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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 320: The fake and the true emperor

The emperor quietly stood here. The others were affected by his passive aura.


There are imperial family members here who are tied up.


Zhou Huan and Xia Lie were both present as well. Additionally, Ye XingHe’s parents, Ye Zhuo, Ye Yan, and Azure Feather’s patriarch, Ye Jun, are here as well.


All in all, there are about 200 hostages here. They are all tied up.


There are 100 guards at the ninth Heavenly Realm standing guard over these hostages.


The rest of the Zhou empire’s core fighters are all basically here. They formed the strongest force the Zhou empire can muster right now.


Sky Falcon God Sect’s Sect leader Ying Yue is also here. He looked very calm as he didn’t reveal his aura at all.


They had their weapons handy. Anyone who moved out of place or got out of line would be summarily executed.


“We can only go to the sixth floor by unsealing this black and white obelisk in front of us.”


The emperor declared with a cold tone.


“From now on, I want you to kill one hostage every 30 seconds. Rub their blood on the obelisk!”




The guards answered back.


They grabbed one of the hostages here. He struggled but he couldn’t break free of the vice-like grip of the guards.


“They are all people who share either one of the two bloodlines. Their blood will open up the way into the sixth floor!”


The guard in charge of that hostage decapitated the hostage after making him kneel in front of the obelisk. His blood splattered all over the obelisk but the obelisk known as the Yin-Yang Ancient Obelisk shined with an eery shade of red.


The emperor revealed a cold grin when he saw this scene.


“Demon King Ling Tian, you’re a monster, you will be damned for all of eternity!”


“Demon King Ling Tian, I dare you to kill us now if you’ve got the balls!”


The hostages cursed him.


The emperor laughed out loud.


“I am not a human anyway. I have no conscience to speak of. Moreover, I already killed so many humans I lost count of how many clans I destroyed. Every type of curse you can spout, I’ve heard it. My lifespan is over 1000 years old. You puny humans can only live for a little more than a century at most. You should thank me for the glory of being sacrificed here!”


Xia Lie frowned. Today is probably the day they will die, the situation looks very hopeless. He is okay with death, he just felt frustrated for letting the emperor get away with his crimes.


Zhou Huan glared holes into Demon King Ling Tian. He would trade anything to bite Demon King Ling Tian to death.


He’s the reason for the demise of his entire family.


“Relax, I will kill each and every one of you without fail!”


He scanned over everyone and he yelled out loud.




Another person got grabbed.


“Unhand me! Release me at once!”


The person struggled but he couldn’t free himself no matter how hard he squirmed. He was brought before the Yin-Yang Obelisk.




His blood painted the obelisk red.


Then, the second totem on the obelisk lit up.


His plan is coming to fruition. Now, he just has to wait for Ye XingHe to surrender himself like a fish that jumps into the fisherman’s net.


The emperor sensed something and he knitted his brows into a frown. Sword God Feng Yi is dead!


“There are only a few people who can kill Feng Yi.”


The emperor isn’t unsettled by Feng Yi’s death. His death weighed little in his grand design.


Feng Yi thought he can attain eternal life if he did as the emperor ordered. Humans can only dream on, immortality is something only demons can get. It’s simply absurd for Sword God Feng Yi to even think about attaining immortality.


To the emperor, Feng Yi is just a slightly more useful pawn.


Now that Shang Guan Xuan is on her way, he reckons that Ye XingHe is also on his way here, right?


The emperor sneered at how easily things are falling in his favor.


The third hostage got grabbed. Are they going to get slaughtered like livestock? They aren’t satisfied with this method of death!


But, they couldn’t do anything because of the chains and shackles holding them in place.


They cursed at the emperor. They wished him death by being reduced to a million pieces.


A few figures approach them. They were shocked by the sight they saw as they slowly approached in a vigilant manner.


It’s the Ninth Prince and Ying Ye, accompanied by their servants and guards.


“Royal father, these people…”


The ninth prince looked at the figures in shackles. He saw familiar faces, his uncles, his siblings, and even someone who looked like his father who aged terribly from stress.


The emperor looked at the obelisk and he said with a deep voice.


“Yan, my son, you are one of the most talented among my progeny. Your wit is also sharp, tell me, what do you think of my decision to execute these rebels and criminals who threatened out empire?”


The Ninth Prince took a look at the imperial members here and he respectfully replied.


“Royal father has his own reasons for putting them to death. Your son is your blade, I do not question your judgment to execute them. I do only as I am ordered!”


“Good, that’s the answer I wanted to hear.”


The emperor nodded.


“You’re my favorite and most trusted son. You have served me well as a royal prince. When all is over, I will give my throne to you!”


“I thank the royal father for his largesse!”


The Ninth Prince was overjoyed by this news.


The others roared in anger.


“Zhou Yan, open your eyes, he isn’t the emperor he claims to be! He’s Demon King Ling Tian in disguise!”


“Your real father is right here! He’s the real emperor!”


Other imperial members pointed at the decrepit man kneeling on the ground.


The Ninth Prince lifted a brow. Their words and the emperor’s weird antics. Maybe…


The Ninth Prince is at least 90% convinced that they were telling the truth.


He looked at the emperor standing with his back to him.


“Royal father, these people are trying to fool me with their words, their sins beget the execution facing them!”


The Ninth Prince said with a slightly wavering tone.


“Yan, my son, do you believe them?”


The emperor said.


Zhou Yan immediately got down on one knee as he gnashed his teeth.


“Why would your son be fooled by them! They are impersonating royals, they should all be executed!”


The emperor laughed out loud.


“Good, Yan, your royal father is very impressed with your judgment. I know you won’t fail me so I am going to task you with one job. Kill these fakes, starting with that fake emperor!”



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