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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 299: Martial Goddess Tian Yin

An Xue Yun stopped moving for a second.


However, she didn’t turn around. She didn’t even spare him a glance and she continued walking.


It’s like she didn’t know Ye XingHe or heard him calling out to her.


Ye XingHe flinched in surprise but he recalled the passionate scenes of her going to town with his body and that was enough to convince him that she’s still in love with him, she’s probably acting like strangers with him. It’s his job to figure out why she’s behaving like this.


“Xue Yun, you’re here as well?”


Xia Yu Ning wanted to greet An Xue Yun but Ye XingHe stopped her by grabbing her hand.


Xia Yu Ning turned back in confusion. She’s feeling very guilty about causing a misunderstanding between them the last them they were reunited. An Xue Yun left without listening to their explanations.


She didn’t know that An Xue Yun got her cucumber patch plowed by Ye XingHe.


Ye XingHe shook his head. He knew that An Xue Yun is restraining herself for a good reason and it was not yet time for them to talk.


Otherwise, she wouldn’t have left the morning after they finally sealed the deed.


Yun Ling warned Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning.


“Be wary of the venue, do not speak unless spoken to and do not greet the residents here on your own!”


Ye XingHe nodded.


Xia Yu Ning became speechless.


Did things change after An Xue Yun entered the Yulan Palace?


Ye XingHe wanted to go and pull An Xue Yun around, he wanted to talk to her at lengths. But, he can do nothing as he watched An Xue Yun take her leave. The Yulan Palace is still a largely unknown organization, he wouldn’t want to give her more trouble than she has already got on her plate.


Yun Ling had a worried look after glancing between Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning.


She told them.


“Come with me. You two should know that An Xue Yun is the saintess of our Yulan Palace, her identity and status means that you two shouldn’t approach her without proper procedures.”


Ye XingHe had more questions after listening to Yun Ling. How did An Xue Yun become the saintess of the Yulan Palace, what happened to her all this time?


Xia Yu Ning gasped in shock. She had heard news about the Yulan Palace but she’s still very puzzled by An Xue Yun’s identity as a saintess.


They passed through corridors and they finally entered a wide hall.


It’s a very opulent and classy hall. A gigantic curtain is in front of them, he could barely discern the figure of a young lady from beyond the shroud, she laid nonchalantly on her couch. Separated by the curtain, he can see the silhouette of her dainty legs and figure getting up from the couch.


He can’t see her face but he guessed that she’s probably a beauty on another level.


What shocked him the most, however, is that he couldn’t feel any aura coming from her.


By logical deduction, she should be the Martial Goddess Tian Yin who ordered for them to be brought before her. She’s famously revered for her power and strength. This could only mean that her power is so overwhelmingly strong that he couldn’t gauge it with his senses. She’s probably someone on the emperor’s league.


In front of the curtain, two rows of ladies stood as if they were awaiting orders. The lady closest to the curtain is An Xue Yun.


An Xue Yun looked thinner than before, it pained him just looking at her.


She lowered her head and her raven-black hair blocked her face from view. He was still mesmerized by her beauty nonetheless.


“Palace Master, I have brought them here as per your orders!”


Yun Ling got down on one knee as she reported her results.


Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning also lowered their waists in deference.


The lady beyond the curtain changed her posture and she turned towards them. A lovely and indolent voice greeted their aural senses.


“So these two are Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning?”


Ye XingHe image of the Martial Goddess Tian Yin had always been a masculine hero standing on top of countless apex experts. He didn’t peg her for being so graceful, it looks like he has to revise his impression of the Martial Goddess Tian Yin.


“Yes, Palace Master.”


Yun Ling nodded.


An Xue Yun lowered her head further.


An Xue Yun is actually very anxious as she’s unaware of why Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning were summoned here. She had a bad feeling about what’s going on here. She wanted to yell at Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning to quickly escape from here.


Although Martial Goddess Tian Yin looked very detached and charming, she’s aware of Martial Goddess Tian Yin’s true self.


Martial Goddess Tian Yin has never allowed any male to enter this sanctum. She must have a good reason for doing so, it’s her intuition that’s telling her that the goddess did this for a malicious reason.


“I respectfully greet the Martial Goddess Tian Yin.”


Ye XingHe saluted her.


“May I ask why did the Palace Master summon us here?”


Ye XingHe adopted just the right amount of respect.


Martial Goddess Tian Yin’s gaze fell upon Ye XingHe. She continued probing him.


“I heard you two entered the palace and even fought with the emperor himself?”


“That is correct!”


Ye XingHe nodded. So far it went as he predicted, Martial Goddess Tian Yin called them here over the matter with the emperor.


“I am surprised you two made it out of the imperial palace alive, with your cultivation levels, I mean.”


Martial Goddess Tian Yin blatantly said.


“We escaped by the skin of our teeth.”


Ye XingHe replied.


“Other than Elder Wu Xiang who helped, who was the other person?”


Martial Goddess Tian Yin shot them a sharp look.


Martial Goddess Tian Yin is probably referring to Shang Guan Xuan.


“She’s my friend. As for her identity, I am afraid I cannot divulge that detail, forgive me for that.”


Ye XingHe replied.


She had a vicious look for a second there.


“Do you know what happens to people who are insubordinate in the Yulan Palace?”


He felt like somebody forced countless needles into his body as a heavy aura started enveloping him, his throat felt dry and he almost coughed up blood. He replied with cupped hands.


“I made a promise that I will never reveal her identity. Even if the Palace Master takes my life, you will not get any information on her.”


Martial Goddess Tian Yin snorted.


“You’ve got guts, I will give you that.”


He thought the Martial Goddess Tian Yin would leave it at that but another wave of aura immediately forced him down. He immediately fell down to the floor, forced by the energy to kneel before her, he tried resisting but it only added more cracks to the damaged floor.


“Let’s see how far you can take that backbone before it breaks!”


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