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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 326: Steamroll



The explosion swept up everyone here.


Ye XingHe also got hit by his own power as he fell hard onto the ground.


Xia Lie and Ying Ye were too far away so they emerged relatively unharmed. For Ying Ye, his journey ends here, with his eyes shut tight, he departed for the afterworld.


A man at his prime, his end came too soon.


Xia Lie felt pity and sadness. He’s not familiar with Ying Ye. However, Ying Ye had shown more than enough to convince Xia Lie of his unyielding character.


“Fare thee well, brother.”


Xia Lie sighed.


“Rest easy, we will carry through and fulfill what must be done!”


Xia Lie didn’t die from the previous skirmish. But, he’s severely injured, there are grievous wounds all over his body. His clothes were stained red by his blood.


Ye XingHe’s rage was fueled further by the death of Ying Ye. He looked at the people responsible for this with burning eyes.


Xing Yun and his followers were in worse shape than the former party.


There are bodies everywhere. Only a lucky few survived and even then they are too wounded to fight anymore. The survivors either lacked an arm or a leg after getting hit. Xing Yun was also forced to go down on his knees as he grabbed his chest. Ye XingHe also gave him a mortal wound.


Ye XingHe slowly approached Xing Yun.


“What are you doing?”


Xing Yun crawled back, he had a terrified look on his face.


“I am collecting my dues in blood!”


Ye XingHe slapped at the air.




Xing Yun fell into the distance with the resounding sound of broken bones.


Even if Xing Yun somehow manages to cling on to his life, his cultivation is no more. Without any strength, he will not make it out of this Tower in one piece.


Ye XingHe looked at Xia Lie and he said.


“Uncle, you should go find a hiding spot. You’re in no shape to continue.”


Xia Lie got up with difficulty. He coughed heavily and he fell back down, he couldn’t muster up the energy to stand again. He’s going to need at least a few hours of cultivation to recover his powers.


Xia Lie took one look at Ye XingHe and he knew this man would probably not make it back alive. Either way, he sternly told him.


“You must come back alive. Remember, Yu Ning is still waiting for you!”


Ye XingHe stopped for a moment. The beautiful smiles of the important women in his life came to his mind. He vividly recalled the smiles of Xia Yu Ning and An Xue Yun. He floated a calm smile. He wants to come back alive, but, the odds are stacked against him. This fight looked impossible from the outset.


Even so, it’s his duty to do this.


It’s the choice of a man who has made up his mind.


Ye XingHe wanted to escort Xia Lie to safety but a bunch of figures started surrounding them.


Dozens of ninth Heavenly Realm practitioners arrived with the remaining 4 divine envoys. With 2 dead, they didn’t like the death of the third one. They threw vicious looks at Ye XingHe.


“Brat, was it you who killed him?”


Ling Yun, a very ugly middle-aged woman growled with bloody eyes.


“Yeah, it was me!”


He channeled more Star Power. It looks like this fight will be a grueling one.


The four divine envoys locked onto Ye XingHe with their killing intent.


They wanted to avenge their fallen brothers.


They didn’t forget to exercise caution in the middle of their rage. Although this youngster had the help of Xia Lie and the others, he is probably someone powerful enough to cause a commotion on his own. They must not treat him lightly.


There is a huge crater with a perimeter of 60 meters nearby. They didn’t know what technique was used to create that hole.


The air was heavy, neither side took action first.


Thud thud thud


A monster that looked like a half-human half-ape hybrid came lumbering over with the pressure of a giant mountain. There is a young girl sitting on his left shoulder, a young man also followed behind him from his right side.


“Master, these meanies want to bully Big Bro XingHe!”


Xiao Zhuo Yan blabbed on the villains.


Ye XingHe looked at Elder Wu Xiang. He could tell it was him with a closer look. He didn’t understand why Elder Wu Xiang became like this but that was not important.


The four divine envoys weren’t sure what to make of this situation. They couldn’t fathom the existence of this creature. However, they can tell this creature meant business with the scary aura it released.


Elder Wu Xiang picked Xiao Zhuo Yan up and he placed her somewhere safe nearby. Then, he turned his eerie red eyes towards the four divine envoys.


He emitted more power.


This surge shook the targets.


The four exchanged a look.


“Let’s get rid of the brat first!”


One of them said.


The four divine envoys attacked Ye XingHe at the same time. They launched surprise attacks all at once.


In their eyes, Ye XingHe didn’t look like someone who could defend against all four of them.


Elder Wu Xiang also moved the moment they attacked.  He disappeared from his original spot and he appeared in front of Ye XingHe in an instant.


The four envoys didn’t anticipate this, they assumed Elder Wu Xiang couldn’t move fast with his large stature. They were wrong, he could move faster than them by at least several times.


Their attacks fell upon Elder Wu Xiang.


Wu Xiang used his fist to hammer them.




The one closest to his fist got smashed into the ground. It was an instant kill as the divine envoy got reduced into a gory mess of meat and blood.


That power was too overwhelming.


An individual who just attained the deva realm got smashed into the next plane of existence in an instant!


The remaining three attacked to no apparent effect. They couldn’t even slash open a single gash on his steel defense.


“Look out!”


Xing Yun yelled out loud when Elder Wu Xiang grabbed one of the divine envoys here.


“Let go of me! Let go!”


The divine envoy struggled while looking scared out of his wits. No matter how hard he squirmed, Wu Xiang’s iron grip made sure his escape was impossible.


In his merciless eyes, he ended the man like he was killing an ant.




Burying the man in the ground, he left a 6-meter deep impression in the ground. Bleeding previously while vomiting blood, the guy didn’t last long with his shattered bones and squashed organs and he died.

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