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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 322: Execution

The grudge between Shang Guan Xuan and emperors runs very deeply. For Shang Guan Xuan, wrecking the emperor’s plan to priority over anything else.


The emperor emitted a large amount of aura as his expression turned very dark.


“If that’s the case, don’t even think about leaving in one piece!”


The emperor growled. He materialized in front of the two in an instant.


So quick!


Lin Hong and Shang Guan Xuan cooperated to fight against the fake emperor.




Palm beams met in the air.


The terrifying blast of power almost sent everyone flying.


The three attacked each other like miniature meteors. It’s like a hurricane manifested itself here.


The other ninth Heavenly Realm practitioners and guards were blown back by the sheer force generated from the skirmish between the three of them.


This is too frightening!


To think there are individuals who are as strong as them!


The three of them had powers that exceeded their imaginations.


Streams of visible vital energy materialized when the emperor condensed it by grasping at the air. The vital energy formed three giant swords of energies and he sent them crashing down towards the two.


The swords formed a sinister moon the shone with an eerie red.


“That’s the Divine swords of the Blood moon! Dodge it!”


Shang Guan Xuan retreated from the scene. Lin Hong turned into a thin strand of nether energy as he phased away.


The three sword beams crashed down and it drew a deep gorge over hundreds of meters long. The gorge is at least a few meters wide!


If the two of them didn’t dodge in time, they would have died in one hit.


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong ran while the emperor snorted in contempt.


“You wanna run? It won’t be that easy.”




The emperor pursued as he turned into a blurry figure.


The three figures disappeared into the darkness.


In front of the Obelisk, the Ninth Prince shook his head after examining the real emperor in front of him.




The emperor lifted his head.


“You, you know the emperor’s going to kill you, right? My son, let’s run away together!”




Zhou Yan laughed out loud.


“You mean run away like a dog without a home? Like you? How does it benefit me if I run away now? Can you give me status? Glory? Wealth? No, you can’t! You’re the one who led us into this situation by being so incompetent.”


Suddenly, sounds of metal clashing against metal came as Ying Ye, Ying Yue, and the surrounding ninth Heavenly Realm experts all started killing the guards.


“What’s going on here?”


“Sect Master Ying, what is the meaning of this?”


He growled.


Ying Yue paid his greetings to the real emperor.


“Your majesty.”


The emperor nodded.


“Sect Master Ying, say hi to Martial Goddess Tian Yin for me!”


“Ying Yue, you…”


He made it rather obvious that Ying Yue worked for the Yulan Palace.


Ying Yue looked at the Ninth Prince, he declared.


“Ninth Young Prince, my lord, the truth is before you. That fake emperor is Demon King Ling Tian. This old man is your real father! Open your eyes, it’s not too late. Do you want to commit the highest treason against your own father?!”


“Treason? Villains? No, power is everything in this world, justice is a construct dictated by the strong! Do you think you lot can go against the emperor? If so then you guys are too naive. He’s the only one who can give me the throne. Run while you still can, when he comes back, you will all be dead!”


Zhou Yan told them off.




Ying Yue shook his head as he sighed.


The emperor also shed tears when he saw his pathetic son, it felt like somebody is tearing his heart out.


Ying Yue undid the cangue holding the emperor back.


“If he wants to say then let him stay. I sincerely wish he gets what he wants!”


The emperor left with a sigh.


Zhou Yan was temporarily lost for a second but he made up his resolve once more.


He wanted the throne, that is why he will stay behind.


He’s the one who will given the heavenly decree of a ruler.


Ying Yue and Ying Ye slaughtered the ninth Heavenly Realm guards here. Without the emperor to lead them, the minions lost their coordination.


The emperor said the hostages are still usable. He ordered them not to touch the hostages unless specified. Hence, the guards weren’t sure if they should fight with the intent to kill as they restrained their own powers.


Ying Yue freed the hostages one by one. Xia Lie and Zhou Huan joined the fray. There was a lot of eighth Heavenly Realm and ninth Heavenly Realm practitioners among the captives.


As time ticked on, the guards serving the fake emperor got routed.


“Do not panic!”


Xing Yun, a divine envoy directly serving the emperor unleashed a sword meteor at Ying Yue.


Ying Yue hurriedly blocked and the two started an intense brawl.


The flow of battle became stale.


Other divine envoys slowly arrived as the situation turned on the captives and rebels. They were guarding the four cardinal directions when they sensed a battle here. The divine envoys were capable fighters who slowly but surely took control of the battle.


Ying Yue got surrounded by two divine envoys.




Xing Yun stabbed his sword through Ying Yue’s chest.


Even the mighty Sky Falcon God Sect master fell in battle against the strong divine envoy.


Ying Yue slowly fell to the ground as he gave Ying Ye one last look. He didn’t want to go down this way.




Xing Yun kicked Ying Yue away.


Ying Ye saw this scene and he cried out.




Ying Ye roared as he fought his way over here.


“Hmph, trashes who defied the emperor. Die!”


Xing Yun snickered as he took the lives of several ninth Heavenly Realm experts.




Xia Lie grabbed Ying Ye as he swiftly flew away.


Zhou Huan, the emperor, and the nobles swarmed towards the exit.


“Get them!”


Xing Yun led his guards as they gave chase.


Zhou Huan looked around. The place looked empty and messy, even now, he questioned the rationality of his actions. He laughed when he saw Ying Yue’s body.


“Ying Yue, you traitor. I trusted you and you turned out to be aligned with the Yulan Palace. And you, Ying Ye, you all deceived me, you all had this coming!”


The Prince’s voice echoed far and wide.


Suddenly, a figure appeared in front of the Ninth Prince. It’s the fake emperor who returned.


“Royal father, you have returned.”


He immediately got down on his knees when he saw the emperor’s bloody robes.


“Did you execute the two rebels?”

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