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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 318: Everyone must die

3rd Floor of the Tower of the gods.


There is a large brawl happening on this floor.


Many experts and practitioners navigated their way here, the place where Sword God Feng Yi was in charge of guarding.


Anyone who wanted to get to the fourth floor needs to survive Sword God Feng Yi’s attacks. None managed to overcome him as evidenced by the bodies strewn all over the place.


Sword God Feng Yi stood his ground while Ling Yu stood somewhere nearby.


Ling Yu appeared to be sick. He kept twitching and trembling oddly. Sword God Feng Yi sneered after taking a look at Ling Yu. The emperor is currently on the fifth floor. After the great emperor achieves immortality, he will become the second human to attain immortality.


His job is to guard this place and wait for Ye XingHe to appear.


He can meet up with the emperor after capturing Ye XingHe.


This is all part of the emperor’s scheme. Plus, Ye XingHe’s parents are in the emperors’ hands. Ye XingHe has no choice but to appear sooner or later.


Sword God Feng Yi is simply elated.


“.Master, my body, it’s burning up! I feel like I am about to explode!”


Ling Yu grumbled with an anguished expression.


“Ling Yu, you need not worry. This is part of the assimilation process, it’s a sign that you’re merging with the Hong Meng demonic seed. Only by integrating it into yourself will you be able to obtain more power. Can you feel it? The power that’s surging inside you.”


“I am suffused with so much power, I can’t handle this much power, I don’t think my body can take it.”


Ling Yu’s voice was very shaky. He felt his blood boiling like hot lava.


“Yes. Let the power flow through you, do not reject it!”


Sword God Feng Yi smiled at him.


Ling Yu can feel something coiling around his spine. The foreign object swiftly proliferated inside his body. He didn’t understand what was happening, something inside him told him to listen to Sword God Feng Yi. His consciousness started fading bit by bit.


“Come, eat this pill, you will feel better after that.”


Sword God Feng Yi took out a black pellet and he shoved it into Ling Yu’s mouth.


With a gulp, Ling Yu ate the medicine. His thoughts went blank and there is no intelligent light left in his eyes.


Sword God Feng Yi grinned.


“You can’t even beat a kid from some random clan. You are more useful to me as a demonic slave.”


Ling Yu said nothing in response to this blatant verbal smack to the face.  He only stared vacantly ahead at nothing.


Suddenly, two figures flew over. Lin Hong and Shang Guan Xuan arrived on the scene.


Shang Guan Xuan looked at Ling Yu and Sword God Feng Yi. She noticed Ling Yu who’s behaving like a meat puppet. She raised an eyebrow.


“You fed your own disciple a demonic seed?”


“Yes, that’s right, I made him eat it.”


Sword God Feng Yi addressed Shang Guan Xuan.


“You must be Shang Guan Xuan, the emperor told me to present your head to him!”


“You call yourself a master when you fed your own disciple a demonic seed. Where’s your humanity? Come take my head if you can!”


Shang Guan Xuan said with a frosty tone.


Lin Hong looked at Sword God Feng Yi with disgust written all over his face.


“So much for the great and mighty Sword God Feng Yi, you’re just a petty crook at heart!”




Sword God Feng Yi laughed out loud.


“Humanity? That’s rich coming from you lot. One of you isn’t even a human. Meanwhile, the other one is a Nether Power user. You dare lecture me when you sacrificed countless lives to get your current power?!”


“I killed people who had it coming!”


Lin Hong exerted his nether aura, his powers manifested in a storm of power.


Sword God Feng Yi picked up his Heaven’s End Sword and a brilliant flame rolled up the blade.


Sword God Feng Yi emitted his aura as well.


“I will take Sword God Feng Yi on, you go stop his demonic slave!”


Draped in white robes and long sleeves, Shang Guan Xuan looked like a fairy who descended upon the mortal world. She gathered a mysterious blue power at the center of her palm.


Lin Hong nodded. He formed a greatsword out of his nether energy.


“Go, Ling Yu, kill him!”


Sword God Feng Yi ordered.


Ling Yu’s eyes turned crimson red and he let out a bloodthirsty roar before pouncing towards Lin Hong.


Sword God Feng Yi and Shang Guan Xuan attacked at the same time.


Boom boom boom


Waves of destructive tower decimated the third floor of the Tower.


The terrifying power deluge turned even the sturdiest rocks into shattered stones.


Standing at a distance of dozens of kilometers away, a few individuals watched the show. Yun Yi Fei and Liang Yu were spectating the fight.


“The ones fighting sure are impressive. To think there are people who can fight Sword God Feng Yi!”


Yun Yi Fei marveled.


They wanted to get to the fourth floor, but, they were lucky enough to stop when they heard the screams. They saw the carnage near the entrance to the fourth floor and they decided to stay away.


Who are these people?


Liang Yu’s eyes flashed with a cold glint. He asked after a brief pause.


“Young master, what shall we do? With Sword God Feng Yi and the other outsiders, we won’t be able to get the treasure on the fifth floor even if we somehow made it there alive.”


“That may not be the case. We might get lucky as the two belligerent parties wipe each other out. I think we should wait around, search the floor, report back to me when you find something.”


Yun Yi Fei said.




Liang Yu nodded.


Yun Yi Fei turned around. Suddenly, Liang Yu ambushed him and he stabbed the cold metal he had into Yun Yi Fei’s chest.


Blood splattered onto the ground.


The guards around Yun Yi Fei were taken aback. Then, they attacked Liang Yu.




Yun Yi Fei glared at Liang Yu. He knew this guy came from a shady background. It didn’t occur to him that Liang Yu would attack him at such an important time.


“I need you all to die. Your deaths will pave my way towards taking control of the Southern Lord’s faction.”


Liang Yu curled his lips.


“You have all lived comfy lives, you can never understand my motives. One day, I will replace you all and begin my journey to the top. Anyone who obstructs me will die!”


Liang Yu killed off the guards with his dagger.


Yun Yi Fei wasn’t aware Liang Yu had grown so strong. He intentionally hid his power so he can strike at a time like this.


Yun Yi Fei’s vision blurred.


Yun Yi Fei’s body turned into a white orb of light as it disappeared without a trace.


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