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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 314: Trapped



Xiao Zhuo Yan murmured.


Hu Yan Zhuo looked intently at this figure standing before them. He finally saw the resemblance of Elder Wu Xiang in this creature in front of them.


“It is I.”


Elder Wu Xiang hesitated but he made his own identity known anyway.


“Master, why did you turn into a gorilla?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan blinked in surprise.


Hu Yan Zhuo was also bewildered by his transformation, how did he transform into a gigantic gorilla?


“It’s a long story.”


Elder Wu Xiang sighed.


Xiao Zhuo Yan immediately got overwhelmed with joy.


“Master, you scared the heck out of us. We thought we were going to be done in by a monster!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan glomped Wu Xiang without wavering at all.


Hu Yan Zhuo slowed himself down but he approached Wu Xiang anyway.


Elder Wu Xiang wasn’t anticipating a hug from Xiao Zhuo Yan as well, he panicked when he caught her.


Xiao Zhuo Yan was only slightly taller than his knees. He kneeled down on one knee and he asked her.


“Do you not fear me?”


“Master’s master, what’s there to be afraid of?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan blinked her eyes in puzzlement, she was a bit pouty that her master adopted a distanced attitude with her.


Elder Wu Xiang looked at Hu Yan Zhuo and he got an honest smile from Hu Yan Zhuo. That’s enough for him.


Touched by their earnest joy of reunion, tears started appearing in the corners of his eyes. This is the first time anyone saw his monster appearance and still accepted him with open arms.


“Master, what is going on with you?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan asked in confusion. She rubbed his knee and she was impressed with his size.


Elder Wu Xiang grabbed Xiao Zhuo Yan and he placed her on top of his shoulder.


“We have to go way back to 900 years ago, at that time, I was just a kid…”


“900 years! Master has been alive for that long?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan blinked her eyes in astonishment.




Elder Wu Xiang replied. He looked into the distance while he reminisced.


“At the time, I was only a 15-year-old youth, I somehow found myself in the cave of the ape ancestor, I drank some ape ancestor blood and got my hands on the Ape sutra. When I returned to my village, I transformed for the first time and the other villagers saw my form and they saw a monster in me. In the end, they chased me out of my hometown.”


“From the on, my lonely days began. I still visited my parents and I left goods and gold for them but they would always throw it out. Meanwhile, the other villagers treated them like outcasts. In the end, they died miserable deaths and I was officially homeless from that point on.”


Wu Xiang sounded like he blamed himself for all the things that transpired.


Xiao Zhuo Yan started bawling out loud, her tears fell to the ground in large drops.


“Master, please consider Xiao Zhuo Yan and me as your family members!”


Hu Yan Zhuo earnestly said with tears in his eyes.


Xiao Zhuo Yan nodded vigorously.


“Nn, master, we are family now.”


Xiao Zhuo Yan and Hu Yan Zhuo are the only ones in his entire life that accepted him even when they know about the appearance of his transformed self.


“I lived a long life thanks to the Ape Ancestor blood. But, I can feel the blood taking over from the inside out. After the fight with the emperor, my blood almost broke free of my restraints. If my blood threatens to overwhelm me then I will leave.”


Wu Xiang looked up at the ceiling above.


“This Tower, maybe this is where I belong in the end.”


Elder Wu Xiang talked like his time is here.


“No, Master, Xiao Zhuo Yan doesn’t want to see you leave!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan hurriedly protested.


Wu Xiang wanted to give her an aphorism on the inevitability of death but he saw the frantic look in eyes and he assured her with a chuckle.


“Be at ease, my ape ancestor blood won’t go out of control so soon!”


Wu Xiang looked into Hu Yan Zhuo’s eyes.


“When I am gone, Xiao Zhuo Yan will be in your care!”


Wu Xiang sent Hu Yan Zhuo a telepathic message.




Hu Yan Zhuo nodded.



Somewhere deep in the First floor of the Tower…


This area is geographically close to the center of the Tower. In a relatively wide field, there are eight star pillars standing in a majestic manner.


These star pillars are at least dozens of meters tall. They were constructed out of white stone.


A mysterious power came from these star pillars.


There are 3 figures here. Ye XingHe, Shang Guan Xuan, and Lin Hong examined the constructs.


“These are star pillars!”


Ye XingHe was astounded by this finding. He has a very intimate relationship with star pillars. In the Trials Ground, he found remnant star pillars, he later cultivated star pillars within him. After that, he developed skills that materialized and leveraged star pillars.


“Yes, this is a Star Pillar formation. There are star pillar formations on each floor of the Tower. Any Star cultivator meditating within it will be able to speed up their training via an enhanced connection with heaven and earth. We hypothesized that these formations acted as cores supporting the Tower.”


Shang Guan Xuan continued while looking at Ye XingHe.


“The Extreme Yang stele within you should be able to establish a communication line with the Guardian should you cultivate within it.”




Ye XingHe asked.


“I am not too sure myself.”


Shang Guan Xuan shook her head.


“I think it’s worth a shot.”


“I don’t see why not. You can increase cultivation speed at the very least so I think you should try it out.”


Lin Hong said.




Ye XingHe approached the Star Pillar formation.


As Ye XingHe made his way towards the formation, Shang Guan Xuan exchanged a look with Lin Hong.


He arrived at the center of the formation. The density of star energy here blew his mind.


There are weird totems on the ground, profound light flashed between the structures.


Ye XingHe can feel his eight great meridians resonating with the totems here.


Ye XingHe looked back at Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong. They nodded back at him so he sat down and he started getting in tune with the star energy around him.


Shang Guan Xuan used this chance to approach one of the star pillars here. She placed her palm on it and with a charge initiated by her, the pillar hummed while releasing a great surge of energy.


The energy changed state into an invisible membrane that’s barely translucent to the bare eyes. It enclosed the entire Star Pillar formation.


Ye XingHe opened his eyes when he felt a disturbance in the force. He knew something’s up so he stood up as he yelled at the both of them.


“What’s going on here?”

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