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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 324: A date with death

Ye XingHe entered the fifth floor of the Tower with Liang Yu’s help.


There are weird rocks everywhere on this floor. The only they can see overhead is the gray and dull sky. He could hear the shrieks and cries coming from monsters around them.


“Do you know where is the Yin-Yang Obelisk?”


Ye XingHe asked Liang Yu.


Liang Yu thought about it and he chuckled.


“XingHe, I think I have seen a secret map stored within the Southern Lord’s faction, I engraved the map into my memories and I can point the direction but…”


“But what?”


Ye XingHe raised an eyebrow.


“I am very much willing to lead you there but I am a big coward so I don’t think I can bear the wrath of the emperor. If I am caught, I will probably die in no time at all, given my current strength. I can lead you some distance there but I can’t accompany you there…”


Liang Yu smiled.


“I don’t care if you laugh at my desire to live or my fear of death. You can even mock me for being so wimpy, as long as you understand where I stand on this.”


Ye XingHe thought so. He already knew his character and this was within his predictions.


“Yeah, just take me half-way there and point out the direction for me. I will take care of the rest, you can run away then.”


Liang Yu smiled widely when he heard Ye XingHe.


“Come with me!”


The two flew into the distance.


There are weird creatures and monsters on the fifth floor of the Tower. They are all at least eighth Heavenly Realm in strength or higher. Liang Yu and Ye XingHe steered clear of them to avoid wasting time.


After about an hour, the two of them arrived at a relatively wide empty space.


“Just go in that direction and you should be able to reach the Yin-Yang Obelisk in an hour. I will take my leave here!”


Liang Yu waved his hands as he smiled courteously at Ye XingHe.


“Okay, goodbye!”


Ye XingHe bade him farewell and he immediately took off.


Liang Yu didn’t want to go, he’s not going to force him too.


It took him just a short while to travel more than a few kilometers into the distance.


Liang Yu’s eyes had a weird glint as he observed Ye XingHe’s parting figure. He ran at his own pace as he tracked Ye XingHe.



Deep inside the Tower, near the Yin-Yang Obelisk.


The weather looked rather grisly, cold winds that could chill souls blew by anyone who stood here.


The emperor stood here with a very cold gaze in his eyes. He managed to recapture Zhou Huan and other imperial nobles. However, Xia Lie, the real emperor, and others escaped him.


Lin Hong and Shang Guan Xuan were tied up next to him. They were battered bloody.


Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong were strong individuals but they were no match for the fake emperor. They were defeated and captured.


“Your majesty, we are searching everywhere for the others, they will not escape us!”


Xing Yun reported.


“Catch them all! None are allowed to escape us!”


The fake emperor had a very dark look as he continued.


“Fail me and you know the consequences, right?”




Xing Yun’s heart sunk and he hurriedly replied.


Swish swish swish


His men and Xing Yun immediately departed to track Xia Lie & the others down.


Meanwhile, Ye XingHe sensed something midflight and he landed down to examine a poorly lit region near him.


“Who’s there?”


Ye XingHe looked at a rock cave near him.


Suddenly, a few figures emerged from the cave.


“XingHe, it’s me!”


Xia Lie looked at Ye XingHe. He was in contact with Ye XingHe before a lot of stuff happened. He took a very familiar tone with Ye XingHe after escaping his desperate situation.


“Esteemed uncle!”


He glanced at the people around him and he found Ying Ye and a bunch of other fugitives.


“Who are they?”


Ye XingHe asked.


“They are all imperial nobles who got away thanks to Ying Ye!”


Xia Lie sighed when he recalled Ying Yue’s death. He felt a bit sorry about Ying Yue’s death.


Ying Ye still had tears at the corners of his eyes. He told the real emperor and the other fugitives about the exit.


“Everyone, run in that direction, you can evade the fake emperor’s pursuit. I’m sure we will meet again someday!”


“Ying Ye, what about you?”


Xia Lie asked him.


“The fake emperor killed my father, I will not share the same sky with the one who killed my father!”


“You know you’re not strong enough to fight the emperor. Only death awaits you at the end of this path!”


Xia Lie tried to persuade him.


“There are other captives there like Zhou Huan and two princes. I will figure out a way to rescue them, I won’t go bump head with the fake emperor like this.”


Ying Ye shook his head and he bade everyone farewell.


“Take care now!’


Ying Ye made a beeline for the Yin-Yang Obelisk.


He understands the endgame here, but, he will bravely face his fate!


“You guys take the real emperor somewhere safe, I will go with him!”


Xia Lie looked at the nobles and he told them in a stern tone.


“Northern Lord, you…”


“Say no more. I know what I am doing!”


Xia Lie knew this is where he has to fulfill his final duties as a lord. He looked at Ye XingHe.


“You should leave with them!”


Ye XingHe shook his head.


“I won’t!”


“Why not?”


Xia Lie furrowed his brows. The last thing he wants to see is for her daughter to become a widow at such a young age.


“My friends are in his hands.”


Ye XingHe said with a firm resolve in his eyes. Zhou Huan is confirmed captive judging by what the nobles said before this. He also wanted to know about what happened to Shang Guan Xuan and Lin Hong.


Xia Lie looked into Ye XingHe’s eyes and he nodded.


“Okay, let’s go together!”


Trust and loyalty before anything, that’s what a man should do. Xia Lie didn’t stop Ye XingHe even if the path that laid ahead is a treacherous one.


The three of them made their way towards the Obelisk.


The nobles were tearing up after witnessing their valor. If they weren’t tasked with protecting the real emperor, they would have gone with Xia Lie & co.


They were filled with feelings of admiration. They were touched by Xia Lie, Ye XingHe, and Ying Ye’s broad backs.


“They are all heroes with indomitable spirits!”


A noble praised them. He turned towards the others.


“Let’s go, we shall return the real emperor upon his rightful throne!


Swish swish swish


A few figures disappeared into the night.


Ye XingHe, Xia Lie, and Ying Ye continued walking when three figures landed in front of them.


Xing Yun looked at Ye XingHe with flashing eyes.


“The heaven gave you a way out but you chose to ram your way into the locked fortress of the underworld. Don’t blame me for taking advantage of your foolhardiness.”


If he can capture Ye XingHe, it would be great merit in the emperor’s eyes.



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