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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 302: Battle of the Tower of Gods

“Okay, the others stay, only you can leave this place!”


Martial Goddess Tian Yin said while leering at Ye XingHe.


It would be a punishment itself for Ye XingHe to be apart from Xia Yu Ning and An Xue Yun knowing that they will be confined here against their will.


Martial Goddess Tian Yin’s decreed meant that he couldn’t reject here.


With tearful eyes, Xia Yu Ning watched Ye XingHe leave while Martial Goddess Tian Yin subdued her with her mighty pressure. God only knows when they will meet again after Ye XingHe’s trip to the Tower of the Gods’ fifth floor.


Maybe, this would be the last time they saw each other. If anything happens, she’s going to use everything in her power to pursue Ye XingHe.


An Xue Yun also looked in Ye XingHe’s direction. Her bleeding head tore Ye XingHe’s heart to shreds.


Ye XingHe knew her thoughts without needing her to say anything at all.


“I will definitely return!”


Ye XingHe stared at Martial Goddess Tian Yin. His eyes are bloodshot like a savage beast.


“An Xue Yun and Xia Yu Ning will stay here while I will do my part of the sentence. When I come back from the fifth floor and find out that either one of them got harmed during their stay here then I swear I will level Yulan Palace to the ground, not even grass will be spared.”


“Bold words!”


Martial Goddess Tian Yin snorted.


“Why don’t you try and figure out how to return alive before you say something like that?! Guards, take him away!”


Middle-aged women in armor came and they prodded him.




They looked like they were ready to beat him up if he did anything.


Ye XingHe stood up and he gave Martial Goddess Tian Yin the meanest look he can muster. He eyed Xia Yu Ning and An Xue Yun before he turned around towards the exit.


He didn’t know if whether or not he would return alive from the fifth floor of the Tower of the Gods.


My life is already a blessed one with you two by my side!


He’s going to try his hardest to come back alive. That’s because there are two women waiting for him!


Xia Yu Ning started tearfully recalling the memories they shared together. How nice it would be if they could rely on each other as they spent the rest of their lives with each other. Damn the heavens for conjuring up so many events that tore them apart time and time again.


An Xue Yun was sobbing. Her heart felt like it would break at any moment. She was the reason for Ye XingHe’s departure into the fifth floor of the Tower of the Gods.


This is perhaps a form of divine punishment for trying to embed herself within Ye XingHe’s heart despite not being fated to be with him. She got too greedy and now they are punished for their actions.


Living the rest of her life in solitude would be a light punishment if Ye XingHe’s life could be bought back.


She prayed for his safe return!


Escorted by guards, Ye XingHe exited the mansion. He clenched his fists after looking back.


Martial Goddess Tian Yin, there will come a day where I personally defeat you in battle!


The sky is grey and the air is humid. The Zhou empire’s sky is overcast. He can hear thunder echoing in the distance.


The capital’s defenses got ramped up several times. One could see the Imperial Army and Dragon Chariot Army’s soldiers scattered throughout the city, the pedestrians walked past them with lowered heads.


The residents started opting to stay at home. They knew something big is going down so normal people like them would be wise to lay low unless they wanted trouble to find them.


South of the capital is where one would find the Dragon Chariot Army and the Imperial Army’s barracks. With the barracks demolished, countless stages of ridiculous proportions were constructed in its places.


Experts in different clothing from all over the world gathered here.


The arenas are brimming with people and chatter.


The Battle of the Tower of Gods is finally here.


The strongest 100 participants will be allowed entry into the Tower of the Gods.


Everyone stared at this legendary tower with excitement. There are many rumors from the countless treasures contained within to the alleged 10x cultivation speed inside the tower. Apparently, training inside for 1 year is equivalent to a decade of cultivation. There are also tales of a guardian within this tower. If a cultivator managed to receive the inheritance, peerless power would be within one’s reach.


Whatever the reason may be, this event attracted attention from all over the world, geniuses of various empires arrived in droves.


The participants numbered easily in hundreds of thousands.


With so many arenas here, countless selection battles are already in place.


Ye XingHe stood alone among the sea of people. With a hood covering his figure, he spotted a distant look.


Not far away, he can see the Hu Yan clan and the True Flame clan, they were gathered in a rather vacant plot of land. Xiao Zhuo Yan and Hu Yan Zhuo can be seen there.


Xiao Zhuo Yan looked around, she looked like she’s trying to find somebody. She wanted to find Ye XingHe because they haven’t seen each other since he infiltrated the imperial palace along with Xia Yu Ning. Fortunately, Ye XingHe & co sent a message that told her they were safe.


“Big bro Hu Yan, do you think Big bro Xinghe will come or not?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan pursed her lips.


“He will!”


Hu Yan Zhuo insisted.


“I think he’s already here.”


“Why didn’t he come searching for us then?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan felt a bit upset.


“Relax, he’s probably doing this out of concern for our safety. Xinghe and the new lord have strong cultivation levels, they will be just fine!”


Hu Yan Zhuo rubbed Xiao Zhuo Yan’s head while smiling assuredly.


A group of individuals approached them from the other side.


“Young master, the selection battles are already happening. Anyone who won ten times in a row will proceed to the next round. A defeat would be an instant disqualification.”


Liang Yu beamed at them. He lowered his bearing to appear modest.


Standing by Liang Yu’s side is a person Ye XingHe had interactions with before, Yun Yi Fei, the young master of the Southern Lord.


Liang Yu led the Dark Moon Clan out of Tian Zong city and they subordinated themselves to the Southern Lord. The Southern Lord took him in as an adopted son. He somehow managed to recruit a large following of strong individuals and the Souther Lord favored him very much as a result. Now, he traveled here with the young master to participate in the Battle of the Tower of Gods.




Yun Yi Fei nodded. He looked around him. It appeared like he was searching for a certain group of people.


“Who might the young master be searching for, I wonder?”


Liang Yu’s eyes shone with a subtle glint.


“Nothing, we should see what’s going on over there!”


Yun Yi Fei nonchalantly said as he moved forward.

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