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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 304: The tower of Gods

The Ninth Prince’s words shook Ying Ye.


Nobody knew what is the emperor’s actual game plan.


The Yulan Palace started looking into the imperial family about 10 years ago. A decade of spying and investigating yielded no results.


But, Ying Ye knew how important their jobs are.


The Sky Falcon God Sect is a subsidiary of Yulan Palace. They are the guardians of the Yulan Palace that watched over the secular world. Ying Yue is someone who the Martial Goddess Tian Yin trusted. As for Ying Ye, he was indoctrinated since young to be loyal to the Yulan Palace. Ying Ye and his wife,  Mo Lan, met in the Yulan Palace and they got married when they were fifteen. Mo Lan resigned from Yulan Palace and she entered the Sky Falcon God Sect. Moreover, Ying Ye and Mo Lan’s love crystallized in the form of a male toddler who is 1-year-old, that baby is currently in the care of a clansman.


He would prefer spending time in domestic bliss but since this order was from the Yulan Palace, he had to do everything in his power to complete it.


Ying Ye looked at the crowd.


The participants aren’t aware that they have all fallen for a gigantic scheme. From their perspectives, the Zhou empire would never have the guts to do anything against them.


They hailed from the empires that surrounded the Zhou empire. If anything happens to them then it is highly likely that their empires would wage wars against the Zhou empire. With the uprising taking up resources within the Zhou empire’s domain, surely they wouldn’t be able to handle a pincer attack from multiple empires?


Zhou empire would be destroyed if a war broke out.


It’s because they are so sure that the emperor can’t afford to offend so many countries that they nonchalantly came to the capital.


After the first round of disqualifiers, more than 99% of the total participants were washed out, leaving only about 200 hundred participants.


They are all very competent fighters that achieved a 10-wins-streak in the qualifiers. They are the top geniuses from all around the world. Most of them came with very formidable backgrounds or wealth and every single one of them came here for the Tower of the Gods.


Imperial soldiers led them into a large temple.


They were disorderly in movement. Ye XingHe wore a black robe and he hid his disguised countenance with his hood. He didn’t know if the emperor will be making an appearance. However, he’s sure that the emperor would be able to see through his disguise.


No matter how hard he tried to hide his aura, it probably wouldn’t be able to fool the emperor’s senses.


No matter what, he has to rise up to the challenge because Xia Yu Ning and An Xue Yun are still waiting for his return. There’s no way he can call it quits at this point.


Ying Ye brushed past Ye XingHe and he whispered something only he can hear.


“Wait for my orders, the palace master will give her orders through me.”


Ye XingHe looked up and he glanced at Ying Ye’s figure.


So, he’s from the Yulan Palace as well?


This man was standing together with the one in golden robes. That was the Ninth Prince and he is the Prince’s follower.


Ye XingHe recognized this as a spy installed to keep tabs on the Ninth Prince.


The Yulan Palace already infiltrated so deeply behind enemy lines!


At this point, Ye XingHe’s animosity exceeded his grievances with the Emperor. Martial Goddess Tian Yin blackmailed him with his loved ones.


Ye XingHe examined Ying Ye for a short while and then he continued walking with lowered head.


Sitting upon the throne is a man in red robes. His power suffocated all in his presence.




The audience gasped as they detected his aura.


The man in red robes is stronger than Ye XingHe. But, after fighting the emperor once, he can tell that this man is far weaker in comparison to the emperor.


“I am one of the divine envoys serving under the great and mighty emperor, Zhen Yun is my name!”


The man scanned over everyone with cold eyes. He was very thin yet he wore an oversized robe that made him look very peculiar.


“Now that you’re here, know that you are all under my command. The second round will begin tomorrow, the venue will be the first floor of the Tower of the Gods.”


Some of the audience members aren’t too impressed with his attitude. What qualifications did this man have to make them listen to him?


Zhen Yun revealed a creepy grin when he sensed a change in the mood.


“I see some of you aren’t pleased. Come at me, I am happy to oblige!”


Some of them wanted to fight but they restrained themselves in the end.


They decided to go check the Tower of the Gods out first before they did anything.


“No disagreements? Well, let’s get moving then!”


Zhen Yun lifted the corners of his lip.


They followed him and they passed a lot of buildings until they entered a dense forest.


No, seriously, this forest had dense foliage and flora growth, fog clouded everyone’s view.


The experts are all stunned by this. This dense fog is an ideal camouflage to ambush them.


“Hmm, is that fear I sense? The cowards should go home while they still can!”


Zhen Yun teased them.


Pissed by his rudeness, they stomped into the forest.


They felt like they walked for ages through animal paths before they finally came out of the dense fog into another shocking place. They all can’t help but be awed by an enormous floating island. The floating island was chained down by 6 impossibly huge chains.


Below the Island lurked an abyss with an unknown depth.


On the island, a lofty tower pierced the sky.


It took some time for the participants to come back to their senses.


To think there is actually a place that looked like someone materialized a page out of a fantasy book. The experts that came from all over the world started drooling in greed.


Now they understood why Zhou empire hid the exact location of the Tower of the Gods. The other nations all knew that the imperial palace had a large expanse of land that was shrouded by fog but they just couldn’t pinpoint the tower’s location. They sent spies to find it but they never succeeded in their attempts to find the tower.


The predecessors of the Zhou empire laid down formations that sealed and protected the Tower of the Gods from outside detection.


Little did they know that any hostile attempts would result in the seekers being isolated from this area by barriers and perception-manipulating fields.


Surely, with such a fantastic looking tower, there has to be a method of immortality contained somewhere within this tower! The fighters were ecstatic and passionate since they are about to enter the tower.


“But, how do we go up there?”


Somebody asked.


They finally noticed that there are no stairs leading up to the tower. The chains appear to be the only things that led up.


Falling from the chains and into the abyss would most likely result in a gruesome death.


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