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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 319: The fifth floor of the Tower of the Gods

Liang Yu didn’t think Yun Yi Fei’s body would disappear like that. He hadn’t seen anything like that before. Quite honestly, he’s freaking out right now.


Is Yun Yi Fei dead or not?


It would be best if Yun Yi Fei died. He can lie about Yun Yi Fei’s death when he returns to the Southern Lord’s faction. He can just say the emperor’s subordinates killed him while they are busy brawling with each other.


But, if Yun Yi Fei didn’t die. He will be able to tell the Southern Lord on him. He would die a dog’s death if the Southern Lord found out about his actions here.


The Southern Lord is stronger than the public’s impression of him.


He secluded himself to cultivate and as such, he attained cultivation that would shock the common world.


To get the Southern Lord’s trust, he offered his family’s secret mantra.


When they die, it’s normal for them to leave behind corpses like the other guards here. But, Yun Yi Fei’s body disappeared into white light.


Is this some kind of secret technique only known to the Southern Lord’s faction?


Liang Yu clenched down his grip on his knife. He’s too cautious to return to the Southern Lord at this uncertain juncture. If Yun Yi Fei somehow sent a message back to the Southern Lord’s faction, he would be throwing himself into the nets of authority if he returned.


Liang Yu’s eyes flashed.


Since we know nothing, I can only roll the dice on this one.


By making his way to the fifth floor, he might encounter treasures along the way. The Tower is rumored to contain the secret of eternal life.


Liang Yu wanted more power and authority. He made up his mind, he steadily approached the direction where there are intense battles underway.


After fighting for about 4 hours, Shang Guan Xuan’s palm knife pierced Sword God Feng Yi’s chest.


Up until his death, Sword God Feng Yi didn’t think he would die in a place like this.


He was this close to the gate of eternal life. He looked longingly at the entrance leading up to the fourth floor. The promise between him and the emperor faded into intangible smoke with his death.


A mighty individual who commanded the Divine Sword Clan, in the end, his corpse took up the same space and area as the next corpse.


Shang Guan Xuan suffered injuries as well. Her body was stained with blood. She looked in Lin Hong’s direction. He ended his fight as well.


Lin Hong’s mastery over nether energy is at the very peak. Ling Yu transformed into a giant tree monster after consuming the Hong Meng demonic seed. The death of Sword God Feng Yi weakened Ling Yu tremendously.


Lin Hong laid him to eternal rest after piercing his chest with a powerful strike.


“Master, why…”


Ling Yu returned to his senses as death crept up on him. He shed muddy tears as his pupils dilated.


Even at the end of his life, he failed to figure out why his own master would do something like this to him.


Whatever happened to the bond between master and disciple? What a joke.


Lin Hong stood at the side of Ling Yu’s body. He sighed.


“A heartless master and a dishonorable pupil. I guess it’s only fitting that you two met your end together in a dark place like this.”


Lin Hong swung his arm and nether energy enveloped Ling Yu’s body. He congealed his power into nether energies and he absorbed it.


Lin Hong also absorbed Sword God Feng Yi’s body.


Lin Hong turned his attention towards Shang Guan Xuan.


“How are you doing?”


Sword God Feng Yi was stronger than Ling Yu who only just recently discovered the power of the demonic seed. Lin Hong silently praised Shang Guan Xuan for finishing off Sword God Feng Yi. He absorbed a lot of nether energy from other strong cultivators. He stepped into the Deva Realm but he’s still no match for Shang Guan Xuan.


He can’t even beat Shang Guan Xuan, how is he going to defeat the emperor?


Having absorbed Sword God Feng Yi’s power, Lin Hong grew rapidly in power.


“I am okay!”


Shang Guan Xuan stood up as she shook her head.


“Let’s go!”


“Lady Shang Guan, I advise you to slow down and tend to your wounds if you’re wounded!”


Lin Hong said with concern after observing her pale face.


“I’m fine!”


Shang Guan Xuan shook her head as she flew past him.


Lin Hong followed her as a wisp of nether energy.


They disappeared into the entrance leading up to the fourth floor.


After a short while, a figure appeared here. He’s Liang Yu who just got here.


Liang Yu looked around him. He gasped in astonishment. The people who were fighting here had a strength that surpassed his knowledge. In a radius of one kilometer dotted with tough stone mounds, everything got leveled. There are even deep holes and craters littering this wreck of a place. There are shattered boulders everywhere he looked.


He continued hissing as he estimated the power levels of the people who were fighting here.


Liang Yu searched around and he found a body.


There’s a broken sword known as the Heaven’s End Sword here.


Judging by the clothes worn by the deceased, the corpse belonged to Sword God Feng Yi.


A powerhouse is dead. Even if he leaked the news of his death, nobody would believe him.


I wonder who killed someone as strong as Sword God Feng Yi!


There are only pieces of bones here. He wondered how Sword God Feng Yi died. He continued searching the corpse, what’s left of it anyway but he found only normal stuff. There are no treasures to be found here, that’s a bit disappointing.


Liang Yu continued searching the place and he soon found another body.


He found a dark seed under the bones of the deceased here.


“I wonder what is this seed? It must have a function of some sort!”


Liang Yu is curious about his finding. He kept the seed stored within his storage.


After searching around a bit, he ended his search and he took his leave.


On the fifth floor, there is another star pillar formation here. Aside from that, it looked like the other floors underneath. However, there’s a giant obelisk here that’s both black and white.


This obelisk would transition from bright to dim intermittently. Two mysterious auras circled the obelisk.


There are about a hundred people here. One of them stood near the obelisk as he glanced over the words engraved on the obelisk. He looked like he was deep in thought when he suddenly grinned confidently.


Everything’s coming into place.


The time to break the seal of this Tower is near.


The demons planned this for tens of thousands of years. They deployed a lot of schemes to prepare for this day. Now, he’s going to realize the intention of those schemes.

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