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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 303: All must die

Princess Hong Ye and her retinue arrived but she couldn’t locate both Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning no matter how hard she tried to find them.


She is here to lend a helping hand. She cried for a few nights because she’s very worried about Ye XingHe and Xia Yu Ning.


Empires, nobilities, they all gathered here to participate in this event.


One loss and you’re out, that’s a harsh and simple rule so the geniuses trod carefully, they also reined in their gigantic egos while choosing their entrance timing properly.


Granted, the really strong individuals were still as cocky as ever.


Some distance away, deafening cheers erupted.


“That’s the young master of the Sky Falcon God Clan, Ying Ye. He’s definitely going to become the next sect master of the Sky Falcon God Clan.”


“Eighth Heavenly Realm at the age of 16? This talent is comparable to Ling Yu of the Divine Sword Clan.”


“Pretty sure achieving eighth Heavenly Realm means he has more talent than Ling Yu!”


“Then that would make him the number one young genius of the Zhou empire!”


“I wouldn’t say that. Have you guys forgotten about the rebel who slapped the crap out of the Sixth Prince?! That guy must be more talented than Ying Ye.”


The people gossiped.


Ye XingHe looked in the direction of the youth named Ying Ye. He was decked out in a simple white robe that didn’t mar his handsome style. By appearance alone, he was enough to make countless girls fervently gaze in his direction. He noticed that this guy is still hiding a portion of his power. For someone so young, he had more than enough talent to cause huge waves in the audience.


Spars are still ongoing as more and more people got disqualified. At this point, the average passing rate for participants is less than 1%. There are countless individuals who continuously won, they just failed to attain a 10-wins-streak. One defeat and that’s game over for the participant.


Ye XingHe continued gathering information as he went about the arenas.


At this time, a woman covered in a modest hood appeared by Ye XingHe’s side. She whispered in a cold tone.


“The palace master ordered you to enter the next round, you’re also to maintain a low profile and not attract everyone’s attention!”


Her voice made him clench his fist in quiet fury. His veins started bulging underneath the skin of his arms.


When he turned around, that woman is already gone.


He is the fish fillet on the chopping board while the other side is the one with the knife, he has to listen even if he didn’t want to.


Shang Guan Xuan also secluded herself for cultivation purposes. He didn’t know if she’s hostile against Martial Goddess Tian Yin but even if she is, Ye XingHe reckons that it would be very hard for her to achieve victory in a duel with the Martial Goddess Tian Yin.


He can’t help but wonder how An Xue Yun and Xia Yu Ning are doing right now while confined by the Yulan Palace. As for Yun Ling, she should be okay since she’s still on Yulan Palace’s side.


With only 20 arenas available, it would take a long time to disqualify the participants who numbered easily in units of ten-thousands.


Ye XingHe didn’t stop passively raising his cultivation while retaining some of his attention to observe the ongoing matches. Martial Goddess Tian Yin entered his crosshair and one day, he’s going to give her the just reward she deserves, a sound smackdown.


The qualifiers spanned close to 30 days with the matches going on twenty-four-seven, there are also people sparring and fighting in the night as well.


Ye XingHe found an opportune timing deep in the night when the hype died down and people had to sleep. He easily defeated 10 opponents who are all in the sixth Heavenly Realm or seventh Heavenly Realm. He made sure not to cause a stir with his victories.


The average citizens didn’t concern themselves with the qualifiers. However, the princes of Zhou empire made sure to stick around in order to recruit disqualified individuals who are nonetheless very competent.


The Sixth Prince who got his ass handed to him by Ye XingHe was also present as well.


Ye XingHe also took note of another individual, the Ninth Prince. He was accompanied by Ying Ye and a bunch of bodyguards.


Ying Ye is a huge catch, he was honestly impressed that the Ninth Prince managed to earn the loyalty of someone like Ying Ye. Ying Ye should be from the Sky Falcon God sect, does this mean the whole sect is loyal to the Ninth Prince?


He recalled how Xia Yu Ning once mentioned that the Ninth Prince was her suitor who tried to petition the Northern Lord for her hand in marriage. But, the Northern Lord rejected his proposal.


With arms behind his back, the prince exuded a confident air. He scanned his entourage, the others knew what this meant and they backed away for the prince.


The Ninth Prince took this as something natural and he continued nonchalantly while glancing at Ying Ye with a smile.


“Ying Ye, your talents should be enough to win this Battle of the Tower of Gods, right?”


“Nn, Ying Ye is very confident that he can achieve first place!”


Ying Ye saluted him with a palm in fist salute. There was a dark flash of light in his eyes for a second there.


The Ninth Prince had no clue that the Sky Falcon God Sect is actually a side-sect loyal to the Yulan Palace. Both him and his wife are actually spies installed by Yulan Palace.


“Very well!”


He laughed out loud.


“I heard tales of a pair of black and white obelisks that had an ancient sutra inscribed on it. Anyone with this sutra supposedly could contact the gods, you must win and we shall enter the tower to locate this obelisk.”


“Ninth Prince, I cannot possibly allow the young lord the enter such a dangerous place.”


The ninth prince heartily laughed.


“Ying Ye, you underestimated me. The imperial household has always been a militaristic one, we led our men into battles on horseback. We pride ourselves with martial mastery, having been personally tutored by the emperor since childhood, my goal has always been to enter the tower of the Gods. Titles conferred by mortals aren’t worth jack when compared to reaching the end of the way of cultivation. To live for millenias as an apex expert, Ying Ye, do you or do you not want to join this prince on this wonderful journey as my aide?”


Ying Ye was slightly moved, he replied with cupped hands.


“Ying Ye is at your beck and call! My patriarch father and I, the Sky Falcon God Sect, pledges to follow the Ninth Prince!”


“Good, that is what I wanted to hear!”


The Ninth Prince laughed out loud.


“This Battle of the Tower of Gods came with a lot of people who had different designs and schemes. There are also a lot of young geniuses from other empires, we must not let our guard down for even a moment!”


“There’s something I don’t understand, Zhou empire always restricted entry to residents of the empire, the other empires can dream but never were they allowed to join in the past Battle of the Tower of Gods. This year, why did…”


Ying Ye wanted to ask a question that has always been on his mind.


“Haha, I know.”


The ninth prince chuckled.


“Indeed, this year’s a special case. The Zhou empire experienced an uprising, we suffered a great loss in national power. With this in mind, the other empires would insist on joining even if we said otherwise. The emperor with his all-seeing brain decided to just invite every empire instead of risking further conflicts.”


“Ah! I see!”


Ying Ye nodded.


“But, they will all die!”


The Ninth Prince said with a chilling tone as he scanned the other participants around him.

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