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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 313: Half-ape half-man

Hunted down by Demon King Ling Tian and Martial Goddess Tian Yin, it’s understandable that the Azure Feather Family hid in Blue Carp City.


The grudge and resentment from back then continued until now.


Martial Goddess Tian Yin probably doesn’t want to see someone like the emperor getting the Guardian’s legacy. The emperor planned long and hard for this but Martial Goddess Tian Yin probably also got her own plans for this.


Who is going to win? It’s anybody’s game at this point.


More importantly, he wanted to seize control of his own fate. He didn’t want to play the pawn on a boardgame he knew nothing about.


“Lady Shang Guan. What must one do to become a Guardian? Exactly, what should we do?”


Ye XingHe wanted to know about this.


Shang Guan Xuan explored her memories and she replied.


“To become the next Guardian, you need both the Extreme Yang and Extreme Yin. With that, you will need to activate the ancient obelisk and elucidate yourself with the sutra contained on the activated obelisk. Not only that, but the successor must also be someone with the appropriate moral and ethics approved by the current guardian.”


Ye XingHe was confused.


“But Demon King Ling Tian is someone who can betray his own master for his own personal gain, how is someone like that going to get the approval of the current guardian?”


“That is theoretically the case. But, the current Guardian is facing the end of his long lifespan, he really doesn’t have much time to be a chooser.”


Ye XingHe more or less knew about Demon King Ling Tian’s plan. He probably wanted to leverage the Guardian’s short time left on this world to become the successor through alternate means.


If I can find the Guardian before him then maybe…


“Lady Shang Guan, do you know where is the Guardian?”


Ye XingHe looked at Shang Guan Xuan.


“Can we find the Guardian before him?”


“The Guardian can be anywhere in this tower. Locating him should be a herculean feat in itself. But, there is one feasible way, contacting the Guardian.”


Shang Guan Xuan thought about this and she expressed her doubts.


“I don’t know if this method will work myself.”


“Even so, it’s a chance I am willing to take!”


Ye XingHe said with a resolute look.


At this rate, he’s just going to become a pawn for the emperor.


Thinking about his parents, his elders, and relatives, the others close to him, he can’t back down at this juncture! He can only move forward!


Shang Guan Xuan nodded after musing for a brief while.


“Come with me!”


Three figures disappeared into the infinite darkness.


On the other side of the 1st floor, Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan are searching for Ye XingHe after losing their way with the party they came in with. Ye XingHe took his leave along the way and by the time they turned back, he was already gone.


They are all worried about Ye XingHe.


Suddenly, a strong aura came out of nowhere and it locked onto them. Suffocating them with tremendous pressure.


“Zhuo Yan, watch out!”


Hu Yan Zhuo pulled Xiao Zhuo Yan behind him and faced the hulking figure emerging from the darkness.


This figure was well over 2 meters in height. Completely cloaked in dark robes, it emanated intense pressure at them.


Hu Yan Zhuo continued making sure Xiao Zhuo Yan stayed behind as they retreated back. With their powers, they knew they couldn’t take on the current opponent in front of them.


Is it even a human?


They felt very small in comparison when they stood in front of this impossible enemy.


The air around them came to a standstill.


After appearing here, the creature stood unmovingly at a distance of seven meters. Hu Yan Zhuo also didn’t move because he doesn’t want the creature to attack them if they moved.


They would be dead meat the moment the creature attacks!


“Big bro Hu Yan, what is that?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan is tearing up from fear right now.


“I don’t know!”


Hu Yan Zhuo said. He’s also sweating very hard as he tried to concentrate fully on getting Xiao Zhuo Yan away from this place.


“If we fight, I want you to run as fast as you can away from here!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan shook her head frantically.


“No, I won’t run. I will stay together with Big bro Hu Yan!”


The enemy moved.


Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan flinched in surprise. They are practically scared out of their wits.


“Hu Yan Zhuo, Xiao Zhuo Yan.”


The half-ape man used a very low tone that seemed barely human.


Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan both jolted in shock. Who is this creature? Why did it call out to them?


This beast-like person stood over 2.5 meters in height, he is like a giant to the average human. His face was hidden beneath his hood so nobody could see what he looked like. They can’t match this figure to any person they might know.


The cloaked figure paused for a brief while and he revealed his countenance.


He looked like a mix of an ape and human. He had black fur and wrinkled nose like that of a gorilla. However, his eyes looked human, it had an intelligent light within them. He’s not hostile, at least, not to them. They felt a familiarity in this creature’s gaze.


Wait, could it be…


Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan glanced at each other.


They needed time to process this.


“Hu Yan Zhuo, Xiao Zhuo Yan, do you two not recognize me?”


The man asked. He more or less knew about his terrifying appearance and its effects on both of them.


He hid in the mountains and forests. He ate wild berries and drank from rivers to sustain himself. Every time he looked at his own reflection in the water, he felt madness creeping up slowly behind him.


His beast ego is slowly but surely taking over from the inside.


He wondered when he’s going to be consumed by his beast side.


Without a son or daughter, he lived a solitary life. There shouldn’t have been anything in this world that he treasured, he was fine with that. He was ready to return to the soil in this jungle unknown to the whole world. Then, thoughts of meeting Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan came up within him, he couldn’t fight this urge to meet them no matter what.


He didn’t know when this happened. Xiao Zhuo Yan and Hu Yan Zhuo already became existences that he treated like his precious children.


He trailed behind Xiao Zhuo Yan and Hu Yan Zhuo. He sneaked into the tower so he can make his appearance at an apt time.



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