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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 306: Human heart

Ye XingHe & co finally arrived at the floating island.


Now, the heaven-piercing tower known as the Tower of the Gods stood loftily in front of them.


They had over a hundred participants at the start of this climb. Yet, the climb ended with only about 80 participants.


They looked at each other with hostile looks.


Xiao Zhuo Yan nudged Hu Yan Zhuo and she whispered.


“Big bro Hu Yan, look at that guy, doesn’t he look a bit like Big bro Ye XingHe?”


Hu Yan Zhuo looked at Ye XingHe who wore black robes and he could see they shared similar physique.


Xiao Zhuo Yan wanted to go greet him but Hu Yan Zhuo stopped her. He whispered in a volume audible only to both of them.


“There’s a reason why he hid his identity, we shouldn’t blow his cover!”




Xiao Zhuo Yan thought about it and she nodded in agreement. She’s just glad that Ye XingHe is here.


“You guys have successfully passed the second trial. Follow me, we shall now proceed to the first floor of the Tower of the Gods!”


Zhen Yun slightly nodded and he started walking towards the Tower.


Ye XingHe followed while hiding his face. Looking at the direction of the Tower, he saw a bunch of people standing near the entrance of the Tower. There are eight people there, Sword Eminence Ming Yu was one of them.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu had tight-fitting battle clothes. Her suit accentuated her well-proportioned body. The others around her had a hard time not looking at her.


Her sharp-eyebrows, her exquisite features, and her watery eyes, those are all gifts granted to her by the heavens.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s chuckle would draw out the soul of anyone who heard her, making them desire her from the deepest part of their hearts.


She scanned the newcomers and she noticed Ye XingHe among them. Her internal self shook when she saw him. Her eyes had a weird glint but she managed to calm herself down nonetheless.


“Welcome to the Tower of the Gods. We will not guide you all into the Tower, I hope you all enjoy your stay here!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu laughed as she welcomed them. Her charming look stole the soul of the youngsters here.


“Tread carefully, Sword God Feng Yi is currently on the Third Floor. He was ordered to kill anyone who did not belong to the imperial household!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu sent him a telepathic message.


“You should follow me!”


Ye XingHe’s heart jumped. He didn’t think Sword God Feng Yi of the Divine Sword Clan would make a personal appearance.


It seems this Tower was used as a trap to kill challengers.


He didn’t know who else Yulan Palace sent here other than him and Ying Ye.


Zhen Yun stood at the entrance with a grin plastered on his face.


“You should make the fifth floor your objective. Only if you can reach the fifth floor will the obelisk be within your grasp!”


A massive black door that looked heavy as heck was easily pushed open by him when he touched it.


Creak bam boom


The door opened, Zhen Yun and his retinue entered.


Zhen Yun was followed by the countless geniuses from other empires.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu glanced at Ye XingHe and she flew inside as well.


Ye XingHe made sure to follow while keeping some distance between them. She’s a Divine Sword Clan member but Ye XingHe’s gut told him he can trust her for now.


After everyone entered the Tower, the massive black doors closed with a thud.


A figure slowly appeared from nowhere as he descended upon a mountain near the Tower. More figures in black descended near the Emperor. All 6 of the divine envoys operating under the emperor landed near him. Then, dozens of ninth Heavenly Realm practitioners appeared.


The ninth Heavenly Realm practitioners were tasked with holding Zhou Huan, Xia Lie, and the other imprisoned imperial family members.


“Traitorous usurpers! What are you going to do with us?!”


The imperial family members roared in frustration.


Zhou Huan also looked at the emperor who wasn’t actually his grandfather, he’s a demon king. His real grandfather had been imprisoned since long ago inside a dark and cold cell.


His real grandfather is also here, he had messy white hair and he’s heavily bound by chains and iron balls.


Xia Lie looked at the Tower of the Gods and he immediately knew that they were all brought here for the Demon King Ling Tian’s plot.


Zhou Huan is one of the most important keys he needed.


The emperor laughed nonchalantly.


“Don’t worry, your deaths inside the Tower will be a glorious achievement unsurpassed even by generations of cultivation. With the Extreme Yang and Extreme Ying within my grasp, you shall all bear witness to the greatest historical moment the Zhou empire, no, the whole world shall ever see!”


A servant hurriedly kneeled in front of the emperor after running all the way here.


“Your majesty, Martial Goddess Tian Yin from the Yulan Palace is leading a party of individuals in this direction. Someone leaked the location of the Tower!”


Martial Goddess Tian Yin shouldn’t have been able to pinpoint the Tower’s location. This meant that there are informants within the participants, they must have alerted her!


The emperor snorted.


“The Yulan Palace’s all-tracking divine incense is proving to be more than just a rumor. Since she’s coming here, all the better, we can settle our grudges!’


The emperor led his men into the Tower.



Dozens of minutes after the emperor had entered, Martial Goddess Tian Yin and her company arrived as they stepped into the tower as well.


Not long after, Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong arrived as well. Shang Guan Xuan looked up at the Tower and she showed a melancholic look. She approached the tower slowly as if she’s trying to store away painful memories.


“Lady Shang Huan, this isn’t your first time entering the tower?”


Lin Hong asked.


“I came here 700 years ago! Ye XingHe’s ancestor fell here by the devious scheme of the demon king Ling Tian.”


Shang Guan Xuan’s voice was trembling. She never forgot the day of the Ye ancestor’s death. His death allowed her to survive until today.


Lin Hong stopped after listening to her. Did she just say it was 700 years ago?


How long has she lived?


Is she someone who lived as long as demon king Tian Ling?


“You’re not afraid of me?”


Shang Guan Xuan asked Lin Hong.


“What is there to fear? Monsters are not as scary as the demons inside our hearts.”


Lin Hong said with a look of someone who went through hell and back.


Shang Guan Xuan didn’t know what transpired to age someone so fast that he talked like someone from an ancient era. She only knows that to have this stage of comprehension at his age, he must have gone through unimaginable torment.

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