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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 309: Counter-attack

Star pillars started appearing and they stood solemnly in the air.


The star power around him started gathering.


The star power gathered like an ocean, surging vigorously, threatening to engulf everything.


Sensing this incoming attack, Zhen Yun stopped reaching for Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s neck as he stopped to defend against his attack.




Their powers collided in the air in a violent explosion. The force was so great Sword Eminence Ming Yu got sent back a few steps even while defending with all her might.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu was flabbergasted beyond words. Ye XingHe’s power exceeded her expectations.


Zhen Yun also wasn’t expecting such a strong attack from Ye XingHe. He also got sent backward a few steps.


But, Ye XingHe is in worse shape than him. His clothes were in tatters after that attack and he flew back about 5 or 6 meters. He kneeled down in fatigue. His organs were also shaken from that collision.


Zhen Yun snorted.


“Looks like I belittled you a little too much. However, that’s about as much praise as I will give you, you will still die!”


Zhen Yun revealed a sinister grin.


“You two, can you feel cold air permeating your body?”


Ye XingHe looked at his right palm and sure enough, there was a patch of necrotized tissues.


The cold aura started spreading from his palm.


It didn’t take long for his arm to feel like it’s frozen by thick ice.


This cold aura looked very similar to the cold aura suffered by Xiao Zhuo Yan’s grandfather.


So Zhen Yun was the assassin who went after Xiao Zhuo Yan’s grandfather!


“If I did not have any use for you two, I would have killed you both!”


He then glanced at Sword Eminence Ming Yu behind Ye XingHe. He sneered at her.


“You traitorous scum, you sought death on your own, what a shame, you have such a great body too!”


He slowly approached her. Upon reaching a close enough proximity, he gave her a palm aura attack that struck her chest.




Sword Eminence Ming Yu started spitting out blood as she flew through the air. She landed heavily some 2 meters away from Ye XingHe.


She started apologizing while enduring the pain coursing through her body.


“I’m sorry. In the end, I wasn’t of much help. People like me are so sinful that death is an easy way out. People like you shouldn’t meet his end here.”


Ye XingHe’s heart fell into agony when he saw her miserable state.


True, Sword Eminence Ming Yu came from the Divine Sword Clan, she also indirectly caused a lot of pain in this world with her actions. She was a victim of her circumstances, in her core, she is a kind individual.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu can feel her vitality leaving her body. Slowly, her life started flashing past her eyes. From the time when she’s just 16 years old, when she thought she was hot stuff because she’s so damn beautiful, when she dreamed of marrying an absolute specimen of a man.


Then her dreams and ideals came crashing down around her when she was tied up and presented before a pig-like man. She still shuddered when she recalled this, the disgust and repulsion she felt were etched into her being.


Not only was she exposed to the physical manifestation of human ugliness, she also saw the intangible ugliness within a human’s heart in the form of her own older brother’s treacherous actions.


With luck, she escaped that hell before anything happened to her. But, that event still left a deep emotional trauma inside her, any near-rape experience would definitely traumatize a girl, her background notwithstanding. She learned through this ordeal that it’s useless trying to live by relying on another, she had to forge her own path in this world.


After that, no matter what, she stained her hands in order to secure her place in this world. Even then, she’s still plagued by her own nightmares.


She assured herself that she was justified in doing so for this is a world where might makes right. If you had no power you will just become a stepping stone or tool for others to step on or use.


After meeting Ye XingHe, her world changed slightly. Like a walking dead who was resurrected, she started questioning her current life, is there any meaning in living for the sake of living?


Why, why didn’t I meet you when I was younger?


I pray, if there’s a next life, may the heaven take pity upon me and tie us together in happy matrimony.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu revealed a serene smile. In her own imagination, she saw a world where Ye XingHe pulled her hand as they went about in a merry adventure through a woodland forest. There was only laughter and chuckles.


Zhen Yun slowly walked towards them with a malevolent smile on her face.


“Be proud, you are all about to die by my hands!”


He started emanating a terrifying amount of killing intent.


In his eyes, Ye XingHe and Sword Eminence Ming Yu are poisoned by his cold aura. There are only hanging onto their dear lives on a thin thread.


Suddenly, his vision shook. Ye XingHe got up from the floor with renewed vigor and he pierced Zhen Yun’s chest with his Frost Dragon Halberd, he can hear his own bones and meat being torn apart.


He didn’t think Ye XingHe still had the energy to mount a counter-attack on him.


To think he would be the one who got done in by a sneak attack, especially by someone weaker like Ye XingHe.


Ye XingHe clearly got poisoned, why…


Blood steadily flowed out from the grievous wound on his chest. He stared wide-eyed at the Frost Dragon Halberd until his consciousness left him as he wondered just how he managed to let this happen to him.


Yet, that was how things turned out.


Ye XingHe stored away his Frost Dragon Halberd. Zhen Yun blacked out and he fell onto the floor with a heavy thud.


Just now, after falling prey to Zhen Yun’s poison, he used his star power to negate the poison. With the understanding he gained from negating the poison in Xiao Zhuo Yan’s father, he managed to speed up his recovery tremendously while Zhen Yun is still taking his sweet time mocking them.


Ye XingHe was secretly charging up for a sneak attack. He exploited Zhen Yun’s carelessness by first using Spiritual Wave disruption that disoriented his opponent and he used the gap in defense to strike a fatal blow.


After killing Zhen Yun, Ye XingHe wasted no time in curing Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s condition.




Sword Eminence Ming Yu was inching closer to death with every passing second. Ye XingHe started panicking, he infused more star power but at this rate, it still isn’t fast enough as the poison already invaded her organs. She also suffered a mortal wound from Zhen Yun’s palm attack. It’s a miracle she’s still alive.


Zhen Yun attacked with the intention to kill Sword Eminence Ming Yu. He didn’t go easy on this attack.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu felt the warm energy entering her and she struggled to open her eyes. Looking at him, she gave him a lethargic smile.


“XingHe, you’re okay. That’s great.”


Ming Yu’s lips started going pale, she looked as pale as a corpse.


Ye XingHe felt very guilty for her present state. He started tearing up.


“I am so sorry. If I didn’t you drag you into this, you wouldn’t have…”


Ye XingHe hugged Sword Eminence Ming Yu.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu gave him a smile that clearly lacked any vitality. She rubbed his face with affection. Suddenly, she wanted to live. The heavens are cruel, right now, she only wanted to carve his expression into her mind, this way, she will forever remember Ye XingHe’s face.


“I am so cold.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu mumbled. She felt a creeping fear gripping her from within, she’s afraid at what lies beyond death’s door, the current she would have to give up.

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