light muslin robes, she tied her hair up in a neat manner. Although they only saw the side of her face, it didn’t take hard to imagine that her face is probably very exquisite. Her beauty could steal souls.


Ye XingHe stopped breathing for a second. It’s An Xue Yun who he constantly thought about day or night!


“Xue Yun!”


Ye XingHe yelled in elation. He’s truly glad that he encountered An Xue Yun in this place.

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