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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 308: A fight to the death

Sword Eminence Ming Yu steadily walked towards Ye XingHe with her charming body.


She used all her charm, making her look very enchanting.


Ye XingHe lowered his head. He wasn’t sure if she’s doing this on purpose, any other man would have lost themselves to the lust. Ye XingHe also ran all the way here so the heat is starting to get to his mind. But, when he remembered how An Xue Yun and Xia Yu Ning are both still waiting for him to return, he calmed down.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu chuckled when she saw his flustered look.


“I see you’re still not used to being around me. You already saw all my secret places, what’s there to be ashamed of?”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu laughed.


Ye XingHe appeared awkward to her.


“I am not making fun of you. Come, let’s get down to brass tacks.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu continued.


“Brother XingHe, I am sure by now you should have realized that the Tower is a trap designed to draw you inside. You’re his biggest target right now!”




Ye XingHe appeared a bit puzzled.


“Yes, you need to think of a way to escape right now.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu said as she pulled his hand, she wanted to point him towards the exit.


“No, I cannot run!”


Ye XingHe withdrew his hand while shaking his head.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu started getting anxious for him.


“Why are you insisting on staying here when you know it’s a trap? Do you want to get captured by the emperor or something?”


“My women are still in the hands of the Martial Goddess Tian Yin. I have to do this, she blackmailed me into getting an item on the fifth floor. She said she will only release my women if I did as she told me to.”


Ye XingHe said with a stern look on his face. This is the first time he called An Xue Yun and Xia Yu Ning with such a title.


An Xue Yun already popped both her cherry and his, they already consummated their marriage as far as he is concerned. Meanwhile, Xia Yu Ning followed him through thick and thin, how can he give her up like this?


Ye XingHe’s resolve only served to enhance the sourness she’s tasting inside her mouth. When has a man ever truly offered his life to protect her? She’s very envious of Ye XingHe’s women, with a man who would go through hell and back for them, they would probably die peacefully if their time came.


It’s just her luck that there are only maggots around her.


“Sister Ming Yu, you can go. I still need to get to the fifth floor!”


Ye XingHe turned around to leave.




Sword Eminence Ming Yu grabbed Ye XingHe.


He turned around.




“I will accompany you!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu said without backing down.


“Sister Ming Yu, there is nothing to gain from this dangerous venture.”


Ye XingHe shook his head.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu looked at him with a steeled look.


“Even if I have to forfeit my life, I will help you complete this task!”


Ye XingHe is a bit touched. He wanted to turn her offer down when someone laughed out loud up in the air.


“Ming Yu, you did well. You managed to lure XingHe into a secluded spot. I should tell the emperor to prepare a great reward for a job well done!”


A figure slowly floated down onto the ground. It was Zhen Yun.


Zhen Yun’s appearance shocked Ming Yu greatly. She tried to hide him behind her.


“Special envoy, surely you jest. He’s my follower and I am assigning a task to him!”


Zhen Yun guffawed when Ming Yu told him this. Then, he used a very malicious look against her.


“Ming Yu, if you step aside, I can pretend I didn’t see anything. Are you sure you want to die for a traitorous rebel?”


Ye XingHe frowned at this guy. He can sense a great power coming from Zhen Yun.


Ming Yu knitted her brows. She won’t be able to fight him with her current power. If a battle breaks out here, both Ye XingHe and her will die.


“XingHe, run, I will hold him back!”


Ming Yu looked very sure.


She was born as a member of the Divine Sword Clan, having experienced many tribulations, Ye XingHe was the only one who made her feel human again. For that, she was ready to pay back the new lease on life with her own life.


Zhen Yun revealed a look of astonishment. Sword Eminence Ming Yu had always been devious and scrupulous, looking out only for herself. To think she would be willing to use her life to buy time for Ye XingHe.


“Ah, a woman in love, that explains why you’re so blind and foolish.”


Zhen Yun sneered at her.


“I thought you were special, turns out, you are just the same as the mortal women roaming the streets, laughably foolish!”


“That’s just how it is. You’re a special envoy with powers no one could understand, aren’t you the one who’s lacking for being so inexperienced?!”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu walked towards Zhen Yun while she sent Ye XingHe a sound transmission.


“Faster, your women are still waiting for you to come to their rescue!”


“No, we fight together, we can kill him!”


Ye XingHe roared as he jumped into the air, he brandished his Frost Dragon Halberd for a swipe at Zhen Yun.

Sword Eminence Ming Yu is moved that Ye XingHe didn’t do as she said, abandoning her to her death.


She’s not gonna complain, it felt pretty good for Ye XingHe to fight alongside Ye XingHe, he already did enough for her. She jumped into the air to attack Zhen Yun with Ye XingHe helping her.


“Hahaha, puny ants who know not their weakness!”


Zhen Yun laughed out loud as he emanated waves of terrifying aura. He gathered his power and he manifested a demonic image that shrouded his body. He unleashed a palm strike on Ye XingHe.


Scarlet blood demonic palm!


A terrible power struck Ye XingHe’s Frost Dragon Halberd. With a loud boom, he got sent back while spewing blood, he scattered the demonic power but he got hurt in the process.


Zhen Yun’s power exceeded the ninth Heavenly Realm. He’s not someone Ye XingHe can handle at his current cultivation.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu managed to land a hit on Zhen Yun while he’s busy with Ye XingHe.


Not staggered, he used his aura to unleash an AOE blast that sent her flying back as well.


“You want to challenge me?! With just the two of you?! You must be dreaming! Ming Yu, I see you desire death, let me grant your wish!”


Zhen Yun dashed towards Sword Eminence Ming Yu with demonic claws that are aimed for her neck.


He was as fast as lightning.


A single misstep and she’s going to die for sure!


Ye XingHe silently gasped in fear and he hurriedly gathered his energy to throw out a palm aura attack at Zhen Yun.

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