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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 325: wipeout

Ye XingHe, Xia Lie, and Ying Ye exchanged a look. They had grave looks.


There are furtive shapes moving in the shadow and darkness, probably for an ambush.


They came here with the resolve to die, there is nothing to fear.


Xing Yun had a smug and sadistic smile on his face. He manifested blue flames and he sent them crashing down on Ye XingHe.


Xing Yun is one of the seven divine envoys who are second only to the emperor. He is the third strongest within the divine envoys. He is someone who already advanced into the Deva Realm a long time ago.


His blue flames were in the forms of palm waves that burned furiously. He shot dozens of them at Ye XingHe, any onlooker would feel overwhelmed if they were on the receiving end of this attack.


“I will deal with him, you two take care of the others!”


Ye XingHe instantly formed 8 Star Pillar Images around him. He drew on the Star Power they gathered and he countered with a giant palm beam himself.




The two attacks met in a great collision. Ye XingHe got sent back more than a dozen steps as he spat out some blood from his mouth.


Xing Yun is in no better shape. He faltered by a few steps and he looked deathly pale. His blood is stirring and his organs felt like someone pounded him with a sledgehammer. He came here without realizing Ye XingHe had a strength that matched him, he was caught off guard by this.


Enraged, he got angry at this kid who humiliated a long-standing expert like him.


Xia Lie and Ying Ye also expressed deep shock. Ye XingHe actually got enough power to fight against Xing Yun, that’s great!


Ye XingHe is so young. If he had more than a few years to grow, he could probably climb to a height unseen by others.


“Capture them!”


Xing Yun pointed at Ye XingHe & co.


A few dozen assailants charged Ye XingHe.


The attackers are all ninth Heavenly Realm individuals. If they delayed Ye XingHe, Xing Yun can unleash more attacks when he recovers in a short while, they will be in dire straits then.


“Cover me!”


Ye XingHe started channeling star energy to swiftly recover from his wounds.


Xia Lie and Ying Ye blocked the attackers with all they had.


They were only 2 defenders in a confrontation against a few dozen similarly strong attackers. They couldn’t hold on for long.


After recovering a part of his wounds, Ye XingHe started charging up for a Fading Star Explosion. He gathered the Star energy around him and he formed a large ball of light.


Inside the ball of light, matter collided and was extinguished, unleashing massive energy that had an unbelievable power behind it.


He continued reinforcing that power.


This Fading Star Explosion was greater than his previous by at least three times. That dreadful energy took away everyone’s breath.


“Someone stop him!”


Xing Yun yelled in anger.


The henchmen immediately stormed Ye XingHe.


Xia Lie and Ying Ye felt overwhelmed, they couldn’t stop so many people after all.


A sword pierced Ying Ye’s chest.


A copious amount of blood poured out.


Ying Ye went into berserk mode and he returned a similarly mortal wound by smashing the attacker’s chest into a sunken mess of broken bones and destroyed muscles. The assailant immediately died when he crashed onto the ground.


The sword broke off and it was still embedded in Ying Ye’s chest. Bathed in his own blood, he welcomed the assailants with a pair of wide eyes like an Asura who crawled out from the depths of the underworld.


“Who’s next?!”


Ying Ye unleashed his killing intent.


Some of the other assailants stopped out of fear.


Ying Ye is betting on his life!


Ying Ye let his own blood escape through his own chest without doing anything to stop the blood flow.


“What are you guys gawking at? Kill him!”


Xing Yun ordered.


Five other practitioners attacked at the same time. They aimed their swords at Ying Ye.


Xia Lie got very anxious, these swords will connect for sure. But, he couldn’t do anything to stop it because Xia Lie is pinned down by 3 other ninth Heavenly Realm experts.


Xia Lie fought his way over to Ying Ye.




Stab stab stab stab stab


It was too late, the swords pierced Ying Ye’s chest.


Skewered by five swords, Ying Ye didn’t fall. Instead, he stared at the assailants. He grabbed their swords to restrain them and he used his right hand to pick up steel bullets which he fired at them.


The bullets hit their faces. Most of them died, the lucky ones were mortally wounded as they screamed in agonizing pain.


Ying Ye proudly stood as death came to claim him. His gaze started fading as a deep well of sadness gripped him.


He recalled a lot of things. At the brink of death, he saw scenes of his childhood, his father taught him martial arts but he would always sneak out to slack off. One time, his father took him to the Yulan Palace and he fell in love with a girl there. It was love at first sight, he did everything to win her heart and take her as his wife. In the end, his efforts paid off and he got himself a loving wife, he was deeply grateful for the Yulan Palace’s largesse.


After that, he had a child with his wife and they lived a blessed family life.


“Goodbye, my love.”


Ying Ye mumbled as a deep longing foamed up within him, manifesting as tears that streamed down his cheeks. His vitality quickly drained away from him as his vision blurred more and more.




Ye XingHe roared.


Xia Lie took a sword to his arm and he grabbed Ying Ye before they got out of Ye XingHe’s way.


Ye XingHe took to the air with a giant ball of light in his hand. It looked like a ball of chaotic energy that wanted to exterminate anything it touched. He launched a Fading Star Explosion at them.


“Restrain him!”


Xing Yun felt a terrifying amount of power coming from this ball of energy.


He wanted to run while his subordinates blocked the attack for him.




The energy ball exploded in a grand manner.


A large wave of energy swept up everything in the ball’s way. The ball enveloped a circle with a radius that measured over several hundred meters long.


The shockwave swept up all the ninth Heavenly Realm assailants no matter what they did. Like leaves in a storm, they were wiped off the ground.


Screams of immense anguish could be heard before a deathly silence. Anyone hit by this attack got swept up and burned in the process. The ninth Heavenly Realm assailant who tried to block instead of run got incinerated into dust.


The explosion shook the land they stood on.


Xing Yun stood some distance away but he couldn’t run fast enough to dodge the effect of this skill. White flames engulfed him in an instant.

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