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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 307: A trap?

To become a Nether power user, he paid with suffering and his own vitality, the total sum paid by him is unfathomable to average humans not that there’s anyone who can endure the process.


“Ye XingHe entered the Tower before us. I wonder how is he doing right now.”


Lin Hong stared at the entrance.


“We have to hurry up or they will all fall prey to the emperor’s scheme.”


“Ye XingHe is in the emperor’s crosshair but his life won’t be threatened for now, that I can assure you.”


Shang Guan Xuan said.


With her extensive knowledge on this matter, she definitely knew more than Lin Hong did. The person herself wanted to keep her knowledge to herself so Lin Hong didn’t pursue this any further. However, he raised his guard against Shang Guan Xuan for omitting details that might be relevant to their situation. She might be plotting behind them.


He had a little trust in her, so far, she appears to be someone who is trustworthy.


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong opened the Tower’s main doors and they flew inside.


While all the important people entered the Tower, the Zhou empire is experiencing an upheaval like no other empires.


Wars and battles broke out everywhere within the empire. Territories of the sovereign started splitting off on independence claims. The Yulan Palace ignited this explosive keg by killing off the experts stationed in the imperial palace. Then, the other regional lords and apex nobles started plotting against the imperial family and each other, creating utter chaos with their movements.


The Zhou Empire enjoyed millennia of peace, now, the empire is in pieces.


Everyone was puzzled, where are the emperor and the imperial family when they needed them.


There are rumors going around that the emperor committed suicide out of despair. The eunuchs then buried his body in an unknown location so no one can find him.


Some said the emperor hid with the imperial household, alleging that they escaped with treasures and hid in their safehouses.


Everyone wanted to find the emperor but no one could locate him.


Of course, these people didn’t know about the emperor’s entrance into the Tower.


After getting turned upside down on its head, the Empire got attacked from all four cardinal directions by the regional lords and top nobles as they all vied for supremacy amidst this chaotic empire.


Rising from the ashes of war, the Hu Yan Clan and the True Flame Sect stood behind the Northern Lord as reliable aides. The godly smiths’ faction, the Divine Sea Pavilion, the Medicine King Gu’s faction, and the Azure family banded together in a solid fashion. Other than that, they also had the support of dozens of upright clans that when combined, made the Northern Lord’s faction the strongest force in the empire.


The other Lords and nobles also put up a quite a fight, they would make alliances and break them at a moment’s notice.


As for the Yulan Palace, the supporting forces retreated after making a mess on imperial grounds. They maintained their independence once more while the other feudal lords and nobles tried to probe the Yulan Palace for their intentions. They didn’t know if they attacked with the intention to annex the empire or they had some other motives behind their attacks.


All the Lords’ faction and nobles made a temporary truce with each other. The Yulan Palace’s might surpassed them so they can’t really fight to the deaths when such a mysterious force is lurking right outside their battlefields.


Basically, the Zhou empire is utterly messed up.


For the fake emperor who is currently in the Tower, he couldn’t care less even if someone reported it to him.


The demise of the Zhou empire wouldn’t faze him a single bit.


If his plan comes into fruition, he can remake the whole empire and extend his control over the entire continent, making him the ruler above all.



The Tower of the Gods, First floor.


This floor is huge and creepy as heck, it’s like they entered the underworld.


There are black boulders everywhere, the gloomy atmosphere would make one see monsters where there aren’t any. Or, they thought there weren’t any monsters when…




A completely black monster leaped out from among one of the rock clusters. It charged straight for Ye XingHe.


“It’s a Dark Eye Beast, careful!”


The others yelled in surprise.


Ye XingHe gathered his star power and he gave the beast a palm strike.


He smashed open its skull and he utterly demolished the content inside its skull, instantly ending the monster’s life.


He ended the Dark Eye Beast with a palm strike!


The other youngsters around him gasped either out loud or in silence. This man in the dark hood had extraordinary power, they made a mental note to stay out of his way whenever possible.


From afar, a person emerged from his youthful peers as his eyes flashed with a look of intrigue.


It’s Liang Yu.


He examined the hooded man known as Ye XingHe and he grinned.


“I didn’t think I would meet someone so familiar in this kind of place.”


He inherited his clan’s mantra, his cultivation soared. He’s not at Ye XingHe’s level though.


Other experts from the Souther Lord’s faction came along with Liang Yu. The Southern Lord’s young master, Yun Yi Fei is also here.


Zhen Yun had a cold grin on his face when he saw Ye XingHe killing the monster.


The monster’s stench and aura upon death started spreading as countless monsters roared in the distance.


The others were taken aback.


“Crap, hordes of Dark Eye Beast are going to descend upon us!”


“What do we do?”


Looking at the source of the noise, they could see at least hundreds of Dark Eye Beast charging straight for them.


They can deal with one or two monsters. However, with hundreds of them basically swarming towards them, it’s more than just troublesome for them.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu sent Ye XingHe a telepathic message.


“Follow me.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu blinked into the distance, she streaked darted into a forest made out of rock formations.


Zhen Yun saw this and he disappeared in a flash as he followed them into the rock formations.


“The guide ran away!”


“It’s a trap!”


“Fuck, we got set up by the Zhou bastards!”


“We must slaughter our way out of here!”


The participants roared in anger. Zhen Yun led them here and he disappeared without notice. The fact that they were attacked by monsters made it look like this was an ambush designed to trap them here.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu continued dashing while Ye XingHe followed closely behind as they left two trails of aura light.


Ye XingHe was bewildered by her frantic running. She didn’t even stop to take a breath but he kept up with her anyway.


After running for close to half an hour, Sword Eminence Ming Yu finally stopped near a boulder as she heaved for air on top of the rock. She looked behind her and she saw Ye XingHe coming to a stop like he was taking a simple jog.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu was silently impressed by the improvements since the last time she met him. Ye XingHe already surpassed her.

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