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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 323: Deva realm

The emperor coldly asked the Ninth Prince.


“Where are the imperial nobles?”


“Sky God Falcon Sectmaster started a revolt and we executed him. The freed captives ran with the imperial nobles!”


The Ninth Prince replied with a very respectful tone. He felt very chilly when he saw the sinister look on the emperor’s face.


“Xing Yun led our men to chase them down.”


“What are you doing here then?”


The emperor asked.


The Ninth Prince got down on his knees.


“I was waiting for royal father to return.”


“You’re useless to me now. You may die.”


The emperor sent Zhou Yan flying into the Obelisk behind him. He got a bad trauma when the back of his head struck the hard stone. His blood dyed the Obelisk red.


Zhou Yan was flabbergasted. He didn’t think he would die like this, killed by the fake emperor.


Maybe this is him reaping what he sowed.


In the last moments of his life, his eyes glimmered with regret and hatred. But, it was already too late.


The Obelisk absorbed his blood and the third totem lit up on the Obelisk.


The emperor disappeared in a flash.


In this desolate space, Zhou Yan’s eyes turned misty and blurry.


The silent world accompanied the solemn Obelisk as bodies were strewn about.



The first floor of the Tower…


Ye XingHe sat with crossed legs. His star energy vigorously circulated within him like never before, it’s like he has a hurricane raging within him.


In the center of this Star Pillar Formation, he felt like he is one with heaven, the earth, and the stars. He can feel the star energy unraveling itself in front of him. It’s like the power merged with his body. The white stele within him continued to stand as proud as it ever did.


He can feel that mysterious power surging within him incessantly until…




His dantian exploded into a sea of stars.


His physical form underwent a transformation. His outer skin swiftly aged as younger and tender skin took the aged skin’s place.


In seconds, his physical appearance looked way younger than before.


It’s a very profound process of transformation.


It felt like he joined Nature as one.


So this is the deva realm!


His Extreme Yang stele’s secrets slowly revealed themselves to him. The more he understood, the more his vitality sublime beyond his past self.


This is another type of power, a stronger, more robust form of energy.


Ye XingHe opened his eyes and with a light flick of his wrist, power escaped from the star pillars around him. The energy swarmed into his palms.




The Star Pillar Formation Barrier confining him instantly shattered into a million pieces.


Ye XingHe stepped out of the formation and his eyes glimmered with renewed strength. He flew into the air.


Finally, I entered the deva realm.


He is just someone who entered this realm a few minutes ago. Against an opponent who stood at the top of the deva realm, his strength is still insufficient. However, Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong meant more to him, his concern for their safety superseded his rational thoughts.


I’ve got to find them quickly!


Ye XingHe disappeared into the darkness within the Tower.


The fourth floor of the Tower of the Gods. Ye XingHe landed here only to find a grim scene of bodies being thrown all around. It’s not hard to guess that an epic fight took place here. He searched around when he noticed a presence approaching him.


“Who is it?!”


Ye XingHe called the guy out.


That figure showed himself. It’s Liang Yu!


Ye XingHe felt a bit bewildered. Why is Liang Yu here? Why is he all alone?


“Why are you here?”


Ye XingHe frowned.


“Brother XingHe, long time no see!”


Liang Yu looked very panicky for some reason.


“I entered this tower with Young master Yun Yi Fei, we were ambushed and all the guards got killed. The young master disappeared without a trace, oh, the poor Young Master…”


Liang Yu looked sad.


Ye XingHe couldn’t care less about the authenticity of Liang Yu’s words. The life and death of Yun Yi Fei mattered little to him.


“You best return right away!”


Ye XingHe turned around as he prepared to leave.


“Brother XingHe, wait!”


Liang Yu chased after him.


“Since we are both alone in this tower, I think it would be best if we traveled together, how about it? We can help each other as people who came from the same town”


“I am going to find the emperor, you wanna come with me”

Ye XingHe gave him a curt glance.




Liang Yu gasped in shock.


“To kill him!”


Ye XingHe had a very cold flash in his eyes.


Liang Yu flinched. Fighting the emperor is equal to suicide. Heck, the emperor’s divine envoys are strong enough that he didn’t think he stood a chance.


“Hahaha, Brother XingHe heroism charmed me. Let me accompany you on this trip!”


Liang Yu guffawed.


Ye XingHe didn’t trust this guy. He’s not sure what Liang Yu is up to, he didn’t peg Liang Yu as someone altruistic. He must be up to something. Not to mention, he wasn’t that close with Liang Yu.


“Suit yourself, come with me if you want to. Do you know where is the entrance to the fifth floor of the Tower?”


Ye XingHe asked.


This Tower is too big, it’s going to delay him if he has to search for the entrance.


“Oh, I know, it’s this way.”


Liang Yu pointed at a certain direction.




Ye XingHe turned into a blur as he quickly flew in that direction.


Liang Yu also flew and he was surprised by Ye XingHe’s speed. Ye XingHe grew shocking in strength since the last time he saw him.


Liang Yu thought he cultivated very quickly but Ye XingHe destroyed his confidence in cultivation with the ginormous difference between them.


“Brother XingHe, wait for me!”


Liang Yu tried to catch up by speeding up.


Ye XingHe is very worried about Lin Hong and Shang Guan Xuan. He didn’t want to slow down but only Liang Yu can guide him right now. He might know other information too so he should slow down as this might save time in the long-run.


Liang Yu continued speeding up just to keep up with Ye XingHe. He had to, otherwise, he might be left behind by Ye XingHe.


“We will be arriving on the fifth floor very soon!”


Liang Yu’s eyes glinted furtively.

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