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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 321: In the same boat

The Ninth Prince flinched slightly when he heard the emperor. He looked at the decrepit old man who looked like the emperor.


“Zhou Yan, are you going to treat a stranger as your father? Are you that blind that you cannot recognize your own father?!”


“Zhou Yan, are you really going to kill your own father?!”


The other imperial members all chastised him.


The real emperor looked thin and malnourished, he knelt there in a white robe. Although he looked haggard, one could still sense the air of an emperor around him.


“Yan, my son. How will you handle this?”


The fake emperor patted Zhou Yan on the back. He faintly chuckled.


Zhou Yan took out his dagger and he slowly inched closer to the real emperor.


“My lord…”


Ying Ye tried to advise him.


“What? You want to stop me?”


Zhou Yan looked at Ying Ye with a frosty gaze.


Ying Ye exchanged a quick glance with Ying Yue who stood very far away. They came to a tacit agreement. The next second, Ying Ye kneeled before the Ninth prince with a crisp plop.


“I am willing to follow no matter what my lord does. Please, let your humble follower do the dirty job for you.”


Zhou Yan stopped for a second. He knew that’s his real father.


The fake emperor is stronger than anyone here. No matter who did it, death is the only way out for the imperial family members here.


However, if he wants to rise above the other contenders to the throne, he must not be stained with the bad reputation of patricide.


Ying ye’s words moved Zhou Yan’s plotting mind. If Ying Ye can take the fall for him…


“Yan, My son. Your bodyguard is very loyal but I think this is one of those times where you must take action yourself!”


The fake emperor used a cold tone with him.


Zhou Yan froze up for a short while, then, his expression turned deathly grim. He gnashed his teeth and he continued with a low tone.


“Yes, father, I will personally kill him!”


“Well, execute him in front of the Yin-Yang obelisk!”


The fake emperor laughed out loud.


Zhou Yan approached the real emperor.


The real emperor finally lifted his head, he didn’t say anything when the other nobles are denouncing Zhou Yan. He embraced his fate with an open mind.


“I have done wrong by you and your brothers. If my death can give you peace, then go ahead, end me.”


The other nobles and imperial family members glared at Zhou Yan.


“Zhou Yan, you heinous criminal! Are you really going to kill your own blood father?”


Zhou Yan’s eyes grew cold.


He’s my father, but what has he ever done for me? If I don’t kill him then I will die with him!


If he’s going to die anyway, he should die by my hands!


Zhou Yan stared down at the real emperor and he continued with a guttural sound.


“Do you want to go or do I have to drag you there?”


“I can do it on my own!”


The real emperor calmly stood up. Even while he’s chained with heavy bolts and locks, he stood straight like a brush. He walked towards the Yin-Yang Obelisk.


“Royal brother!”


“Your highness!”


The others started crying for the real emperor.


“State your last wish so you may rest easy.”


Zhou Yan escorted the real emperor, unlike an executioner, he looked very tormented by his own feelings, his inner demons were reflected on his face.


“Life is short, death is an inescapable truth. After being chained up like an animal in jail for dozens of years, I only had one wish, that was to see you all one last time. My only regret in life is being done in by traitors and crooks. I couldn’t properly guide you all because of my absence…”


The emperor sighed. It pained him that his own son turned out like this.


“Old man, I am surprised you can still spout so much nonsense when you’re this close to death!”


Zhou Yan yelled out loud. However, the hand holding the knife couldn’t stop shaking.


He can only survive by ending the life of this person before him!


By killing this person, he can ascend beyond his peers!


Why? Then, is his heart wavering at this point in time?


The emperor stopped before the Obelisk. He didn’t turn around, he just calmly told Zhou Yan.


“Do it.”


Zhou Yan gnashed his teeth, he lifted the dagger up high but he just couldn’t lower that blade onto the real emperor’s back no matter how hard he tried to do so.


The fake emperor urged him on.


“My son, Yan, don’t disappoint me now.”


Somehow, the fake emperor sounded very distant and authoritative, his tone lacked any warmth.


“Do it!”


The real emperor lifted his head in pride and he accepted his fate with shut eyes.


“No matter what happens, I am going to die anyway, the only thing that will change is the identity of the killer!”


“Don’t blame me for this. Blame the world and fate for setting this upon us all. Forgive me!”


Zhou Yan knew his real father begged to die by his hand to lessen the guilt in his heart. He clenched his teeth and he unleashed a jab aimed at the emperor’s heart.


When his blade almost touched the emperor, he reduced his speed subconsciously. Suddenly, a cold light blasted the dagger away from Zhou Yan.


“Who goes there?”


The emperor looked at the all-enveloping darkness beyond them.


Two figures slowly appeared from within the darkness.


It was Lin Hong and Shang Guan Xuan.


“So it’s you two! So you came to surrender yourselves!”


The emperor scanned them and his face turned dark. Ye XingHe wasn’t here!


“Ye XingHe isn’t here! His parents are in my hands, tell him to come here in 5 hours or his parents are dead!”


Shang Guan Xuan laughed at the emperor.


“Ye XingHe can’t come here because we imprisoned him in a special place. Without us, he will never be able to free himself!”


“Yeah! You will never get your hands on Ye XingHe. Even if you kill his parents, we are not the ones who sinned!”


Lin Hong smiled faintly.


“You’re bluffing. I know you two care about his parents!”


The emperor sneered at them.


“Try us, see if we care!”


Shang Guan Xuan gambled on this. If they showed any favorability towards Ye XingHe’s parents when they were already inferior in strength then they won’t even stand a chance in this fight.


The fake emperor coldly scrutinized Shang Guan Xuan. She’s a demoness who lived for hundreds of years. It’s entirely possible that she really couldn’t care less about the lives of a few humans.


“I am willing to exchange Ye XingHe with your lives!”


The emperor sounded very composed, but, his voice echoed in thunderous booms.


“Emperor, you want Ye XingHe? Know that if you kill us, you can forget about ever finding Ye XingHe!”


Shang Guan Xuan declared in the air with her robes that were somehow fluttering without any apparent gusts.


“Do you want to bet on this?”


“How dare you use Ye XingHe to bargain with me. Looks like you two are smarter than I thought. I truly underestimated you.”


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong really grabbed him by the balls here.


“We are the same, can’t keep playing by your rules, right?”


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