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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 310: Is she dead or not?

Ye XingHe continued infusing star power into Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s body.


No matter what he did, vitality continued to drain from Sword Eminence Ming Yu.


His star power is also dissipating from her as they just won’t stay in her body.


Ye XingHe felt very confused. It seems like injuries inside this Tower is worse compared to the same injury outside of this Tower.


“Ye XingHe, this is where we part.”


Sword Eminence Ming Yu slowly closed her eyes. Even if she’s unwilling to leave that which she so desperately chased, it is her time and there is nothing she can do about this.


“No, I will definitely save you!”


Ye XingHe focused all his power on healing Sword Eminence Ming Yu. But, it’s all in vain. He recalled her dreadful encounter with Sword Eminence Ming Yu and the experience they went through in that valley.


The memories hurt him the more he thought about it. Maybe he’s feeling sad about how ill-fated they are or maybe it’s some other factor.


Either way, this looks like the end of the road for Sword Eminence Ming Yu.


Her eyes stayed shut yet her countenance continued to outshine everything around her, one had to think twice approaching her lest they mar her delicate look.


It felt like something invisible is tearing his heart apart. It’s like when his aunt left him, the helplessness and the sadness of losing someone.


When his tears started falling, a ring of light enveloped Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s body.


This astonishing scene filled him with shock.


What’s going on?


She laid peacefully within the cocoon of light. She floated two feet in the air inside this ring of light. He can vaguely see past the gentle light, Sword Eminence Ming Yu continued smiling like she accepted this unfortunate end, seeing a light at the end of the tunnel no one ever saw.


This was an incredible experience for him.


This surpassed his current knowledge.


More than anything, Ye XingHe wanted to know if Sword Eminence Ming Yu is still alive. Did she come back to life?


What is this cocoon of light?


Ye XingHe can feel a great power coming from this orb of light. It is beyond even people like Shang Guan Xuan and the emperor.


While he’s busy examining the light, Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s body disappeared along with the light.


Ye XingHe looked around him and he couldn’t find the light or Sword Eminence Ming Yu no matter how hard he searched.


What’s going on?


This was very fishy.


Is Sword Eminence Ming Yu still alive?


This became a puzzle that was stuck in Ye XingHe’s mind.


With no clues left behind, he reckoned it would be hard to find an answer to this question.


Ye XingHe scratched his head. Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s not dead? He clearly felt all her vitality leaving her body. Is she dead then? What about the vague smile on her face when he last saw her?


Sword Eminence Ming Yu left him with a puzzle that’s impossible to solve.


He didn’t know if that was the last time he would see her as well.


Ye XingHe felt a bout of melancholy hitting him hard.


Because her ultimate fate is unknown, Ye XingHe felt a bit better about how this fight ended. Ye XingHe took one last look at Zhen Yun’s corpse and he had a cold glint in his eyes.


Emperor, I am going to make you pay dearly for this!


Two figures landed near Ye XingHe.


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong rushed through the Tower as they searched around for Ye XingHe. They managed to find him although they are kinda late.


“Did you defeat him?”


Shang Guan Xuan gasped in shock. Zhen Yun’s is the emperor’s greatest martial aide. Ye XingHe’s power wasn’t sufficient to bring Zhen Yun down, or at least that’s how it should have been!


Yet, all evidence from Zhen Yun’s corpse to the wound that looked like it came from his Frost Dragon Halberd pointed towards Ye XingHe.


“Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s help allowed me to finally strike a killing blow!”


Ye XingHe said. His mind was still processing the weird scene of Sword Eminence Ming Yu’s departure.


“Where is she then?”


Shang Guan Xuan looked around.


“I don’t know. I saw her die but then an orb of light surrounded her and she disappeared along with the light!”


Ye XingHe told Shang Guan Xuan about the weird scene, he hoped that she would be able to shed light on this phenomenon.


Shang Guan Xuan knitted her brows in bewilderment. She has lived a long life but she never encountered something like this.


“Worry not, there are so many profound mysteries out there that we will never be able to truly grasp, who knows, she might still be alive!”


Shang Guan Xuan assured Ye XingHe.


Sword Eminence Ming Yu is still alive?


Ye XingHe’s heart jumped at the thought of this.


Lin Hong arrived at Zhen Yun’s corpse, he took a look and then he asked Ye XingHe.


“XingHe, can you give me this body?”


Ye XingHe nodded. He knew what Lin Hong is up to and he didn’t stop him.


Against the greatest foe he has ever encountered, any gain in strength and power should be welcomed.


Lin Hong did his thing and then the three of them gathered.


“Where are we going now?”


Lin Hong asked Ye XingHe.


“I am going to the fifth floor, Lady Shang Guan, do you know how to reach the fifth floor?”


Ye XingHe asked Shang Guan Xuan.


“Nn, come with me, I can guide you two!”


Shang Guan Xuan nodded and she took the lead.


Ye XingHe followed. He stopped for a bit to ask her a question.


“Why didn’t you ask me why I wanted to go there?”


Shang Guan Xuan beamed at him like an immortal fairy.


“I can more or less guess.”


It seems she already figured out the situation.


If she already knows about this then there’s no point in grumbling about this. He balled his palms into fists and he swore once more that he’s going to make the emperor pay.


Ye XingHe and Lin Hong walked behind Shang Guan Xuan. Suddenly, a very soft voice entered her ears. The volume was so low that Ye XingHe and Lin Hong didn’t perceive it.


“So you came?”


The voice sounded very distant and enigmatic.




Shang Guan Xuan replied on a similar frequency.


“It has been more than 700 years and here you are, untouched by time.”


The mysterious voice praised her. The owner of the mysterious voice sounded like he/she is recalling various memories.


Then, the voice faded without letting anyone sense it. Shang Guan Xuan looked into the distance and she calmed down the emotional fluctuations inside herself.


Ye XingHe and Lin Hong missed the voice. But Ye XingHe did feel like Shang Guan Xuan is different than usual, it’s like she’s not herself since their encounter today. But, Ye XingHe just couldn’t point out the weird part for the life of him.

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