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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 316: A mook

The Tower shook.


A vast amount of energy entered the formation.


As Ye XingHex bathed within this torrent of power, he entered a mysterious boundary.


It’s a place suffused with light. Ye XingHe looked around and he can see nothing but the light here. It’s like this is a world of light.


Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?


Ye XingHe looked at his own open palms. Everything felt real to him. Then, where is he?


A figure slowly emerged from within the bright light.


It’s an old man draped in white robes. He had pure white hair and a white beard. He looked very amiable, like an immortal who transcended mortal affairs. He beamed affably at Ye XingHe.


“May I ask who this senior might be?”


Ye XingHe said with puzzlement in his eyes.


He looked similar to his clan’s patriarch. This was the source of the confusion in his mind.


“Haha, Shang Guan Xuan told you about me, I am sure. I am Tian Hong, your ancestor. Oh, you might know me, people call me Great Emperor Tian Ling.”


The elder smiled at him.


“This rude descendant apologizes for not recognizing the great ancestor!”


Ye XingHe got down quickly and he kowtowed to his ancestor.


So this old man is Great Emperor Tian Ling, the one mentioned in legends? This old man looked like a very steady and well-mannered old gentleman. He didn’t look like the playboy described by Shang Guan Xuan.


“XingHe, there are things you shouldn’t believe even if it’s said by someone very trusted by you. Exaggeration and bias can distort the truth. Sure, I was young and I admit I had my fair share of messing around, leaving behind, well, a lot of pleasant mistakes. But, I am sure Shang Guan Xuan went overboard with some of the stories she told you.”


The old man combed his long beard while laughing heartily.


Ye XingHe appeared a bit awkward, maybe because Great Emperor Tian Ling read him like a book.


“I am sorry for offending my ancestor.”


Ye XingHe apologized without hiding anything.


Great Emperor Tian Ling waved his hand.


“I don’t blame you. If anyone’s at fault, it should be that little brat Shang Guan Xuan.”


He called Shang Guan Xuan a little brat. It felt weird to him because Shang Guan Xuan was very old compared to Ye XingHe.


He immediately recalled Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong’s predicament. He pleaded with his ancestor.


“Lady Shang Guan and my sworn brother are about to fall into great danger. Please release me from this prison, I will be eternally grateful for your gracious action.”


Great Emperor Tian Ling revealed a look of deep affection when his gaze fell upon Ye XingHe.


“XingHe, I can see that you are fundamentally kind and lived with unquestionable integrity. Even among all my descendants, you are the cream of the cream. Breaking this barrier formation will be a cinch but what of the later parts of your triumphant rescue?”


Ye XingHe fell into deep thought.


“Ancestor, I cannot sit idly by as Lady Shang Guan and Lin Hong run straight into death traps. I am willing to die if it means fighting alongside my comrades! Death spares no one, a man is judged by his action, and I want to stand tall even in death.”


Great Emperor Tian Ling paused for a brief while.


“There is a method you can try.”


“What is it?”


Ye XingHe immediately jumped at the thought of being able to do something.


Great Emperor Tian Ling looked at him and he continued.


“They said this Tower is a door to eternal life. But, there is no eternal life in this plain. This Tower is actually a construct erected by our human forebears who banded together and sealed ancient demons. Should the day come when someone like Demon King Ling Tian breaks the seal, the demons sealed beneath the tower will spell doom for the humans of this world.”


“The false promise of eternal life is only a fabrication concocted by ill-intentioned demons who want to manipulate humans into opening the seal of the Tower.”


Great Emperor Tian Ling continued.


“Every full moon, millions of souls will gather and suppress the demons and spirits.”


“I see!”


Ye XingHe gasped.


“Actually, the Guardian is already long dead. There is no one who can cheat death for tens of thousands of years, not even the mighty Guardian can evade death for that long. But, this is a secret not known by many. Our forefathers spread this lie about the Guardian’s status and successor-finding so they can buy more time. When I died in front of the Tower, I used a secret spell to keep my soul intact. I stayed and roamed because I know that my destiny is not yet here. After seeing you, I understood the reason why I was allowed to persist for so long, it’s all so I can pass my powers along to you!”


“But, ancestor…”


Ye XingHe wanted to say something. However, a ginormous force blasted him from every direction.


“I have done a lot of things for humans. I also committed a lot of mistakes. After trials and tribulations, I understood that death completes the void of life. Death comes for everyone, be it the corporeal or the incorporeal mind-soul form. By passing my power to you, the successor, I will have completed my last deed.”


Great Emperor Tian Ling’s voice echoed in his mind.


Warm energy coming from a mysterious force permeated his body, increasing his power tremendously, more so than even his previous cultivation speed and the two dragon imprints he has on him.


This gentle energy didn’t compete against his own energy. It encompassed anything and everything as it merged with his own power.


Sitting in a meditation stance, he delved into his cultivation state, aided by profound energies, the dense energy formed faint clouds around him that shrouded him from view.


He continued training with closed eyes as time ticked on.


Meanwhile, in a deep part on the first floor of the Tower.


Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan searched everywhere for Ye XingHe but they couldn’t find him no matter how hard they tried.


After they traversed an area that could be best described as a forest of ominous stones and boulders, they saw dozens of individuals gathering at one spot.


They are all the lackeys of the emperor. Hu Yan Zhuo recognized one of them, he went by the name of Tian Yun. He’s one of the divine envoys serving directly under the emperor. He also had a bunch of ninth Heavenly Realm experts by his side.


“Big bro Hu Yan, they might know where Ye XingHe went!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan said.




Hu Yan Zhuo nodded as he approached them.


“Let’s go ask them!”


Tian Yun noticed them and a sinister light flashed in his eyes.


“I see we have two mooks here!’


Tian Yun snickered. He waltzed over to Hu Yan Zhuo and Xiao Zhuo Yan.


The other ninth Heavenly Realm experts also followed him as they circled the two of them.



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