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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 317: Cleaning out the trash

“I got one question for you guys, where is my Big bro XingHe?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan asked in a blunt manner.


She’s just too adorable. She’s like a doll in front of them.


The others couldn’t help but divert their attention towards her.


Tian Yun was stunned for a moment. Then, he laughed out loud.


The other ninth Heavenly Realm practitioners behind him also laughed in unison.


Hu Yan Zhuo said nothing as he stood behind Xiao Zhuo Yan.


Xiao Zhuo Yan felt a bit puzzled.


“What are you laughing at? It was a simple question, have you seen Big bro XingHe?”


“Are you referring to Ye XingHe?”


Tian Yun squinted while a dark light brewed within his eyes.




Xiao Zhuo Yan nodded.


“Little missy, I know where is Big Bro XingHe. Come here and I will tell you where is Big bro XingHe.”


Tian Yun had a sarcastic smile on his face.


Kids, to think there are youngsters brave enough to come to the Tower with such meager power!”


“You think I am that easy to fool? You think I am a kid or something?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan huffed with arms akimbo.


Wait, you mean you aren’t one?


Tian Yun roared with laughter. Then, he used a very sinister look with her.


“Capture the both of them!”


The ninth Heavenly Realm lackeys behind him jumped towards the two of them.


Xiao Zhuo Yan shrieked.


“Master, these people want to bully me!”


A giant figure fell like an iron tower as he molded one of the ninth Heavenly Realm experts into a messy pile of broken bones and bleeding flesh with visible ease. The guy yelled out loud in agony as blood spilled down the sides of his mouth.


Tian Yun & others stopped as they stared up at the giant half-ape half-human creature in front of them. Looking like a humanoid demon, the creature unleashed a terrifying wave of aura.


It’s nothing something they can withstand with their powers.


Tian Yun and his crew wanted to lament at their misfortune. They thought the two of them are traveling by themselves. They didn’t think a monster would be backing them up!


That monster just destroyed a ninth Heavenly Realm individual like a ragdoll.


“Let’s gang up on him!”


Tian Yun rallied his retinue. Maybe they can defeat this monster if they worked together.


Wu Xiang grinned with disdain. That’s too naive of them! His body trembled with an overwhelming power that wanted to express itself physically. These people are bringing out the beast within him.


He sent them a backhanded slap.


Bam bam bam


His mighty slap for the ages sent seven ninth Heavenly Realm experts into shallow graves, they didn’t twitch after receiving that powerful slap.


There are a few flame cultivators here and they rained flames down upon Elder Wu Xiang. His aura stopped the flames and explosions from doing anything to him and his surrounding.


Elder Wu Xiang was a star cultivator who wielded an additional power known as the Ancestor Ape’s power. He is someone who can resist the emperor after all.


Tian Yun possessed overwhelming power as a divine envoy serving the emperor. Even so, he relied on the emperor to forcefully raise his power. Against an established practitioner like Wu Xiang, he paled too much in comparison.


At this point, Wu Xiang’s Ancestor Ape blood got stimulated and his power levels are basically through the roof compared to his passive state.


They saw the flames landing ineffectively on Wu Xiang and they decided to combine and unleash a charged attack against him. Wu Xiang was faster, he appeared in a blur.. To his victims, it was like a giant mountain suddenly slammed down on them.


Wu Xiang roared in anger as he smashed his palms down on them.


He nailed a ninth Heavenly Realm expert into the ground just like that.




A wave of energy crashed against the others around Wu Xiang.


The flame cultivators were propelled into the distance by the force attack, leaving behind trails of blood.


Tian Yun got sent back a few dozen steps by the force attack. He looked at Wu Xiang with terror in his eyes.


What the hell is this thing?


Tian Yun wanted to turn tail and run for it but a significant pressure locked him into place. Wu Xiang grabbed Tian Yun and he unleashed a concentrated force attack.


Tian Yun’s dantian started trembling greatly as his power drained away.


He’s suppressing my powers!


Tian Yun felt despair, his death seems imminent at this point.


Wu Xiang lifted Tian Yun up.


“Now, tell me, where is my Big bro XingHe?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan leered at Tian Yun.


Tian Yun bitterly smiled.


“I don’t know where is XingHe. I only know where his parents are kept!”


“XingHe’s parents?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan exchanged a look with Hu Yan Zhuo.


“Yes, XingHe’s parents are in the emperor’s hands!”


Tian Yun nodded.


“Lead us there!”


Hu Yan Zhuo growled at him. They must rescue XingHe’s parents right this instant!


“Don’t play any tricks or you will die terribly!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan glared at him.


“I wouldn’t dare. My life is in your hands!”


Tian Yun bitterly grinned. He is planning to lead Xiao Zhuo Yan and Hu Yan Zhuo to the emperor’s current location. That way, the emperor can deal with this monster.


Only the emperor can defeat a monster like this!


Elder Wu Xiang dangled Tian Yun in front of him like an oversized lantern. Xiao Zhuo Yan and Hu Yan Zhuo followed behind Wu Xiang.


“Big bro Hu Yan, do you think he’s lying to us?”


Xiao Zhuo Yan asked Hu Yan Zhuo.


“I don’t think he would.”


He shook his head.


“He is probably leading us to the emperor. Brother XingHe wants to find the emperor, with him here, we will be able to locate both the emperor and Xinghe in due time!”


They’ve also got a score to settle with the emperor!


The four of them traveled deeper into the first floor of the Tower as their figures melded with the infinite darkness here.

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