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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 305: Chaos

“Well, how are we going up there?”


Some of the fighters asked with a frown.


“Obviously, you ascend by claiming the chains. If you fall down then that’s just too bad for you.”


Zhen Yun grinned.


“Again, no one’s forcing you to go there, if you don’t have the courage then you are free to leave at any time.”


They exchanged looks and they looked at the chains that were easily over 1 kilometer tall. Judging from the wind speed here, it would be easy to fall if one didn’t pay enough attention to where they are going, falling would result in…


With the Tower of the Gods right there in front of them. Their curiosity towards profound mysteries overwhelmed the trepidation they had.


Who knows, maybe this tower really led to the door of immortality?


If they turned back now then they would be giving up on eternal life. It was worth risking their lives for this.


“That’s that, I will be taking my leave first!”


Zhen Yun chuckled and he jumped far far away, landing on one of the chains. He continued making his way with one of the chains as his path.


He ran up the chain like he’s taking a simple hike. The chain didn’t even shake or anything. In front of the strong wind, his body showed no signs of resistance. With steady steps, he steadily made his way up the chain.


Ye XingHe was silently examining the person’s action. He made it looked simple but the wind is deceptively fast-moving.


The others were fooled as their eyes lit up in passion. They jumped onto the chains to seize the first place. Their eyes were dead set on the floating island, specifically, the island at the center of the island.


With a swoosh, a gust blew one of the fighters into the bottomless pit. His wails of despair echoed for a short while before disappearing into the depths. The person himself was long gone from view but he remained audible as he fell into the chasm.


His death served as a grim reminder for the others. They steadied themselves while slowing down.


They noticed that their powers were suppressed the moment they landed on the chains. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for them to succumb to wind.


When they slowed down, it felt like the wind sped up in response.


“Your highness, I think we should go last!”


Ying Ye advised the Ninth Prince.


“You shouldn’t deign yourself with this, let us escort you up when the time comes.”


The Ninth Prince laughed out loud.


“Don’t take me as someone who can’t even deal with the wind. I don’t need escorts, I can climb the chain by myself!”


The Ninth Prince shot out and he landed dozens of meters away. Already on the chain, he dashed up the chain while a couple of individuals tried to block his path.


With cold light in his eyes, he smashed them away, they fell into the bottomless pit below.


The others that ran ahead of the Ninth Prince started speeding up because nobody wanted to get in his way.


The Ninth Prince actually attacked people while operating under intense conditions. It’s like he’s gambling with his life.


“I am one of the family members of the great imperial household. I have killed many during my combat days, to step into Zhou’s territory with ill intents, death is too easy for all of you!”


He said while pushing off 6 more people.


This guy is a mad lad, the others that were on the same chain as him started panicking.


The Ninth Prince is too strong, they reckoned they will be defeated in battle so they hurriedly made their way forward.


Ying Ye looked back at Ye XingHe who is still hiding behind his black hood.


“Brother, you will have to watch out for yourself!”


He jumped and landed on a faraway chain, he swiftly ran up the chain.


Ye XingHe raised an eyebrow and he followed suit.


Xiao Zhuo Yan, Hu Yan Zhuo, and Princess Hong Ye also started climbing up the chain.


Ah ugh Grh


They could hear the others screaming in fear as they fell. It’s very hard to calm down when people are falling all around you whether due to malice or negligence. More importantly, the closer they got to the Tower of the Gods, the greater the suppression of their cultivations. They aren’t even at 10% of their peak states, this weakness induced a sense of disquiet in the climbers.


Even more disturbing, there are other people like the Ninth Prince who wouldn’t flinch while shoving the people in their way off the chains.


To them, that just meant fewer competitors down the road.


Zhen Yun arrived first, he stood atop a small hill and he scanned everyone. He grinned with disdain.


Did they really expect a camping trip when they came to the Tower of the Gods?


Most of them are going to die here.


While the participants climbed the chains, a lone figure stood at the peak of a mountain in the distance. His vision was ridiculously good in that he could see from so far away.


This man stood with a cocky attitude. He is the emperor and he looked at the site with an expressionless look.


“Your majesty, they have begun as you arranged. Also, we started the Thunder Formation as well!”


A servant reported.




The emperor nodded.


“Your majesty, the Yulan Palace…”


A servant came running to him, he was heaving as if he ran all the way here from his office.


“What about the Yulan Palace?”


The emperor frowned.


“We just received news that the Yulan Palace attacked the imperial palace. There is a huge battle going on. There are also news of rebel uprising all over the country, our Dragon Chariot army and Imperial Army got routed and they are all making moves on the capital!”


The servant reported with terror in his eyes.


They didn’t think things would proceed like this. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before the Zhou empire falls.


“Yulan Palace!”


The emperor had a cold glint in his eyes. He detected Yulan Palace’s intervention since a decade ago but he chose to let things slide. He did this because it wasn’t time to fight the only individual he feared, Martial Goddess Tian Yin.


He needed more time and now the time is here. Once he is finished with what he set out to do then he would become the ruler of the world. The demise of an empire like the Zhou empire appeared minuscule in comparison to the potential payoff.


In truth, the concubines and princes are still unaware that their emperor isn’t the emperor they knew.


For centuries now, Demon King Ling Tian ruled the Zhou empire through his various machinations.


This plan was designed and implemented throughout several centuries. The demise of Zhou empire has also been taken into consideration, it’s a small price to pay in his mind.


He gazed at the Tower of the Gods that pierced into the clouds and stretched towards the heavens.


“Pass down my orders, Yulan Palace made enemies with the Zhou empire, the Lords of the cardinal directions are also to be deemed as traitors. All the princes are given command of the Dragon Chariot army and the Imperial Army. The armies are expected to fight down to the very last man, we will not negotiate, we will not compromise!”


The emperor ordered.


“Yes, your majesty!”


The servant said.

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